House of Commons


House of Commons
National Assembly, P.C. Arnchow
Dewan Perawakilan, Majelis Nasional P.P. Arnchow

This thread is created for roleplayers participating in the Arnchow project to facilitate roleplay in the House of Commons, the lower house of the bicameral National Assembly of the Peonic Commonwealth of Arnchow.

Below is an example of a bill posted in the House of Commons to facilitate roleplay.

29th of September, 2022y/41c
House of Commons, 2022/B/1
1st reading

A bill to address the climate emergency in Arnchow

by MP Wu Qing-hui, Chongkang (ASP)

  • Aims to set a national limit on atmospherical emissions from heavy industry
  • Aims to stop pollution on the Bengawan di-Orang Asli by conducting census on industries along the river
  • Aims to punish repeated climate offenders using fines
  • Aims to create financial benefits for industries wishing to pursue cleaner means of work and production


Do note that multiple bills are allowed to be proposed in this thread. A roleplay in the conventional style would look something like this:

CLIMATE RESPONSE ACT: “Outrageous!”, the MP from Jintzer city shouted boomingly. (then continue roleplay on the act from here)
TRADE CONTROL ACT: “You see!”, the MP from Jintzer city annoyingly put to the chamber. (then continue roleplay on the act from here)

You don’t have to follow this format, however you must indicate the act that you are debating on in your roleplay post in a clear and concise manner.

Do note that, you should be debating at a maximum of two bills at a time, to ensure ease of reading and fairness towards your roleplayers. You also are not allowed to post consecutively, unless if you are posting your MPs’ roleplay after you have posted your bill, which is allowed.

Below is the code for the format of a bill in the House of Commons. Happy roleplaying!

> 29th of September, 2022y/41c [commonwealth c. = current year - 1981]
> House of Commons, 2022/B/[in order of how many bills posted]
> 1st reading
> [center]**[TITLE]**<br>*A bill to [purpose].*[/center]
> [center]by MP [NAME], [CITY] (Party)[/center]
> * [ADD POINT 4 HERE, you can put as much or fewer points as you like]
>  [center]![anh-parliament|115x114, 50%](upload://75zAbzYeoLOEusaVu2Yjb45U8Gz.png)[/center]
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3rd of October, 2022y/41c [commonwealth c. = current year - 1981]
House of Commons, 2022/B/01[in order of how many bills posted]
1st reading

Arnchow Intervention to Ryco-Cordilian War
A bill to the stance of Arnchow to the Ryco-Cordilian Sar.

by MP Rodrigo Piolo, Hsi’An, Liberal Party

  • Understanding that Arnchow chooses to always uphold diplomacy and peace
  • Understanding that Arnchow does not need to place military boots in Doge-Land
  • Comprehending the importance of a Peo-Arnchow Alliance under the Peonic Commonwealth
  • Hereby declaring neutrality to the Rycco-Cordilian War
  • Hereby supporting Huawan through non-military means


Arnchow Intervention to Ryco-Cordilian War Act:

"To the Honourable Speaker, the war in Doge Land is a horrifying prospect for the security of our nation. This chamber knows the military might and especially the nuclear weapon capabilities of the Ryccian junta. This chamber also knows that might is never right, and that here, the Liberal Party-affiliated member from Hsi’an would dare to push for our nation to claim “neutrality”, is frankly contrary to our diplomatic and societal approach abroad. We cannot be neutral, it would encourage the aggressive junta to push the world to oblivion further. At the same time, yes, we cannot put boots on the ground, since that would also be contrary to our policies. However, for the sake of our security, we need to act more proactively, seeing that with numerous support for the Doge Land forces, we have nothing to lose.

Therefore, this member from Chongkang advocates for the removal of the “neutrality” clause from the original bill. Furthermore, we should also support the modification of the last clause to declare our support of Huawan forces in both non-military and military aid excluding personnel. I hereby yield my time back to the Speaker."

MP Wu Qing-hui,
Chongkang (ASP)

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Arnchow Intervention to Ryco-Cordilian War Act:

"Ah Fuck you, yeh warmongering prick. This is NOT our war. If this chamber truly knows the military might and the nuclear capabilities of those Rycci bastards then this chamber wouldn’t foolishly run headlong into war. If you value the lives of our fellow citizens then we must be neutral. Not throw them away for some land across the region. Those demanding we be proactive aren’t thinking of the costs of war only their own political standing in the Peocracy. Yes, the Peonic commonwealth is important, but it sure as hell doesn’t mean we should throw away the lives of countless Arnchowans for some yaks crap political stunt.

Therefore, this member from Istanokota demands that we maintain the declaration to remain neutral in this war!”

Yamada, Lee (MP Istanokota independent)

Arnchow Intervention to Ryco-Cordilian War Act:

Let’s neither be hasty nor cowardly, what we have here is not a call to arms, nor is it a call to run away and hide. What we have here ladies and gentlemen is an opportunity. My city of Jintzer has some of the worlds biggest steel foundries, the best engineers and some excellent arms manufacturers. We should be using this conflict as an opportunity to ease the regulatory restrictions on our manufacturers, ease the trade restrictions on arms exports, invest in our industries and take advantage of the increased steel demand as central Cordillia rebuilds.

Which is why I propose we abandon our emission restrictions, and export limits, and we invest in our industry for once, and make Arnchow richer. We have no piece in this war, but we can have a piece of its bounty.

Montgomery Choo MP

Arnchow Intervention to the Rycco Cordillian War Act:

“For once Tian’chuan and Jintzer might agree. We have a golden opportunity here. We may not even have to send out own troops to Cordillia to support a righteous cause, but we can supply them. From what I’ve heard in these halls, this might be the middle road that may suit all of us. I ask the Members of this House to consider a pragmatic approach over radical emotions.”

Tau Shirong, MP - Liberal Party
Tian’chuan, Chungyuan Province

"Gah! Leave it to the old money shill to abandon the true strength of Arnchow. Standing idly by was never an option for the Arnchow Dragon. Nor should it be today! We stand here today because of our strength, tenacity and commitment to improve our nation. I say we give the meager Ryccian rabbit a taste of dragon fire! For too long have they been allowed to pester this world with their vile presence. All those eager for a business opportunity forget that should we have helped install a new government, they would look favourably to Arnchow for future trade agreements. I say nay to neutrality!"

Daritan Shanyuan, MP - Dragon League
Tian’chuan, Chungyuan Province

We move to vote, as there are other edicts that were proposed. We can also vote for further discussion

Speaker Honourable Lord Lokesh Sairaman MP

Arnchow Intervention to Ryco-Cordilian War

  • Aye
  • Nay
  • Abstain
  • Reopen Discussions

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26th of September, 2022y/41c
House of Commons, 2022/B/2
1st reading

The Central Bailtemmic Liberation Act
A bill to liberate the people of the CBR from its despotic government.

by MP Long Wang, Hsi’An (Independent)

  • Noticing the stark and harsh poverty and suffering of the people of the Central Bailtemmic Republic
  • Realising that they are our allies in culture, tradition, race and faith
  • Horrified at the despotic rule of law that the Central Bailtemmic people endure
  • Therefore proposing for the liberation of the people Central Bailtemmic Republic from its cruel oppressors



“Ah yes a proposal worthy of the Dragon! For too long have we lingered silently as the people of the CBR have been oppressed and forced into stagnation. Even in these modern days, their population remains illiterate as their wealthy elite drink in golden cups while human rights are abused. Nay, I say to this abomination of a state! We must bring forth the roar of the Anzhou Dragon that shall light a new path for Bailtem. If we are to be a leading nation, we must prove so. Our cause is just and only our impotence stands in the way.”

Daritan Shanyuan, MP - Dragon League
Tian’chuan, Chungyuan Province

While I certainly admire the vigorous passion for human rights & education by the honourable gentleman from the Dragon League. I must ask the question on whether our method would be optimal? We would bring war & turmoil to these people who already suffer enough. Would we truly be the liberators in this case? We'd start a refugee crisis for sure. Do we have any plans for the logistics of such a predicament or do we wish to blindly bring war on Bailtem? I urge this House to think thoroughly of this Bill's implications before we make any rash decision.

Wei Meiying, MP - Liberal Party
Tian’chuan, Chungyuan Province

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“Refugees? I see hard workers ready for an honest day’s work for lodging and food. The more refugees we let in the more we can give our people better jobs while they work the more menial ones.”

Kagami, Adam - Istonokota Business and Royalist Party

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“I certainly find this idea of liberation to be a good idea. Too long have the Central Baltiemic People struggled under the weight of their dictatorship. Certainly the liberation of such a state would be a great moment in our nation’s history, and prove our significance on the world stage. I, for one, see no great loss in this liberation.”
MP Wong Koh of Meichow Dragon League

“Surely you cannot be serious? Arnchow cannot get itself embroiled in a war like this- a war of petty agression. Surely you do not think we are once again in the era of the Great War? Or perhaps that of the Cold War? That such loose justification can provide us casus belli to conquer the Central Baltiemic Republic? Surely we can all calm down and take a more reasonable stance to the CBR.”
MP Mei Tam of Meichow, Peonic Union Party