Having a talk [0BBT]

The galactyan delegation left the meeting room with Groydrus to the warp drive sectors, leaving Taulsu and Souby access to contact with Kalgyul.

“Let’s see how this works… Uhhhh… Hello, Taulsu Klaytry, from the fourth Boutous Anomaly expedition, in contact with Kalgyul.”

“This message doesn’t have your ship’s identification number, Taulsu.”

“We have… a bit to explain about the situation, a report of what has happened since our departure should arrive soon enough.”

“You better explain yourself, where is Souby?”

“Umh, he’s beside me, I’ll let him talk now.”

“This is Souby Laltul, we indeed need to talk about the situation.”


“Well, what has happened?”

“We have made contact, again.”

“Is it with those “Calerostian” of last time?”

“No, these are actually new. We are contacting from their ship.”

“Haven’t we had too much contact with these aliens?”

“What do you mean, sir?”

“Our purpose here is clear, avoiding another catastrophy and protecting trrarrusian kind. Yet the only thing you two do is attract more and more aliens.”

“Well, sir, they were the ones who came here to contact with us.”

“So that is enough reason to just allow them to be in our territory, after everything we know?”


“What do you mean? They haven’t done anything, if anything they have been more educated and pacific than our encounter with Calerost.”

“This will get out of hand sooner or later. Let me guess, they came here to contact with us after our contact with Calerost last time, right?”

“Well, I mean, yeah.”

“Well, what if one day, They discover about us, our coordinates, our plans?”

“Sir, I don’t think-”

“Souby, for the love of everything, don’t you see the danger in that?”

“And what are we supposed to do about that, sir?”

“Destroy them! That’s what you should do! Make an example out of them! Send a message to anyone out there that they are not welcome here! Show them that we will kill them, even if it cost us everything!”


“Why the hell are you two playing tea party with the enemy, uh?! Have you two forgotten what they did?!”

“They are not the enemy!”


“Oh, now they aren’t the enemy, huh? We are just going to go against scientific proof and history, is that so? Did I even ask about your opinion on this, Klaytry? I don’t think so, so shut up and leave Souby talk.”

“Not when you are just saying dumb shit. You aren’t even here, who do you think you are to judge us about what we do? And blame us for something we can’t control, damn!”

“I’m not going to hear a traitor of our specie.”

“Traitor? Traitor, you say? Whom is a traitor, us who are in the frontline fighting for this nation, or the one who is lightyears away giving orders about how to ruin it? Have you even made any diplomatic efforts ever?”

“Klaytry, I warn you, if you don’t step off of that microphone, I will make sure you don’t get ever again in state decisions.”

“Might as well become a slave, it’s better than serving for a lead butt dumbass who thinks he can command anything without knowing anything!”

“Shut up!”


“Come on Souby, you are going to let him treat us like this when he is doing nothing??”

“Let me the microphone, Taulsu.”

“Sure! go on, do whatever he says and lose any respect you had!”


“It’s “sir” for you, Souby.”

“No it isn’t, Kriskray, I’m going to call the shoots in this case.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“I’m the one who has a portion of the stellar navy dispatched in this mission, has authorship on major frontier colonies, and control over two mother warp ships. You tell me who I am.”

“And what do you think, that you can take my position?”


“I perfectly could right now. Your fleet is in the other corner of the CKA, right? I would arrive to Kalgyul before any reinforcements you could send.”

“You will regret this in the future, Souby.”

“All I’m asking is for you to let me and my men do the job you aren’t doing, it can’t be that hard.”

“They will invade us!”

“If we attack them first hand, they will discover our location much sooner. Talk about trying to keep low. You will receive more information about our situation, then you will understand our situation. Let us do the talking, and you can keep calm in the commodity of Kalgyul.”

“I will cut your head the moment I have an opportunity.”

“I will take that as a yes. If you don’t like it, come here and talk with our friends. Goodbye.”



“What? Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“You have knowledge of what we have got ourselves into, right?”

“I have a vague idea. It would be much worse if we let him do decisions, he would condemn us to Last Resort, we are not prepared for war just yet.”

“You have some courage to go against the capital planet.”

“I’m not going against Kalgyul, Taulsu.”

“Well, I would go against that way of seeing it. But don’t worry, you have my forces behind your back. It’s been already too long with someone with no power in power, that isn’t the natural way of things.”


“I think we are finished here. Let’s tell someone for that general and Groydrus to come back for negotiation.”