Glen for MoFA pt?

Conflicts of interest: none. I’m only in TSP. My roles are in my profile.

I’m not running on any fancy detailed platform. I don’t have any big new ideas for how we handle our foreign affairs. Our current ministry is working great and doesn’t really need any major changes.

I would represent a voice of experience on the Cabinet, which is shaping up to be the greenest we’ve had in a while. That’s definitely not a bad thing. My decision to run is based on giving the Assembly the option of having a known entity in a position that is probably the one most in need of an “elder statesman.”

I’m staunchly defender, some might even accuse me of being inflexibly defender. My foreign policy would be cautious, but not overly so— for example, I don’t think it’s TSP’s role to take risks by being the first ones to give former raiders a chance when they say they’ve changed alignment. Let the younger defender regions be the proving grounds. But also, we shouldn’t be afraid of doing things that benefit us just because it might not go over well with all the non-defenders and defender-lites on Discord.

I don’t believe it’s ever necessary to moderate our views or kowtow to the “indy” groups in the defendersphere. They’re the guests in our sphere, we should never bend over backwards to not ruffle their feathers. I’m not afraid of or deterred by the prospect of short-term losses to maintain a long-term coherent and values-based sphere. I don’t really care one bit what an indy region thinks or feels about our foreign policy, because I do not center them in it.

So, you can vote for anybody this election. But if you vote for me, you know exactly what you’ll be getting. A staunch defender, a stubborn goat who’s been around long enough to not give a shit about maintaining appearances :slight_smile:


I fully support voting for someone who’s not afraid to get their hands dirty and say out loud the things a lot of us think. Now is a good time to elect Glen to lead our foreign affairs and pave forward a better future for the defender world.