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Chancellor Sanddorn promises end of sanctions

1 August 2022, 22:50 h, by Lukas Rahgen

As announced by the green-liberal coalition after the coalition talks last year, the Chancellor is eager to travel around the world hoping to improve relations between Gianatla and its neighbours around Pacifica. The efforts have not only lead to the foundation of the Concordia Entente, a trade agreement with Besern and arms deals with the Frost Empire and Sedunn, now analysts and the economy hope, strives with the USI have also been made.

Sanctions for nuclear weapons

Especially industries in the engineering sector were hit by the announcement of the Gianlucian government in early June to suspend most economic activity with the USI once again after the nuclear attacks on Straton and Hawk in Denver. While the USI was not behind those attacks, the argumentation of Sanddorn’s administration was, that the government has to sanction those, who are not willing to join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This step had backfired however, with a deal between train manufacturer Rennfast and the Izaakian government having been nullified shortly after the sanctions were made public. Other Gianlucian companies were hit by the counter-sanctions too, when Blanc’s government was announcing a multi-level rating system, which determines how much access companies from certain countries receive in the USI. Gianatla scored as low in the rating as the civil war torn Ryccian Federation, which equals a very limited access to Izaakian markets.

Rennfast has a deal again - yet different

This rating is ought to be raised, so companies like Rennfast may become active on those important Keylian and Beiltemmic markets again. A little help for the start, some might call it a compensation, Sanddorn has negotiated with the Izaakian administration for the aforementioned train manufacturer. While the original deal over 1000 trains for TSP-$ 36 billion stays cancelled, there was an agreement reached over Izaakian companies buying licenses to build the Rennfast Keylstar rolling stock under their own name and buy original trains in much smaller quantities for private train service providers. The only condition is, that Gianatla will lift its nuclear sanctions on Izaakia as soon as possible, yet no later than until 1 September 2022. Other agreements have also been reached on the fields of medicine and cultural exchange, yet details remain vague at the moment.

Celebrations on Unification Day

That talks went smoothly and more successful than many political analysts would have expected was also visible during today’s celebrations for the USI’s national day. Unification Day is celebrated since the annexations of Brödmark and La Montagne, being known as a big parade showing the diversity of the Izaakian state and culture. The diverse display has mostly happened behind the backs of the horseback riding heads of government, Chancellor Sanddorn and President Blanc. Still correspondents from several news stations have seen both enjoying the festivity, in which the Izaakians were not too afraid to let their President mingle with her voters and political opponents alike, albeit her having survived no less than three assassination attempts throughout the last year.
“Despite the differences, we of course still have, I would say, this visit of Izaakia on Unification Day was a first step into the right direction again. I thoroughly hope, the Gianlucian-Izaakian relations can at least normalise again”, Sanddorn commented to some reporters in the evening.


68 years later - Hazelia celebrates independence

4 October 2022, 21:45 h, by Andrea Byt

It was quick, it was deadly and it required foreign help, but Snovian prime minister Ella Lugorr has formulated at last, what many Hazelians have been waiting to hear for the last 68 years after the winners of the Great War decided to put the territory under Snovian control:
“We want the bloodshed to end and we all just want freedom. After some serious, in-depth talks, after considering national security, after agreeing on measures, that make sure, the new development shall not pose another threat to international security, the Hazelian people and Snovian government came to the conclusion that after this press conference has ended, the Republic of Hazelia will exist as its own internationally recognised entity.”

Fireworks were heard outside the city hall of Jufutu, where the press event was held within a strict security system, also backed by supposed RIM fighters. “The original plan of a referendum on the status of Hazelia will not come to fruition, however a referendum on a new Hazelian constitution also respecting the rights of Snovian and Gianlucian descendants will be conducted and internationally observed in the near future”, Lugorr added.

At least 8,000 people killed

This marks the end of what the private media has already labelled the “Hazle Revolution”. Between 8,000 and 16,000 people, mostly military personnel, has been killed according to statistics from either side. A huge role in this high death count played the fighters of the RIM. According to several reports online, their fighters were the most brutal ones from the separatist side. Therefore it worries some people, that separatist leader Hausklav, who emphasised he’s ready to run in a free, fair and democratic election against multiple opponents very soon, did not comment on how he wants to deal with the RIM fighters now present in Hazelia. Instead he has promised the retreat of any foreign military forces in the next few days, referring clearly to the Izaakian and Snovian troops with that. “Hazelia wants to be a safe haven and neutral ground in international politics. Economically we hope to be accepted at the CMEC even without Snolland supporting our bid there anymore”, Hausklav commented further on foreign policy plans of the new country.