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Have any feedback or questions about the new forum? Let us know here!

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There’s an “Issue”. The drop-down menu tab ‘Wiki’ links to instead of
I’m aware that the wiki is also undergoing a ‘movement’ to a different address; However most users can’t access the ‘Wiki’ tab as the transition isn’t complete. (& will take much longer than the forum transition).

Is it possible for posts in sub-categories to be hidden my default (instead of requiring you to exclude them) in certain forums? In the Assembly, for example, I can’t imagine that legislator applications really need to be on the front page.

That’s already the default setting for the Assembly category. Maybe you changed it locally by accident?

I know some others have gone through this, too. I’m know restricted (or was two hours ago) from reacting to posts because I “reacted to too many.” Now, @Nicholas told me that they were restricted to post for nine hours because they “posted too many set accordingly with their join date.” Is this to crack down on spam?

The reaction one is minor; but not posting, that’s a different level.

Just a plain concern! Thank you for all of the work you did to, well, make this Forum work! It’s truly amazing and you should be proud of yourself! :slight_smile:

The new user posting restrictions are in place to prevent spam. The cap is 50 posts in your first 24 hours. This is pretty generous. I’m not sure how anybody is hitting this. But it’s not a setting I’m looking at changing at the moment.

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I see. The only people I’d think who would be hitting this cap would be a Hall-of-Spam poster.

Perhaps a sub-category for the hall of spam would be wise?

No, that won’t be necessary. Spam threads should be tagged with #hall-of-spam and those who don’t want these threads to show up can mute the tag.

We’ve moved sharply away from excessive categories and forum hierarchy. The solution is tags, so people will need to keep tags at the front of their minds when making threads.

Also is there a way to disable the spam detection and prevention in discourse from the hall of spam posts?



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You said it will be better for mobile but it just doesn’t feel like it actually help

The UI is 100% mobile compatible. Not sure you what you mean here. The Discourse UI is built using a mobile-first approach.

Could Pronoun’s beautiful blue theme for these forums eventually be added as a theme option?

I’m pretty sure (but might be wrong here if it was changed) that you can install whichever theme you want as long as you have your own discourse server and connect-discourses/SSO plugin installed.

Did the forum’s logo just disappear? I don’t see it in the header anymore.

Do you happen to use the Light/Dark toggle?

Yes, I do.