Finishing What Was Started- The War of Tiny Titans (1 abt)

Deep in Walker Territory, Ûferperion Space
?? of ???, 1 ABT
The Destroyer of Galaxies

The Destroyer of Galaxies was the translation of a name of one of the most powerful Walker-Kings in all of Ûferperion Space. “She” was the Walker State’s Minister of Conflict, similar to a Minister of War. But she didn’t just deal with wars of the state, but the ongoing Wars of Influence.

The front that was going to start was vital. Just a few thousand years ago, a Tarshesha had led the humans (or former humans) known as Ikaranareans to their planets; who were blessed by the Unyielding King and therefore became more powerful; along with some records that, in a well-timed event, formed the basis of what became Trianar.

The Uncaring Alliance had a foothold in other galaxies, sure, and they in others, but this entire galaxy was new ground. They were not able to mold most of these civilizations from their beginnings, and the holds they had were tenuous at best; even in Trianar, which was far from being a galaxy conquering behemoth by any measure.

As she informed the Unyielding King of the predicament, her shell did calculations upon calculations, imagining strategies and scenarios that could take place. But she also thought of the consequences in this dimension. The Peace by War policies had been strained ever since that Tarshesha had guided the Ikaranareans, and had not simmered. On the scale of Ûferperion Space, 3000 years was not very long.

Whatever happened, the coming events would be rather Interesting.

[OOC: To be started after the The Realm of Twisted Stars is finished.]


5th of Xenimatö, 1 ABT
President Alonso Raltheart of Hemmerhaldia
Hemûldus, Hemmerhaldian Empire

President Raltheart received notice around 15:20 that a ship had crossed the northern border, in an area mostly unexplored by Trianarö officials. This ship was completely foreign in design. Raltheart thought they were simply in another first contact scenario, but when the language the foreigners were speaking was decoded, they were seemingly very panicked. The message, as relayed to him by his fleet, read:


Raltheart was notified that the conditions on Hemûldus would be suitable for these aliens to survive in. He notified the Imperö of the matter and gave the fleet the order to escort them to the planet.

One of the statements in their plea for help caught his attention
“Fleeing extermination.” Extermination? Could this mean there were demons on their borders? if there was a demon race, just beyond where the entry was detected…

He didn’t concern himself with that for the moment, however. He first needed to hear these wounded refugees out.


The aliens that came appeared to be a mix of yet another two human offshoots, as well as a seemingly arachnid species. The refugees were more distressed than originally thought- many received medical treatment almost immediately on arrival.

The captain of the ship was one of the human offshoots. He called himself Sal Anmas. He was escorted to the President’s office, where a small council of his officials sat to greet the portion of refugees that were to meet with the president. The Imperö was preoccupied with matters related to the war in Calerost, so she would be sent the audio transcript of the conversation once it was over.

The tale that was told was harrowing. They called the space they came from the “Almeridian Holdings.” It was home to three species: The Sasari- the spider-like species, the Rythod, the “horned people”, and the Alsod, the “Pale people.” The captain himself was a Rythod. It appeared there was some historical animosity between the Rythod and Alsod in particular, but that had mostly been let go around 40 years ago due to the presence of a much bigger threat.

They called it The Nekoroxan Horde, which meant something like “Big mass.” Around 40 years ago, it appeared out of seemingly nowhere, with massive ships (for their standards) and started carving out territory for itself. Most states were a unified system or two, but the advances of the horde led to the rise of many star-nations in the territory- the most powerful of which being the Salesian Stratocracy and the Lomar Republic. The refugees were from the Maltreesh Marches, a country set up by the Stratocracy to bear the brunt of the Nekoroxan attack. Their militaries were failing, and the Nekoraxans were able to grow their forces by capturing planets and converting their entire populations into members of the horde.

The Trianarö in the room could not believe what they heard. It sounded like hell. For some, it brought back retellings of the Xanstal War from before Trianar became a state; a total war that killed trillions, with monsters spearheading the attacks across what would soon be a unified nation. There was no doubt in any in the room’s mind that these “Nekoraxans” were demons of the worst variety.
President Raltheart promised that even if the central government did not tell them to help, Hemmerhaldia would personally act with what military resources they could muster. In the end- the promise was unnecessary. Two hours later, he received a message directly from the most powerful person in the country. She wrote two simple sentences back:

TIF informed. Prepare for war.