FIBR [Vilikamon] and UGR [Koros] Mutual Research RP

A cooperative meeting between research groups supported by the Free Institute of Biochemical Research and the Union of Genetic Researchers began on October 7th, within the nation of Viliakamon. These small groups are directed by Leksandra Panteliev and Ayesha Mitima respectively; though dependent on their respective organization’s resources. Below are the total events leading up to the first meeting and during the course of the research until its’ completion.

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Ayesha Mitima had wanted to travel by boat. Though a resident of a mountain city, the Upper Plains ocean connection had meant she was familiar with boating. That didn’t sway the rest of her team from overruling her vote; the water journey from Koros to Vilikamon was simply too long, and likely would’ve required applications to certain nations to pass through their sea waters. Therefore, flight. 12 Souls sored through Cordillian air space, crossing west over the mountains before heading straight south across the Cordillian Sea. Their goal, Meringer Island, at the invitation of a foreign research institute. Though an uneventful flight, it gave Ayesha time to consider fully her team’s purpose. Ethical advancements of science can come from any place, from any people, and a little cooperation can go a long way.

Synthetic rubber tires pressed against mettalic breaks, as the aircraft grounded to a halt on an asphalt runway. It moved to that airports unloading bay, and its passengers made their way off. One of Ayesha’s close co-workers, a lanky fellow named Tarlo, asked her a question when out of stranger’s earshot. “Who’s providing the funding for the facility we’ll be at?” Ayesha frowned and shook her head. “My union rep hasn’t told me yet.”

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FIBR: Competent Regardless of Ethics

Free Institute for Biochemical Research:

The Free Institute For Biochemical Research (FIBR/FIBCR) is housed 30km away from the city-proper of Dürrax though it is still considered part of its’ district. Although the city isn’t famous for housing a single University such as Ochridæ or Aelbasan, it is home to various Academies which are used for further specialization of scholars upon attaining any sort of title.
FIBR is specifically tied to the ‘Academy of Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals’, located within the city proper and housed in the residence of a former mayor of the city (~17th century) who was a physician professionally and rumored to be an alchemist secretly, is known in Viliakmon for being “Competent - Regardless of Ethics”, which FIBR adopted as its’ own motto.

Leksandra Panteliev, ties and biography

Leksandra Panteliev:

Spouse of “Lenko Panteliev” (revealed later to be “Gabriel Tamir”), interestingly the surname does belong to Leksandra instead. Controversially, Leksandra Panteliev is some 15-20 years older than her husband, with the marriage supposedly being arranged by a third unknown party.
Late and secret mentor to Tayna Xhuglini, daughter and supposed heir to the Head of State. It’s estimated that Leksandra became Tayna’s mentor when the latter turned 18, though had been previously observing her development throughout life.
Although it may appear as if Leksandra’s own connections are shadowing over her, an opposite description would be more fitting. The little that is publicly known of Leksandra is that she completed her BA in the University of Aelbasan, Faculty for Natural Sciences and immediately enrolled into Masters Degree in the University of Ochridæ, gaining the title of Master in Biochemistry. In 2009., Leksandra Panteliev defended her doctoral thesis “On the Benefits of Chromatin Immunoprecipitation In Determining Epigenetics” after which she was employed in the aforementioned Academy, working in the Desk for Genetical Engineering & Inherited Traits. In 2013. she would be transferred to work in FIBR itself.
She is rumored to be behind the idea of FIBR developing a specific sedative, tranquilizer medication which should be “as widely distributed as possible to the general population”.
Leksandra Panteliev, shrouded in mystery and controversy, is also a yet unparalleled expert in her field - so much so that she’s known to be constantly sleep deprived and falling asleep on her working bench. The virtues and ethics she believes - she truthfully does believe in. This is why her team was chosen to cooperate with UGR in the name of FIBR.




It’s unknown why both FIBR and UGR were invited to work together on Merimeng Island by the District’s Local Chiefdom. The facility provided has a private airstrip and landing dock, equipped better than either FIBR or UGR and with what appeared to be a Private Military Company serving as the facilitys’ guards.
The joint research was paid only in quarter by both FIBR and UGR while it received 75% of the funding by Merimeng Island private associations and the District’s budget itself.

Leksandra Pantelievs’ Team and the Meeting:

“Hm. Merimeng Island, seldom do I remember how free you are.” were Leksandras’ only inner thoughts when arriving at the facility. It was the story of Merimeng Island in concise in one statement. Often forgotten to be the Pacifica’s most western point, often forgotten that it has always been detached from Viliakmon (since 1998. legally as well, granting it a status of “Special District”).
“How free you are” she had no idea how much she was right. Despite being entangled in rumors related to the CobWeb conspiracy, at least it was always untouched by whatever was going on in the mainland.
Leksandra and her team arrived only a day before and still haven’t even opened the research section of the facility. Hearing loud noise of an aircraft landing, contrasted with silence by being in the middle of nowhere, excited Leksandra and her team who went outside to finally meet UGR and begin the research.
The assembled team were the same exact 6 Masters of Biochemistry that have been working under Leksandra in FIBR since 2017. (the number in 2013. was originally 24 but the rest got dismissed by her). They were trustworthy in their competence and that’s all Leksandra wanted of them to be. The 7 researchers, almost all fluent in Austral, came out of the Hosting section of the Research Facility on the end of the private airstrip to greet UGR, though honestly, they were guests just as much.

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The voices of 19 researchers greeting eachother on the airstrip echoed across their portion of the island. The words said by the respective team’s leaders were, at first, short. Ayesha was firstly acclimating to the weather; a drop in hummidty was expected compared to Koros, and the island was still amiable. Apparently the lands grew drier in the south, but she couldn’t witness that first hand.

Ayesha’s second acclimation was clothing. Couldn’t be naked, simple as. Unceremonious dress pants and an unironed shirt did just fine, along with the usual lab coat. A small freedom to give. Most of her team felt the same, save the few who enjoyed more covering clothing at home. Ayesha made a mental note to inquire about cannabis at a later meeting.

She exited her thoughts and directed her attention towards Leksandra. Speaking in Austral, she asked “pleasantries aside, we should brainstorm a seasonal goal. From my understanding we’re to explore CRISPR avenues?”

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Leksandra introduced herself and the group as what they were – “The only (and thus leading) Desk for Genetic Modification in FIBR.” She allowed the subsidiary research members of each group to meet each other while she followed Ayesha’s isolation from the group to start a conversation about how they envision the research before it is conducted.

To be perfectly honest, I am as briefed on this venture as you are” she lets out a quick scoff before reciting “Joint research on genetic modification in the field of agriculture.with a seemingly dead serious stare at Ayesha before making her sardonic tone more detectable by saying “That’s a very useful description, thank you.” She seemed in a sociable mood before opening the main doors to the Research Section while the rest of the two groups were being introduced to the Hosting Section.

reciting the notebook

In the R.S. each room was labelled in Austral ‘General Utilities’, ‘Samples’, ‘Sanitation’, ‘Library’ (…) as they walked through the main hall, Leksandra took out a notebook and informed her colleagueSo, genetically modified agriculture. First I’ve eliminated which organisms we should examine; namely livestock but also viruses and whole foods. Livestock is unpredictable, whole foods aren’t very useful when applied and viral agents pose too much of a risk. I propose we focus on modification of crops because there are three main goals we can achieve all with different risks and public controversies surrounding them.”

She stops at the end of the hallway to turn to Ayesha and list the outcomes “Yield of the crop which will require an additional focus on soil and fertilizer as well as conditions.
Resistance of the crop which always includes the testing of pesticides so a conspiracy surveillance for toxicology.
Finally, nutritional value of the crop which is the most difficult and carries the highest risk potential – developing carcinogenic effects.
We can do all three and all three are subject to the argument of decreasing biodiversity.
Mentioning the last argument as if it was an obvious consequence, if not the goal of genetic modification as a branch.
Patiently, she waited for her colleagues inputs with a focused yet lost workaholic glaze in her eyes already. Leksandra was actually hoping that Ayesha won’t mention how bacteria was skipped as a research option because she knew how much bacterial testing they’d already be doing at the final stages if it wasn’t the main object. However, missing such a big detail in their expert field might be even less desirable.

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Yield, Resistances, Nutritional Value. The building blocks of GMO crops, with various success stories strewn about. “I’d like to explore Three Sister multiculture firstly. We could identify species with qualities we want to replicate, and introduce these genes into a suitable plant line. It should help us avoid monoculture pitfalls, though we’ll have to make an effort to avoid petricide bombing immune crops. The run off can be deadly.”

Ayesha wasn’t sure what crop seeds Vilikamon farmers typically had access to, though she felt it wise to consider having the host plant line be something accessible. A topic to be asked about soon, to be sure.

“One thing I’m interested in is evaluating the tendency of bacteria to enter specific species, and whether a plant’s natural ‘skin’ can be enhanced. Though it also sounds like a grueling task.”

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Leksandra was a bit surprised that the Three Sisters method was mentioned, as that would be one of the standard procedures during the testing period. She looked confused during Ayesha’s recommendation, sounding the same when trying to elaborate on the approach “Yes… I was planning on conducting the same method on multiple cultures as well, both at the very beginning of the research and at the very end. We’ve been provided samples of all available seeds used in Pacifica and home to Pacifican soil and climate.

Upon hearing ‘bacteria’ Leksandras’ expression was that of softly desperate wide smile, letting out a short cry-laugh before letting her colleague finish. She stood there for a couple of minutes in silence with a soft smile, thinking on how to formulate the response, before finally starting with a deep sigh;
First of all I’m glad you’ve noticed that I purposefully skipped mentioning bacteria as a test subject.” She turned to Ayesha with an expression that emits equality and partnership respect. “I’m glad you didn’t consider using it as an object for testing because what you’ve mentioned is standard procedure in nearly all genetic modification, as the field is mostly profitable when done on organic matter which always carries the bacterial topic with itself.” She paused for a moment and turned to the partner, “It is a very annoying task but one that must be done, otherwise the research conclusions cannot be implemented outside of sanitary conditions such as a laboratory.

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Access to every native Pacifican seed…
Ayesha was struggling under her own excitement. Just evaluating a species to grow and observe could take a whole weekend. She steadied herself with a slow, measured exhale.
“Alright, I think that covers all the basics. I’m going to check on my guys and see how they’re settling in. It’s a pleasure working with you.”

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I agree, they should be set by now to begin the work.” Leksandra stopped on a desk at the hall-way, taking out an alcohol swab, a razor and a bag. While cleaning the surface she continued, “While we have been provided with substantial equipment, resources and tools needed…” She seems to have paused while dashing out some bagged powder on the desk and drawing lines of them using the razor. “We uhh” Leksandra turns to Ayesha as if she wasn’t in full focus right now, in actuality searching for her utensils in the inner pockets. “We are on an island and…” pausing to perform a ritual which was usual in Viliakmon and the Merimang Island alike.

After focusing up for half a minute she turned back to Ayesha, speaking rather quickly and in an excited tone “We aren’t, I mean, it’s an Island, you see. So, we aren’t limitless in other resources provided such as I don’t know, I don’t know, running out of basic needs for everyone or something. We must be quick, act quick.” Leksandra continued to haste out of the facility with her colleague, suddenly stopping in the middle of the field to correct her statement, “But not too quick. Not TOO quick! By standard procedure, standard procedure.” Before entering the Housing Section of the Facility she stopped to ask;

“Uh, prior to our entrance and introduction, I need to know what precisely you wish to be done first and using what method…Do you like potatoes? I was thinking we introduce the groups with modified starch. You know, bio-based economy over GMO and all that nonsense.”

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Hearing the words “standard procedure” come out of Leksandra’s now hectic mouth was entertaining indeed. Ayesha was used to powder infused science, Koros having decriminized most substances and constructing competent rehab centres. But still, she was more eager for sober science, or cannabis science. Standard procedure and all.

“My first goal…? Maybe we can use CRSPR to make winter squash more nutritious, it would be in line with our Three Sisters method. Though potatoes do have some potential. If we reduced the amount of water stored in the starch we could extend shelf life. Alternatively, growing regular sized and nutritious potato with a lower amount of water could aid in droughts.”

A question crossed her mind, and Ayesha spent a second considering whether to ask before speaking.
“How easy is it to access water in Vilikamon proper? Water pumps and purifiers and storage and such? Koros has a few water management and plumbing unions that might help, if needed.”

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OOC "Somehow knows" trope 2nd paragraph

In the second paragraph Leksandra will mention diversifying potato crop cultures. This is obviously a reference to the RL catastrophe of the Potato famine in Ireland. Besides social conditions and things not to get into, the driving natural-science factor was the monopoly of a single crop culture being used beforehand.

Leksandra wasn’t surprised to how Ayesha reacted to what was culturally acceptable among the Viliakmoni. It didn’t cross her mind that most other civilizations were a bit strict on performance enhancing medication; The consumption of Amp-lification salt variants came as second nature. During their presentation, it a dissonance appeared in her thoughts “Why did she react to mellow to that?”

“I was thinking of TALEN over CRISPR to be honest. Cutting out undesirable DNA sequences over modifying them or amplifying additional ones but as you wish. The potatoes, I was thinking of them, because of their already high nutritional value, applying the Three Sisters method and extending the availability of different crop cultures.”

She looked back at Ayesha asking the question of potential water shortages in Viliakmon proper with a look of unease. Leksandra was privy to recent events in the country proper but decided to answer neutrally.
“Surprisingly to the arid steppelands ranging until about Hill Durmansk, the private hydropower companies have constructed canals between the beginning of Zlartë to the middle of Halakhaos river during Canal Project I to ease cargo transportation access…Water itself is seen as sacred among the less fortunate citizens because of collective endophenotype inherited trauma from like an eon ago.”
“I wanted to encourage you to somehow convince Koros to work on fertilizer production instead. If both fertilization and crop engineering are protected, Koros fields might yield enough food to feed…She stopped there, almost as if she bit her tongue.
“Anyway, let’s begin the presentation!”

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Ayesha had less experience with TALEN, but hopefully that proved not to be an issue over the coming research period. Adding potatoes as a 4th Sister Crop was intuiging, though the squash might end up competing for growing space.

“A new canal being built is a good sign, at least,” she said with a reassuring smile. Though it wavered at her equal’s sudden change of subject near the end.

“Fertilizer sounds doable. The federal government might fill an order, or some free market sellers. We’ll want to avoid scenarios and techniques that result in soil run off, or other unsustainable practices. Like single harvest crops.”

Ayesha’s smile widened, moving past her companions weird vibes. “Presentation time.”

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Leksandra began her presentation by drawing up tables and filling them in with information as Ayesha gave a general guidance explanation to the two groups (...)

Upon Ayesha finishing, Leksandra hadn't completed G4 nor G5 but she quickly compensated for this mistake by saying that it's actually a feature. "If nothing fails, we won't need to cut genetic sequences which appear in any of these 15 procedures. However, if nothing truly fails then one could safely assume that the variability of cultures wouldn't suddenly destabilize the results of these 15 topics. As such, I left them empty since I assume something will fail."

A convincing liar and improvizer, the issue she's shown now to Ayesha is the method of communication and explanation (actually the lack thereof) in Leksandras' approach to the research teams. Leksandra has a tendency to understand "presenting" as "commandeering", joint in with the fact that she was now speaking very quickly, it created confusion among the other teams' members.

Engineer Topic: Crops
1) Minimize unpredictability outside sanitary facilities.
2) Examine nucleic acid sequence, minimize soil interference.
3) Introduce transgenics and interference agents, yield and nutrition.
4) Repeat first three on multiple cultures of the same crop.
5) If unknown variable appears, identify the sequence and perform TALEN-cutting of agent.
Sanitation Issue
Climate Test
Three Sisters
Bacterial Issue 1
Fertility Test
Simultaneous Growth
Viral Issue
Endo-G-P Test
Speed Growth
Efficiency Issue
Pest test
Yield Res
Bacterial Issue 2
Efficiency Test
Nutrition Res
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The presentation was about the same quality on Ayesha’s end. Though she gave full explanations and insights when she could, often times she had to skip ahead to match Leksandra’s pace. She was utterly confused during Leksandra’s explanation for the last 2 columns being blank; from her understanding these were blank to make room for potential research into variables. Not the worst explanation ad libbed.

Ayesha occupied her mind with visions and predicitions of hurdles and triumphs during the team’s coming work together.

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Queue the sequence of a montage with ukulele background instrumentals showing the groups looking at canulas and suckion flasks or something to show time passing.

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FIBR has announced progress in increasing the yield of crops by 35% and a breakthrough in the nutritional value of the corps of 50%. The crops will be subject to soil testing once again, together with the team from UGR; before it is distributed for consumption.
Furthermore, Merimeng Group is willing to offer a bilateral, permanent facility for agriculture due to this success in Phase I. It depends on UGR and FIBR whether or not they will accept it.

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The reduction of overhead costs the agriculture facility represented far outweighed any concieved con or issue. A subsection of the growing zone was to be food specifically for consumption, while the main space was dedicated to fulfilling tests. Among them was the Efficiency Test, the researchers trying to get more nutrients for less phoyosynthesis, fertilizer, or water. Should breakthroughs in these areas occur it could, in addition to earlier findings, result in crop strains with the potential to outpreform others on the global market.

Results Successtrful


Leksandra has been yelling over the phone for the past two or maybe it was three weeks. She’s informed your research group that “great results have been achieved”, but avoids speaking to Ayesha regarding the return of UGR back to Kronos.
During the night, a phone call can be heard “It will be fine. Yes, I am aware. Just calm down, take some tranquilizers.” There was a pause where nothing else could have been heard from Leksandra apart from a distraught and worried female voice on the other end of the line. After some time, she whisper-yells back to the person;
“Listen. I have everything under control”, she takes a pause from speaking to snort performance enhancers. She’s been doing that a lot. I wonder how long it’s been since she’s eaten or slept… The person on the other line overheard the loud nostril and a whimpering, desperate scream could be heard saying “Of course it’s easy for you to say that as a selfish addict whose gotten us all here in the first place”.
Leksandra began shouting at her mobile phone with boasts, threats, insults. More worrying was how much she was convinced in her own power and capabilities to keep the conversational topic under control. The person on the other phone hanged up quickly.
Leksandra then went into the laboratory facility and locked herself there for the remainder of the night.

“Exitus (Ad) Acta Probat”

Come morning, Leksandra twitchingly knocks on Ayesha’s door with a wide smile. Her eyes were red, with black skin underneath them, coupled with the pale, pasty skin.
She greeted Ayesha with a wide, though almost devoid smile. Moving around sporadically, she just exclaimed “It’s fishing day! Let’s go, let’s go. Do you know how to fish? Have you fished? Do you have the-the-the…rod?? I bought an extra one for you!” A quick pause of speaking occurred before she turned to Ayesha saying something rather disturbing, in a voice unlike the one Ayesha has heard until now “SEE?! I CAN keep everything under my control.-- Ayesha, I don’t seek power, no. I just…Nevermind, let’s go let’s go.” Leksandra pulled Ayesha out of the facility and into the fields of the Island.

Leksandra’s fishing outfit and general look this morning:

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Ayesha’s smile was wide, teeth clenched together as her fellow research lead spoke. She stared, observant and listening. Eventually Leksandra’s franticness passed following one specific outburst, and Ayesha was left with her thoughts as they walked, fishing poles in hand, to the island’s field.

She was still shaken from the Battle of the Merimreza Strait; though she rarely spoke with the private military that had been protecting them, that simply didn’t matter after realizing one specific silhouette she recognized didn’t return. Violence is violence and a bleeding heart is always sorrowful, and estimating the total number was a poor coping method. The data taking and the coordinating and the farming had kept her occupied, content. But now she had nerves. Despite the forewarning of the Merimang Group’s broadcast, despite Leksandra having surely informed her at least the potential of bloodshed- it didn’t matter. Maybe… maybe the fishing would help?

They reached the waters edge. Ayesha was a below average fisher; the sedimentary rock walls of her city, nestled next to Eflad, called to her dearly. She took a few minutes to correctly fasten the twine to the pole, and then minutes more to place the bait. With a short mental request for the bait to not fall, she flung it forward, the lure landing and bobbing. Her face had settled into a more natural smile, underneath a pair of weary eyes. She tried to perceive what the lure looked like, as the water distorted it’s image. Reflective, green and gold? It was a nice view.

Ayesha looked at her co-research lead once more. There was a lot she wanted to ask, but which questions would be met with volatility was hard to say.

“Have you read the report by Tarlo? Some of the test groups seem to have passed the efficiency test. I’m wondering what those seeds might be doing next, test wise?”

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The Usual

They’ve already been walking some 4 (four) kilometers from the Research Facility along the mostly flat coastline. Leksandra appeared to be absent-minded towards the journey and the fishing, giving out very low-quality observations. “I’m surprised the research teams are getting along, given how unwelcoming the Viliakmoni usually are towards outsiders”, was delivered in a monotone tone which didn’t give off the mentioned surpised nor any other strong attitude. “You know, the Merimreza Strait defense was lead by my brother-in-law…I’m surprised he was successful against Traren even with superior equipment.” Leksandra seemed to dislike both Emil and Mikhail, at least in her statements about them.

When asked about Tarlo, she non-chalantly answered “No, and I’ll see upon our return.”, dismissing the topic. Soon after, the Pantaliev told Ayesha to look uphill. They’ve been heading towards some sort of early medieval lighthouse. “That so-called artifact is also the western-most point of the South Pacific continental region”, her tone gained enthusiasm now.

After climbing to the top of the lighthouse, Ayesha’s partner let out a deep sigh while looking towards the Western horizon. Time of regeneration was quickly interrupted by a curious question, “Do you wonder what’s beyond this body of water?” This was said not in a daydreaming tone but in a serious one, as if Leksandra knew the answer.

Anyway, Iakov apparently resigned from… all the titles he held and went into retirement. As you can imagine, such a maneuver upset certain people, even personally. That was the phone call I’ve received.” Leksandra was talking about Iakov’s spouse, [[further information disclosed]].

From this point, we can either head back or visit Veligdom – it’s supposedly an ancient town. The Cobweb Fraternal & Maternal Order only allowed entrance innto it from what they deem as ‘unworthy’ until 2018. As you wish.”