Event Chain: "Ruby Emerald"

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This is a continuation RP from “Black Market Crash of September” event. The participants are @Kliegme and @KingTEM .

@Kliegme is expected to reply first with Lekuriti’s and Barletty’s experiences in Kliegme. The gifts are Blueprints of Nuclear Warhead Type I and Type II for the retired “friends” and an old decorative ornament with rubies attached to them to the chaeboli family.

Ruby Emerald


Characters: Investigative Police Officer, Lekuriti & Ministry of Armed Forces, Barletty
Date: 10th of September 2022
Locations: Ochridae, State Square, The Bicameral Parliament; The Ministrial Dome.

During the briefing of the Ten Ministries in front of the Parliament, Minister Barletty noticed the presence of Officer Lekuriti as a participant in the Ministry of Law Enforcement. When later in the day Officer Lekuriti entered the private Secretary Office of the Ministry of Armed Forces in the Ministrial Dome, a transmission was passed from Minister Barletty to allow the Officer access to Barletty’s private Chamber.
“Hello, Investigator Lekuriti! Yet another mutiny in the Ministry of Law Enforcement?!” Barletty had a soft smile on his face as he used a red permanent marker to cross out ‘Agent Avramovitzch’ and ‘Investigative Journalist Danka’. Continuing “We make our choices and as we make them, alternative pathways close permanently for us. Economists call this phenomenon an opportunity loss externality. Now, leave my Chambers, please.”
Lekuriti was a bit shocked at the last sentence, as he was about to leave, Barletty entered a code sequence on his computer which shut down power in his Chambers “Where are you going?” asked Barletty, confused “…Minister, you just ordered me to leave your private Chambers.” There was a pause. “All government offices have the database you’ve been using, some with additional features. I could see what you were searching for and the options you’ve deduced to. Particular offices have access to ‘wiretap’ rooms like these.” “So, you know everything already, what I’m after and all.” “I do. Except your motive here. Lenko, Tamil and Mikhail to you hold the key to the Black Market collapse?” “I had no other leads.”


“…You only need connect some dots to answer for Lenko and Tamil” Barletty whispered into his chin, looking away absent-mindedly, “Sorry, Minister, I couldn’t hear that” Barletty’s expression changed into suspicion while looking away, then answered “I can acquire information you need on Mikhail Lishnikoff, personally keen on figuring something out myself relating to him.”
Some time has passed. Hours in the future, but not too many.
“We will not get diplomatic approval from Xhuglini, not at this moment at least. So we must make our mission ‘informational’ domestically and ‘informal’ internationally. I have some friends, retired honorary majors in Kliegme. We are to dock there first. Arriving in an old but honored naval aircraft and informing my friends of the visit beforehand will lower all suspicions. Only a personal guard will be allowed there but I will also provide us with a mechanism Lenko had while in Government Island.” The plan was explained by Barletty using a map of Pacifica on his desk. He glanced over at the attentive Investigator, before letting out a long sigh “An old chaeboli family resides there. Mikhail did some document forgery for their company at one point intensively. They quite like expensive decorative gifts… My friends will also require something in return as to assure Kliegme’s government doesn’t pick their nose at us.” “Okay, so when?”, “Tomorrow, I need some time to gather the gifts. We arrive on the 13th.”

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September 13th. 2022
40km away from Federal City of Yatagaru

“Weren’t I supposed to be the one stopping Smuggling and Bribery…”
Officer Lekuriti sighed to himself. It was certainly ironic that he had to do what he was trained to stop, to get to the bottom of this… conspiracy. He let go of this melancholy quite quickly, after all, he was on a mission. However, he couldn’t help but get distracted from his disguise, a uniform that felt a bit too small for him.

“Now, now, this is for a greater purpose.”
Lekuriti couldn’t understand something though. Why did the Minister tag along? Perhaps his presence would help convince the Kliegmeans that they aren’t doing anything supsicious here, or perhaps… He decided to think about this later, After all, they were about to arrive.

“This is MG-500A, We are arriving near Yatagaru, over.”
“Awknowledged, proceed to Port 17B and provide documents , over.”
A Kliegmean answered. Was he instructed to be as cooperative as possible for this operation? No.
However, Lukriti couldn’t help but wonder to himself.
‘Was I instructed to visit the Minister’s office, Was I instructed to continue the investigation despite there being no evidence of anything that we didn’t know?’

This chain of thought was put to an end by the sounds of a busy harbour, of ships containing various products heading in and out of Kliegme. There was no turning back now.

“Please show us your passports, visa, and tell us the purpose of arrival”
“Of course, please hold on.”

The minister managed to procure a convincing story, to justify his arrival, after all, men of his… specialties seemed to excel at that. For now, They were on a mere recreational visit, with meeting a friend being the only agenda for the 2. They indeed, brought no weapons, no items banned by the Kliegmean Law, to block them of their entry would be fundamentally wrong, at least in the surface.

The Kliegmeans, despite their valiant efforts trying to prevent contraband from entering their nation, could not find anything. The Uniform Lekuriti was wearing was specially designed to have a hard to find pocket, completely sealed from the inside, to smuggle the gifts. Having checked the Minister and the Bodyguard, They let them enter Kliegme, not suspecting a thing.

September 14th, 2022.
“It seems we shall have a slight… change of plans.”
“Do continue sir.”
“We shall have to meet with the Chaeboli first, my friends seem to be… preoccupied with something.”
“Very Well, sir. Where would this… Chaeboli be?”
“JSC Sukhonbu.”
“The Airplane Company?”
“The Very one.”

Lekuriti found the Minister to be quite… interesting. The Minister seemed to know where to go, what to do, and everything that needed to be done. Why didn’t he assist the investigation if he knew this much? The Minister seemed to have a knack at making things up at the spot, but he wasn’t undeserving of his job. After all, the population viewed the Military 84% better than before, ever since the Minister began his reforms. Perhaps not being able to understand the Minister was the reason Lekuriti is on the driving wheel, while the Minister is in the back seat, not the other way around.

“We have arrived Sir.”
“Good, tell the Receptionist “Mr.Barletty wants a meeting with the CEO””
“Would that be all sir?”
“Of course, I am not a stranger to the CEO, in fact, I used to know him quite well.”

CEO’s Office, JSC Sukhonbu.
“Ah, Barletty, do come in. Would you like some tea?”
“Why Yes, thank you. By the way, let me introduce you to my friend and body guard, Lekuriti”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr.Lekuriti.”
The CEO reached out his hand, Lekuriti shaked it.

The CEO’s Office, was not that extragavant. Sure, he had expensive furniture, but he favoured them less to miniature models of his own planes, displayed intricately in a showcase. His bookcase was filled with books of buisness, engineering, and physics. If not for the few buisness books, one might assume the contents are from an engineer’s library.

“Thank you, Sasha, but could you please leave us? I wish to speak to them in private.”
The Secretary, who had just boiled a warm, and fragrant cup of tea, left the room, they were alone.
“Now… What can I do for you?”
“I want you to tell us what you know about Mikhail Lishnikoff, the one who did your paperwork.”
Jackpot. The mere mention of his name seemed to change the mood of the room.
“I suppose you want to hear why?”
“Yes, I would also ike to learn how you know him”
“Very well. This fine lad over here is actually an investigator, who seemed to have found a dead end during his investigation of the… what was it?”
“The Battle of Mt.Hope, the Black Market crash, everything.”
“Ah yes, that.”
“Alright, I’ll tell you everything I know.”
“Before I begin, I must tell you this. I did not know his name was Mikhail. He always called himself Lishnikoff. Anyways, I… hired him to cover up my tracks. He destroyed all evidence, nobody could provide evidence that ever happened. Then, he stayed for a bit longer, and I kept him around a bit longer. 3 days ago, he disappeared, he left behind a note, saying “I wish to retire and see the Green Rocks.”. He tried to be poetic but, It was obvious it was Emerald-Denver. I didn’t attempt to find him, after all, He was not an official employee.”
An Ilusive one. Those types were always involved in stuff bigger than one can imagine. A question popped up, how did Barletty know Lishnikoff’s name? He never told Lishnikoff’s full name to the Minister. Yet another question.
“Thank you, Boris, I apologise for making you bring up such a… sensitive story”
“No, it’s ok.”
“Ah, alright then. I heard it was your birthday soon, and I brought myself a gift you may like. Lekuriti?”
“Yes Sir.”
Lekuriti reached into his pocket, and took out a elegant piece of jewelry, a Model of the SK-37G Fighter made out of Ruby and Gold.
“Magnificent. Thank you very much, Barletty.”
“No Problem, Boris, one thing though. Could you do me a favour and send this to my friends over at Laminsk?”
The Minister took out the Blueprints, at last, it’s contents revealed: a transmission jammer.
“…Alright. I take it that you will be leavnig soon?”
“That’s Correct. I hope I can see you soon someday.”
“Thank you.”

At Port Yatagaru, 17B
“Why yes, That’s fine, no no, no need to be sorry, I understand you are preoccupied with something much more important, as long as you can keep your government from investigating too deeply.”
“Ah, I need to talk to someone, speak to you later.”
“Sorry, Lekutili, but it seems my friends are preoccupied. Perhaps it should be best for us to return to Viliakmon to assess our discoveries.”
“Yes Sir.”

They Left Kiegme. Lekutili left with more questions than he came in. The minister seemed so innocent yet so suspicious.

60km Away from Kliegme.
“I have some… questions, to ask you.”
“Do go ahead.”
“How did you know Mikhail Lenshikoff’s name? I never told his full name to you. How did you know where to go to get information to find him, Why did you go out of your way to assist me? When you are preoccupied with reforms in the military. Could it be that…”
“Lekutili, My dear Lekutili. You are correct, partially. I am involved in the very conspiracy you are getting to the bottom of. What we are planning is beyond anything you can comprehend. However, You are wrong if you think I was behind all this. I do not know what Mikhail is like. Only his name, and his portfolio.”
“You have served the nation well, Officer Lekutili. You went beyond your duties to investigate a crime. However, that is unacceptable for our plans. I am sorry.”
The Last thing Lekutili saw was Barletty pressing a button. Then, nothing.

Few days later, Lekutili was found dead in his own residence, of heart attack.

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For @KingTEM

Date: 10th September 2022

Location: Nord-Danvir, Vailen, Vulf St., underground apartment #563

Characters: Don Lox Lishnikoff, son of Nicholaes and successor of the Clan (main)

Boss Nicholaes Lishnikoff (supporting)

Xander Sven, Vice Minister of Emerald (supporting)

Mikhail Lishnikoff (supporting)

Unnamed Lishnikoff Soldat 1 (background); Unnamed Lishnikoff Soldat 2 (background)


Ruby Emerald: A Terrible Deduction


Boss N.L.: …Anything else?

Soldat 1: We’re still being offered to replace the other Clans, at least in ND, by the Police Deputy. Practically begging us and it’s a free cash-grab.

Soldat 2: …I’d just like to repeat that we have over 140 requests for forgery still pending, some of them involving gallery art.

Boss N.L.: Alright. We will not replace the dead Clans, we have our trade and that kept us alive. Who would be pushing the drugs and guns, anyway? A fellow member of the family?

Soldat 1: There are already pushers, all we need is to distribute the product to them.

Boss N.L.: No. That’s the answer for the gallery forgering requests as well. A sudden expansion of one group while everyone else is either dead or shrinking?... Dismissed, thank you for the briefing.

Boss N.L.: Now, what do you want?

Don Lox: Mikhail is arriving soon, Sven is awaiting for me to deliver on my promise, the military said that the investigation is being ‘taken care of’.

Boss N.L.: Let Mikhail in and see what he knows. Use our contact in the military to pressure Barletty on delivering those damned weapons and blueprints. Xander should be aware of the troubles we’ve been facing.

Don Lox: …So, I should do all three of these tasks?!

Boss N.L.: Careful Don, careful. You might be my blood but you’ve yet to take control… I’ll handle the delivery from Fortress. Dismissed.



Three knocks, short short short long long long short short short.

Soldat 1: Probably another offer…

Don Lox: Go and check, we’re expecting someone.

?: Let me in, it’s me.

Soldat 1: You know, we’ve changed the code due to recent events. It’s no-

Soldat 2: Oh for fuck’s sake just open the damn door.

Mikhail takes off his intricate disguise upon entrance, he seems in a rush. Commenting on Soldat 1 prolonging the entrance, one could tell his temper was already fused off.

M: Just let me in, I don’t care about the code, I’m rarely around here. You know my voice, have you all just inherited schi-

Don Lox could hear the argument from the entry, purposefully waiting for Mikhail to mention the main lineage illness.

Don Lox: Mikhail! Oi, Mikhail, just come down here.

Mikhail gave an angry glare at  Soldat 1 and whispered a random threat to him before rushing down to the Don’s room, seeminly even more furious.


Don Lox: Hello, Mik-

M: Lox what is this ruse? Will you tell me now, directly or circumvent like you always do? If it’s the latter I’m going to the Boss now.

Don Lox held back his smile successfully: Which exact ruse of the many?

M: Why was I sent on some island in the middle of nowhere to gather documentation on a person which doesn’t exist?! His voice raised; While everything was going on!

Don Lox: Have you forgotten proper procedure, Mikhail, during your journey? Calm down. Here, have a seat right in front of me.

M: Here’s everything I could gather on Lenko Panteliev; handing over a 10-page pamphlet

Don Lox: Hmm. I see. You could publish this, ‘Inside the Mind of Lenko Panteliev’, a psychological essay on his behavioral patterns… Very detailed work, too.

M: Will you tell me or will I have to see your father?


Don Lox continued his remarks until finishing the document, then looked surprised and disappointed.

M: …What? What is it? The person doesn’t exist. WE never forged that person into reality.

Don Lox: …It’s the…Say the name of the subject?

M: Lenko Panteliev.

The Don paused and looked at Mikhail with great suspicion, trying to figure out whether he was genuinely mislead or been compromised.

M: Lox, stop toying with me and tell me the essence.

Don Lox: Why do you persist on using the fake name?

M: I’ve already told you. There are no records. I’ve checked other forgers. Nothing.

Don Lox: …A black flag with a white circle and a lilac on it? In fact, you’ve only mentioned the lilac twice here.

M: If you already knew who he was then why was I in captivity with him for a month?

Don Lox: We don’t but before even recommending you we could decipher the affiliation purely based off of the symbolism… You haven’t managed to do that?

M: A lilac? What of it? Purple? What is purple suppo-… Mikhail then came to a sudden conclusion.

Don Lox noticed that Mikhail really did fail in this basic task, the suspicion turned to silence.


Don Lox: …Have you found out who the last two families are, surnames or aliases at least?

M: The opposing Clan, the last surviving of them, is aliased as ‘Lazar’. They don’t appear to be a mob family, they’re some monastic dynasty over at that Prilyep chain. Resurrection is the symbol. It’s more of a cult tha-

Don Lox: Than a family? So, their opponents would be?

M: The CobWeb. Symbol is half a globe, marking Pacifica. The continents are purple, the waters are white and there’s a hanging purple spider…

M: Hanging from a black spinneret. We’re allied to the CobWeb?

Don Lox: Oh no, no no. Almost the opposite and you were specifically sent to spy on one of their- Lox stopped for a moment as not to reveal information and then quickly continued, as if he just couldn’t find the right term; –their… people, agents, whatever. If the former MSA didn’t fuck up, we’d be at war. That’s why you were there for so long. However, the differences are now settled between us…

M: Wait so you’re telling me a monastic cult was matching the Co-



Three knocks stopped the conversation. Three short. Three long. Three short.

Don Lox: That must be the hard one. Mikhail… There’s something you should be told which directs you to the next mission. Take this and read it in your office.

Don Lox hurried to open the door “Hello, X. Come in, quick…”

Mikhail did as told, still shocked at the revalations. He looked at the first page of the document. Green background, his name in gold ‘Mikhail’ with the Lishnikoff part crossed over using a red marker. Turning the next page, the following information was laid out:



Emir Tamil : Participant 02

Gabriel Tamil: ‘The Young Root’, alias: ‘Lenko Panteliev’. Is not aware of his true parentage. Grew up an orphan in Ochridae.

Mikhail Tamil: Is not aware of his true parentage. Originally an orphan, adopted by the Lishnikoffs on the order of Mrs. Xhuglini.




For @Kliegme

Ruby Emerald: The Young Widow

Date: 18th September 2022

Location: Unknown

Characters: Tayna Xhuglini, daughter of Iakov (main), Unknown female (main), General High Commander of the Military Police Baablyuni (supporting).

A news report is emitting from the background “investigator who has been looking into the criminal underworld has recently been killed, police are still searching for evidence but there is none to be fo...”

Tayna: Hm. Why would Barletty do such a thoughtless thing?

F: It’s a remote detonator. Probably on someone’s orders. Above all, it wasn’t thoughtless.

Tayna: How was it not? The other executive offices have information that they’ve been isolated together for a few days. It seems like a career suicide.

F: None of them will recall over this. Above all, Barletty wasn’t the perpertrator. A murder within the borders from outside the borders could be viewed as terrorism…or an attack.

Tanya: So, Barletty went through all of this just to get Viliakmon in a conflict and raise the budget for the V.A.F.?

F: Possible but I doubt it, still I think it was someone’s orders.

Tanya: Whose orders?

F: Assuming that Barletty killed the cop just because of what he found is ridiculous, as is suggesting that the murder was ordered for that very reason. I have strong evidence for why that is the case, namely the fact that Mikhail returned to Viliakmon already. Think about what Barletty said before turning off electricity in his Chambers.

Tanya: The Minister of Law Enforcement ordered the murder of his own officer because of supposed mutiny?

Baablyuni over the radio speaker: Oh yes, say it clearly again. As if we were all in a Conference Call.

F: What is it, Commander?

Baablyuni: Use your chains to pressure the subject. Codename Empire is losing patience. Log off.

F: What a workload.

Tanya: Or… We could just do it ourselves.

F: …I’m glad to be your mentor, you will make a great heir soon.

F: Do you think I should send them the completed, the ‘unfinished’ or one of the ‘my-chain’ ones?

Tanya: Hm, send him [conditional on TEM’s own RP response].





Date: 19th September, 2020

Location: Ochridae, State Square.

The V.A.F. Chief of Staff and High Naval Commander, Zihexh obtained General Credence of Approval to Arrest the Ministers of Armed Forces and Law Enforcement. They are to be temporarily put in jail and await trial for suspected conspiratorial murder or assistance in the murder of a police officer.

Given that both Ministers have served in the V.A.F., their trial and hearing will be held by the Military Court. Their Mechanisms of control have been deactivated last night. The hearings are scheduled to be held on the 21st.

A shoot-out between the Military Police Unit 0190 and Barletty’s private guard occurred when the latter resisted arrest. After a single MP injury, Baablyuni assumed command over MP Unit 0190, 0191, 0192 and 0193, giving them direct orders and coordinates to capture both Barletty and his own Minister of Law Enforcement.

In the ensuing civil unrest between 80 Military Policemen and a total of 240 personal guard mutineers, 120 of each Minister respectively; 9 Military Policemen were killed along with 14 mutineers. 37 MP were injured along with 111 Mutineers. Both Ministers were captured and delivered to the Military Court.

Outside the Court, CoS and HN Commander Zihexh awaited the captured Ministers and their mutineers with a Platoon for Special Amphibious Assault standing next to him. Once the MP handed over the captives to Commander Zihexh, he would wait for the MP to depart back. He ordered the Platoon to, very specifically, cut the throats of every mutineer and make the two Ministers watch as they bled out. Zihexh then specifically shot Barletty in the other’s right kneecap, finally speaking “No treason in the Armed Forces. One Nation. One State. One Army.”

Sept. 10th, 2022
Vailen, Nord-Danvir
Edward Williams III

The ERF, a movement wanting the creation of a Republican state in Emerald, through any means necessary. Edward is one of its many agents spread throughout the Kingdom. Today, however, He was selected as one of Xander Sven’s guards. The place they were heading to was an apartment, apparently where forgers make forgeries. Thing is, he didn’t actually support the ERF, in fact, he was apart of another organization, The Emeraldian Royal Intelligence Defense Agency or ERIDA. Its Goal was to protect the Monarchy and Status Quo Democracy at all costs. He was one of their agents and was on a comms blackout mission. Once this next “Mission” was over, he would take all evidence he had gathered on the ERF to ERIDA command. Ahead of leaving the ERF’s base, he called one of his Ex-army buddies, now a Police Seargent, to raid the place after he left. For this little escort mission of Xander Sven, he was equipped with an old GW era CE-1921/37 Combat Rifle. As they walked up, Xander knocked on the Door three times.

W:“So, this is the place. May I ask why we are here?”

X:“We are here to get the “evidence” needed to convict Governor Stevenson.”

Don Lox

D:“Welcome, I trust the trip here wasn’t bad?”

X:“Just had to come up with an excuse for why I was heading to Nord-Danvir of all places”

Don could tell that Xander was annoyed that he personally had to pick up the documents. He had to, to make sure the documents weren’t stolen, they are in the Most crime ridden city in the country. He did see that Xander wasn’t alone, he had two, Presumably ERF Agents, armed with an old Combat Rifle, acting as his escort.

D:“So, I assume you want the Forged Documents for the Governors Trial?”

X:“Yes, why do you think we came all this way?”

D:“Just asking to make sure. Although, I will have to say that the weapons and blueprints are currently delayed.”

X:“May I ask why?”

D:“There’s no need”

M:“DON! What is this?!!!”

Mikhail Tamil

He couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t a Lishnikoff, but a Tamil and was an orphan, adopted at the orders of Mrs. Xhuglini? He was shocked, the man he spent a whole month with was his own sibling.

M:"DON! What is This!???

D:“Relax Mikhail, it seemed right that you finally know your true parentage. I have to ask, will you still stay with us?”

Mikhail pondered the question, he could leave or stay. If he left, he would leave behind what was essentially his family, but If he stayed, he couldn’t connect with his birth family.

M:“I’ll… Stay”


Xander Sven

“Good lord, this family is weird” he thought. He needed those documents, but he was beginning to suspect something strange about Edward, he knew he was working with the Gov’t, but it wasn’t confirmed.

X:“Can we get those Documents now?”

D:“Yes, follow me”

Edward Williams III

So, this is home to the Lishnikoff family. About time ERIDA found them, but Edward was worried. The police hadn’t arrived and Edward looked nervous, but when the documents were brought out, Xander asked something.

X:“Is there a problem Edward?”

W:“Nothing Sir”

X:“Really, is that so LT.?”

How did he know he was a Lt.? Did he know of his status as an ERIDA agent?

X:“So, you are a Gov’t agent. Did you really think we wouldn’t notice? We know about the Documents, which have been returned, we know about your police buddy, he will be found dead at his home in around an hour, and you won’t leave this apartment alive.”

Xander pulled out his pistol and drew it on Edward. He raised his rifle and pulled the trigger.


The Rifle was loaded with Dummy Rounds. Edward silently accepted his fate as 2 rounds were fired into his skull.

Xander Sven

X:“Sorry about that. Its about time we got rid of him. I’ll have terrence here dispose of him.”

Don handed him the documents and Xander handed him some cash for cleaning the blood stained floor.


Mikhail watched as one of Xanders guards carried the corpse of the Gov’t Spy out of the apartment. “Wow, that was close” he thought. The Gov’t was this close to discovering them, but it seemed as if the ERF were one step ahead.

M:“Hey, Xander, that was definitely close for comfort eh.”

X:“Yeah it was, but Edward certainly could’ve done better to conceal himself. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Emerald, but make sure you have a shelter planned. Another war is on the horizon and it will be closer than you think.”


You’ll receive continuing RP reply later tonight, Xander has received Very Interesting Equipment


  • Ministries of: Law Enforcement, Armed Forces and Secret Security lose influence.
  • Civilian control over Military Police, V.A.F., GCDP and Secret Security allows for the military, the police and the agencies to gain influence as highly autonomous, near-independent structures from democracy.
  • Viliakmon becomes less transparent, T.C.P. reports and warnings get casted aside.
  • Criminal underground goes through a complete restructure. Loses any political influence it used to have within VN. Focus is shifted to Emerald. V.A.F. uses the criminal underground to further it’s own goals.
  • Iakov Xhuglini loses influence in favor of his daughter and wife.
  • Black Market Crash is resolved as legal equivalents such as Pharmacies replace them.
  • The CobWeb, Minister Tamil and “Lenko” storylines remain locked.

The T.C.P. will report on a Legislative Proposal for replacing “The Congress” with a House containing Political Parties on 1st October as an attempt to “save the democratic structure”.


TEM’s sub-storyline. Sorry for being late.

Dates: 10-20th September 2020

Locations: Vailen, Ochridae, Port-City, Pacific Ocean


Main: Mikhail Tamil Lishnikoff, Xander Sven, Grand Admiral Duxgjin, Don Lox, Boss Nicholaes.

Supporting: The Contact, GCDP Engineer Farecaini, Scientist Kopar, The W.F. Contact.


The Don Has Called A Meeting


Don Lox waited until Sven left to order the Soldats of disposing any evidence of them ever visiting the hide-out. Soldat 1 recommended to sell the corpse’s organs, to which Don Lox contemplated and declined due to too many forensic evidence leak being possible. A meeting was under way.

The family meeting of all Lishnikoffs who were in Vailen occurred hours after the events, Mikhail was at the table. The Don has made a plan but finds that his father would decline it immediately if other Lishnikoff Kapo’s weren’t there.

“We must expand our operations” Don turned to Soldat 1 “But to different locations, not different fields.” The Don then pulled down a map of all Eemerald-Denver, 4 X’s were on it. Two of them were in areas where the government and nor rebels ventured to because they were too insignificant. “We are to deliver requests here and have them done here. They are only 2 hours of walk away. When the requests are complete, they are brought to this hide-out, which is 4 hours away. Finally, we trade here, but we must go through alternate roads, 6 hours away. We are to work in shifts. We must take these routes because only petty thieves are spotted on them and we can all deal with petty thieves, especially since we usually travel in odd numbers. This is more work but it’s more secure.” None of this is really that controversial. Everyone understood that working harder is better than exposing themselves. The next proposal is controversial.

“Are you sure, Boss, that we are choosing Xander?” asked Lox, to which Nicholaes paused for a moment and said “Yes, continue?”. “Then, we must choose him completely.” Don said, sitting down and lookinng at others. “What do you mean?” asked a Kapo. “I mean, we must ensure that his goals are completely met and beyond.” The family looked around, worried, some confused. “You want us to supply an entire coup to Emerald-Denver?” Boss asked, angrily almost. “Only to Denver.”        Lox said but looked at Mikhail suddenly. Then everyone turned their sight towards him. “What? I have no say in this anymore.”, a Kapo next to him nervously said “You kind of really do have the final say.” “I don’t get it.” Lox continued, reluctantly “Reading those papers, the last part. You are HER protégé. Besides, you never really liked staying in Emerald for too long.” “Wait, so this is my job? You’re trusting a non-family member with this job?” Nicholaes suddenly admitted “We have no one else trustworthy enough.” A pause ensued “Vote on it first, I’ll do it.” Mikhail said and slowly left the table. Soldats followed, Don casted his approval and left the room with them. “Mikhail…” The young man stopped and waited for Lox to get close to him “You might not rule the CobWeb, but you might co-rule Emerald with Xander.” Mikhail seemed confused “You’re clean. No dirt. You’ve support. Especially if your brother wins the struggle.” Mikhail never wanted to have power.


A Personal Armada


Mikhail arrived the night before Barletty’s arrest. Ochridae changed a lot since he’s been there. He was to meet someone at a penthouse first, then a contact in a basement. By tomorrow morning, he would have to leave.

Arriving at the top floor of the building, he could overhear the man inside saying “Codename Empire is losing patience. Log off.” Then rang the doorbell, “Enter, whoever at this hour...Oh well speak of the Devil. Here you are in flesh and blood.” The well-built man stood up and invited Mikhail inside then greeted him “High Commander of the Military Police, Baablyuni. Your weapons contact, Mikhail Tamil-Lishnikoff. Sit down, let me explain the plan.” Baablyuni said after putting both of their phones in the other room. “A Private Military Company? Registered where? When? Any evidence of our existence? Ordered by whom? So why are we sailing with potential WMD’s East and not North?.....Arnchow?”

Mikhail left the cop’s place doubting the success of this but nevertheless what else was he going to do. Got a taxi to the basement, half-way through the city the driver introduced himself “By the way, I’m Duxgjin, the Admiral tomorrow. I have a contact in the World Forum if things go wrong tomorrow until we arrive but when we do… Can you fly?” “…What.” “I asked, can you fly?” “A MAP? No, I can’t.” “Oh no, I mean, a crop duster. Could you fly a crop duster?” “…Why?” “The aircrew doesn’t have a Coordinator, so if a battle ensues, your crop duster will be dropped off by the 1 bomber coming with us to fly around and command then. It’s a way…HER way of making sure you end up alive as a civilian in all this.“

Finally, the basement. He entered the dark alleyway but got stopped from behind. „No. Turn Around Slowly.“ Mikhail couldn’t believe that he was getting robbed now of all times. „Not yet at least.“ The young, short woman said as she checked Mikhail for a weapon. „...Why don’t you have a gun on you? Here are your papers, C.E.O.“ ...What the fuck was that, Mikhail thought to himself. „Here’s a revolver. Six shot. Full. Go to the port-city, a bus is arriving for it in 5 minutes. Come out of that alley and wait here.“ Was this the legit contact? What a knob. She lit up a cigarette and waited with him for the bus to arrive. „The drive is 57 minutes. Remember that number.“ „...Why?“ „What number did Baablyuni say at his apartment?“ Mikhail just now recalled that both the MP and the Admiral were repeating numbers to him, he tried to recall them as fast as he could. He didn’t know why she was nervous but this woman seemed like she would kill him if made what she thought suddenly to be a major error. „1....8....57?“ „Good job.“ „Why what do I need the code for?“ She looked at him worried for a second „It was a test, Mikhail, whether you were cognitively capable for the job... It’s been 9 hours since you came off your flight, yet you remembered them.“ He was starting to worry a bit so he checked back if the documennts were all without error. „Double checking me?...Here’s your bus by the way.“ The bus was coming into the long street „It’s all fine with the documents...“ She seemed as if she held back then finally said it when he got on the bus „I don’t see why my mother insists on keeping you alive, just make the faith justified today.“ Tayna disappeared back into the alleyway as the bus started driving.


„Today, huh?“ asked Xander Sven at the port.

„Yeah, it’ll take them about 4 hours to get to here.“

„In that case we’ll freeze to death, let’s get into some cafe and wait“  Lox agreed.

„Where are your men Xander?“ Lox asked, worried. The facial expression soon turned to horror as Xander started pointing out the camoflauged soldiers Lox hadn’t noticed. There were everywhere. As if invisible. Some breakfast and coffee came for both of them.

„And if we fail...“ Xander said, „At least we all die together. No prisoner’s dilemma, unlike with Barletty’s story.“ (Mikhail was arriving soon).

Port Copenhagen
19th Sept. 2022
Adm. Henryk Jensen
ERNS Dominic CV-26

"Sir! We unidentified ships passing through the Star Perimeter(The Border of Emeraldian Waters). "

“Radio the Peocracy, see if we can Identify these vessels.”

Henryk had reason to be cautious, these could be those DFN ships that disappeared.

“Sir, Peocracy reports that they are just visiting Viliakmoni PMC ships”

“How Long do they intend to stay?”

“A couple of months, apparently they are PMC and the crews are on leave”

“Hmmm… well tell Highcom about it.”

“Yes Sir”

(OOC: I know this is relatively short, but the ECW is planned for a potential 2023 “release”, so this can be an explanation for why the armada is here so early. Will make a longer post when I have Time to)