Extra-canon category?

So, as you probably know, there are 3 roleplay categories; Pacifica, A1-0, and Aurora. I think that we should add a 4th category: Extra-canon.

As we finally start some larger extra-canon projects, primarily temporary canons, I am concerned about where to place them due to the lack of a category for it. While it would be possible to put them in lampshade and organize them using tags, I think this is a worst-case scenario for us in terms of organization. I also believe that it would be a little demeaning to lump in extra-canon writing with spam games.

This is a big ask and I obviously don’t know the logistics of it, but I do think that it would be overall beneficial to the roleplay community.




Wrong channel

Pet peeve but can you rename this to Extra-Canon?

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Yes, Canon and Cannon are different words.