Expedition 214 (Rehy-HRC first contact) [2 ABT]

OOC notes:
Adding “a” to the end of a word refers to a person.
Adding “aa” to the end of a word indicates an ideology/religion.

ie: “Ssca” is the former nation Ssca, “Sscaa” is the demonym, “Sscaaa” is a political ideology.

“Akak” is a vocalisation meaning "do you hear me? a radio conversation ends when “akak” is not said.

Rikeuningerd use names/titles/ethnicities as personal pronouns.
ie: Scyroo is a former Syru (leader) of Rehy, Syru is well respected.

Ra-hy is one of 3 significant planetary bases belonging to the Defence Defence, like all Rehy’s military installations, it is heavily defended. Ra-hy is also terraformed, having most buildings underground with varying weapons emerging from he soil: camouflaged, they seem like strange trees. There are also two docks, one on Ra-hy’s surface that other orbiting the planet.

Ship 4125 is currently docked at Ra-hy’s orbital dock, undergoing thorough examination before departing on an expedition outside Rehy’s territory. Said expedition is the first of 3 planned to occur this week.

As a Ki kra-scrscr class ship, 4125 is 3km long, 500m high and 700m wide. A large scrapping vessel designated to retrieve and/or dispose of military ships, it had 5 main scrapping plasma cannons at its front, plus 5 on its top and bottom, it’s absolutely covered in shield nodes. 4125 is painted with trippy yellow and purple stripes, number on both sides. It has 90 crew including a Captain, Co-pilot, 2 diplomats, and 20 scientists of various areas.

Ship 10, one of the first scrapping ships produced for the Kusu specialised scrappers, traversing planet Deeroo’s asteroid ring.

An engineer contacts the the ship Captain: [Captian Koscrku, everything is of normal. Akak]

Captain Koscrku: [Understood. Akak]

The crew do a final scan of the ship, and there surroundings. They all state [Clear. Akak]

Captain Koscrku: “[Understood.]

Captian Koscrku: “exiting doc!”

Crew member: “Moving!” It took a moment to be a safe distance away from the doc to warp, “Safe!”

Captian Koscrku: “Initiating warp.”

Crew member: “Systems running good.”

Captain Koscrku: “Warping in 3…2…1!”

About 24 hours later…

Captain Koscrku contacts Ruka: [Civilian defence, this is expedition ship 4125. Are we of heard? We have successfully reached out destination. Akak]

Covina defence: [You are of heard. Congratulations! Remember to contact us if you are in trouble.] Cheering can be heard over communications as Rikeuninerd celebrate their first (deliberate) long distance exhibition.

The excitement is interrupted by the ships automated scanners alerting them of an unfamiliar small military outpost and some ships, triggering the shields.

Co-pilot Kikanana: [Civilian Defence, this is Co-pilot Kikanana, we are of first contact.]


The Ships seem to retreat a bit. They open communication lines, they send a image with 31 symbols, persumably a alphabet. There seems to be button just below each symbol, pressing it shows how to pronounced. In pronunciation it seems similar to the serbian alphabet, with a extra leter for ə. The ships were just on a typical patrol, they didn’t expect anything to actually arrive as such the crew on board is panicking. “Aktav kad žet! (activate code yellow)!” said the admiral says, sending a signal to it’s government.
The government receives the transmittion and prepares for the worst. They open the secret underground tunnels under the surface of new Rena and Ocean, to hide the people in case of bombing. They also prepare to mute all signals from the planets.


Co-pilot Kikanana looks at the message: “Alphabet with pronunciation. Unfamiliar. Running it through the translation AI.”

The two diplomats have been summoned to the bridges coms, by the time they get there the AI has completed translation. The diplomats, following first contact protocol, reply with this message translated:

[You have contacted ship 4125 a ship of Rehy. Our home planet is Ruka. Our species is Rikeuninerd. We are on an expedition far from our territory. 4125 is a scrapping vessel and we do intend to attack.]


After they recieve the message it’s clear that they are very much scared once they hear the message. A trained diplomat comes to the comms link, resisting the urge to ask how they so quickly decoded the language. “[Message recieved. We request that you do not assume hostilities. Please tell us what you’re looking for in this expedition. We may be able to get you what you need or want without any hostilities.]” When they recieved that message, signals from new Rena and Ocean become completely quiet, only recieving and not outputting any trackable signals. However evacuation to the tunnels hasn’t begun yet.


Diplomat Scrkaka: [We are not of hostile. We are not looking for anything specifically, just determining what’s here, which seems to be you.]

The second diplomat, Kee-U, turns to the Captain and Co-pilot. “They seem to be of fearful. Perhaps turn off weapons? Leave shields on incase they are deceiving us.” The ships weapons are then turned off.


They seem to calm down, and signals from New Rena and Ocean return to normal. “[Message received. Apologies, for some reason, at the end of the previous message, it seems that your translator kinda failed. As what you send us is and i qoute ‘we do intent to attack’. We are glad that this was a misunderstanding. I guess we should introduce ourselves as well. We the Home Reclamation Government, our main species is called the Fena, our capital planet is called New Rena.]”


OOC: that was a typo lol, I’ll go with it tho

Diplomat Kee-U: Kee-U makes an exclamation, a short honk. [Apologies. The microphone likely didn’t catch the end of the word “Don’t”. Moving on: I’m presuming you are a diplomat, correct?]


[“Yes. I am envoy Hex, a diplomat trained, selected from our more calm and collected population, to be one negotiating with foreign nations. Which i will tell you is a very rare trait, we’re a rather hot headed species, unfortunately.”] Envoy Hex says.


Diplomat Kee-U: [Excellent! For diplomacy, it is better if we meet in person. How do you want to go about this?]


“[You can send one of your own to our ships. We would be more than happy to recieve you. As long as you’re fine with that of course.]”


Diplomat Kee-U: [There a two diplomats. Is it ok we send both for security reasons?]

Diplomat Scrkaka: [We will need the precise ship coordinates to teleport. Alternatively we can land]


“[You can send both. Whichever method is the safest for you and us.]” Hex says.


Captain Koscrku: [Coordinates of the ship?]


“[Here they are.]” They recieve the exact coordinates of the meeting room on one of the ships


The diplomats teleport from ship 4125’s teleportation platform directly to the meeting room. They maintain communication with the ship.

Diplomats: [Teleportation successful. Are we of heard? Akak.]

Captain Koscrku: [You are of heard.]


Inside the meeting room there are 2 xenos. One of them is 230 cm tall, and the other 200 cm. The xenos have rather pale skin, sharp ears and red eyes. One of the taller one has white hair and the shorter one has black hair. The one with black hair speaks “[I’m Hex, please sit down, and we can begin.]”


Because of there anatomy, Rikeuninerd struggle to sit, unless on a flat surface or specially designed seat. They struggle to sit, before giving up.
Both diplomats are also short, around 100cm tall.

Diplomat Scrkaka: “Sorry, but would it be ok if we stood.”


“[Oh. It’s fine. We’ll be nice and let you start with anything you’d like to discuss.]”


Diplomat Kee-U: “Firstly, we should get a better understanding of each others nations before establishing relations.”

Diplomat Scrkaka: “What is your economic structure? Rehy is a currencyless syndicate.”


[“Our economy is mostly controlled by the government. Our currency is completely digital, and we call them fenan credits.”]