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Welcome to the consulate of Europeia. This is where you can find updates to our region, events, and other announcements.

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Welcome @Kuramia to the new forum!

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Europeia wishes a big congratulations to all of The South Pacific’s newly-elected officials! We look forward to furthering our partnership and continuing to build a strong relationship between our two regions.

Thank you Kura! I’ve gone ahead and given you a new embassy tag as well in reflection of your upgraded status due to the Pact of Orohena!

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  • Europeia was commended by the World Assembly, with over 85% of votes in favor. The Senate followed up by passing the Commendation Day Amendment (2022), which called for August 23rd to be celebrated as “Commendation Day.”

  • Listen to an EBC Radio show with Hulldom, the author of Commend Europeia.

  • Europeia signed the Modern Gameplay Compact, a historic agreement between Europeia and Balder, The West Pacific, The Pacific, and The North Pacific.

  • Listen to an EBC Radio show about Europeian Foreign Affairs and the Modern Gameplay Compact.

  • Europeia signed a non-aggression pact with The South Pacific, titled “Pact of Orohena,” ushering in “a new era of relations between our historic regions,.”

  • Listen to an EBC Radio show about the non-aggression pact, featuring TSP’s Minister of Foreign Affairs HumanSanity.

  • President WritingLegend was reelected to a third consecutive term, alongside Vice President Sarah.

  • This came after the WritingLegend Administration received historically high approval ratings in an end-of-term poll.

  • Lloenflys was nominated by President WritingLegend for an Ovation for their contributions to Europeia. The Senate unanimously passed the Ovation, and a cultural event was held celebrating the Venerable Lloenflys and their contributions to the region.

  • Listen to an EBC Radio interview with Lloenflys.

  • Europeia conducted a Senate election, with nine candidates running.

  • Private media outlet The Think Tank advocated for a large Senate, after an EBC article criticized uncompetitive elections.

  • Listen to an EBC Radio show about the Senate Election.

  • SkyGreen, tbsowers, Prim, Lloenflys, Izzy, Lime, and PhDre were elected and selected SkyGreen as Speaker of the 86th Senate.

  • The Senate is currently debating Election Reform, and is expected to take up debate on ways to increase newcomer legislative opportunities.

  • Europeia participated in N-Day, and EBC Radio sat down with the largest N-Day factions as they explained their perspectives on the event.

  • Listen to the EBC Radio retrospective.

  • President WritingLegend is releasing weekly podcasts on how to win and be a successful President in Europeia. “Guide to the Godelnblock” is an in depth look at how politicians can be successful anywhere in NationStates.

  • Listen to Episode 1.

  • Listen to Episode 2.

  • Listen to Episode 3.

World Assembly Recommendations:
25 voting recommendations were released. They can be read here:

Thank you for delivering this update Kura!

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Written by PhDre
Edited by John Laurens
Written and Published by the EBC; Edited by Lime to reflect changes since original publication

Arnhelm, Europeia - Grand Admiral Icarus was elected President of Europeia November 12th, besting candidates Olde Delaware and Pland Adanna. Icarus received 35 of the 64 total votes cast (54.7%), enough to avoid a runoff against two of her former Cabinet colleagues.

With former President Writinglegend making it clear that he would not seek a fourth-straight term, the Presidential election was the tightest in recent memory. Early polling from The Panda’s Pen suggested that Icarus was the frontrunner, but did not have enough support to gain a simple majority and avoid a runoff. In the Discord text debate, Olde Delaware surprised both pundits and The Panda’s Pen poll respondents with a strong performance, drawing from Pland Adanna’s base.

On Election Day, Icarus surged out to an early lead, and hovered above 50% of the votes for almost the entire voting period. With 64 total votes cast, the election was the most competitive since June 2022, when Writinglegend defeated Monkey 58 votes to 14. The final results were 35 votes (54.7%) for the Icarus/Istillian ticket, 15 votes (23.4%) for the Olde Delaware/Lime ticket, and 14 votes (21.9%) for the Pland Adanna/Kuramia ticket.

The President announced her Cabinet nominations the next day, and were as follows:

Minister of Interior - Prov
Minister of Culture - Turbiatop
Minister of Communications - PhDre
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Writinglegend
Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Pland Adanna
Grand Admiral - Kuramia
Attorney General - Lloenflys

All nominations were soon confirmed by the Senate, except for the nomination of Prov for Minister of Interior. After multiple Senators raised concerns about the quality and lack of detail in the answers received from Prov, the President withdrew their nomination on the 17th citing concern about the slow response from Prov when reached out to concerning their answers. President Icarus then nominated Vor to serve as Minister of Interior who was later confirmed by the Senate on the 19th of November. Also, notably this was the first time in several years not to see a nomination for Minister of Radio, with Minister of Communications PhDre tasked with leading both Communications and Radio under one Ministry. This was a campaign policy of the Icarus/Istillian ticket to combine the Communications and Radio Ministries into a single joint Ministry arguing it would lead to increased efficiency.

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Congratulations to President Icarus!


Written by PhDre
Edited by Maowi
Written and Published by the EBC; Edited by Pland Adanna to reflect changes since original publication

Arnhelm, Europeia - Senator Lloenflys defeated Olde Delaware in the first Presidential election of 2023, with 38 of 63 votes (60.3%). Lloenflys’ ascent to the Presidency marks his first time in the Office, and Olde Delaware’s second loss in a row.

The election period started quietly, as former President Icarus indicated she would not run for re-election. After Olde Delaware stood with running mate Sopo, Lloenflys waited two days before running with Kuramia as his Vice President. “I went from planning to run just so that there was a choice at the ballot box to running because I want to run,” Lloenflys confirmed.

Candidates participated in a Discord text debate, which did little to change the toss-up nature of the election. On Election Day, Lloenflys jumped out to an early lead, and the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation conducted a live-blog with prominent Europeians.

In his first Presidential address, Lloenflys urged Europeian citizens with a “call to action if you have the time to serve – there has perhaps never been a better time to step up, seize the initiative, and get your name into consideration as a future leader.”

The Senate confirmed each of the President Lloenflys’s Cabinet nominees, listed below:

Attorney General - Boisenburg
Grand Admiral - Cove
Minister of Communications - PhDre
Minister of Culture - Hezekon
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Writinglegend
Minister of Interior - Vor
Minister of RMB Affairs - Olde Delaware
Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Maowi

The president introduced a new position called the “Ministry of RMB” headed by Presidential opponent Olde Delaware (OD). One citizen, former President Pichtonia, mused that “OD clearly put a lot of research and enthusiasm into the RMB section of his campaign during the election… I’d definitely give him the benefit of the doubt.” The Ministry of RMB would be responsible for considering potential reforms to Europeia’s regional message board, and engaging with the gameside community.

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Congratulations to President Lloenflys, yourself as Vice President, and the government’s Cabinet!