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Welcome @Kuramia to the new forum!


Europeia wishes a big congratulations to all of The South Pacific’s newly-elected officials! We look forward to furthering our partnership and continuing to build a strong relationship between our two regions.

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Thank you Kura! I’ve gone ahead and given you a new embassy tag as well in reflection of your upgraded status due to the Pact of Orohena!

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  • Europeia was commended by the World Assembly, with over 85% of votes in favor. The Senate followed up by passing the Commendation Day Amendment (2022), which called for August 23rd to be celebrated as “Commendation Day.”

  • Listen to an EBC Radio show with Hulldom, the author of Commend Europeia.

  • Europeia signed the Modern Gameplay Compact, a historic agreement between Europeia and Balder, The West Pacific, The Pacific, and The North Pacific.

  • Listen to an EBC Radio show about Europeian Foreign Affairs and the Modern Gameplay Compact.

  • Europeia signed a non-aggression pact with The South Pacific, titled “Pact of Orohena,” ushering in “a new era of relations between our historic regions,.”

  • Listen to an EBC Radio show about the non-aggression pact, featuring TSP’s Minister of Foreign Affairs HumanSanity.

  • President WritingLegend was reelected to a third consecutive term, alongside Vice President Sarah.

  • This came after the WritingLegend Administration received historically high approval ratings in an end-of-term poll.

  • Lloenflys was nominated by President WritingLegend for an Ovation for their contributions to Europeia. The Senate unanimously passed the Ovation, and a cultural event was held celebrating the Venerable Lloenflys and their contributions to the region.

  • Listen to an EBC Radio interview with Lloenflys.

  • Europeia conducted a Senate election, with nine candidates running.

  • Private media outlet The Think Tank advocated for a large Senate, after an EBC article criticized uncompetitive elections.

  • Listen to an EBC Radio show about the Senate Election.

  • SkyGreen, tbsowers, Prim, Lloenflys, Izzy, Lime, and PhDre were elected and selected SkyGreen as Speaker of the 86th Senate.

  • The Senate is currently debating Election Reform, and is expected to take up debate on ways to increase newcomer legislative opportunities.

  • Europeia participated in N-Day, and EBC Radio sat down with the largest N-Day factions as they explained their perspectives on the event.

  • Listen to the EBC Radio retrospective.

  • President WritingLegend is releasing weekly podcasts on how to win and be a successful President in Europeia. “Guide to the Godelnblock” is an in depth look at how politicians can be successful anywhere in NationStates.

  • Listen to Episode 1.

  • Listen to Episode 2.

  • Listen to Episode 3.

World Assembly Recommendations:
25 voting recommendations were released. They can be read here:

Thank you for delivering this update Kura!

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Written by PhDre
Edited by John Laurens
Written and Published by the EBC; Edited by Lime to reflect changes since original publication

Arnhelm, Europeia - Grand Admiral Icarus was elected President of Europeia November 12th, besting candidates Olde Delaware and Pland Adanna. Icarus received 35 of the 64 total votes cast (54.7%), enough to avoid a runoff against two of her former Cabinet colleagues.

With former President Writinglegend making it clear that he would not seek a fourth-straight term, the Presidential election was the tightest in recent memory. Early polling from The Panda’s Pen suggested that Icarus was the frontrunner, but did not have enough support to gain a simple majority and avoid a runoff. In the Discord text debate, Olde Delaware surprised both pundits and The Panda’s Pen poll respondents with a strong performance, drawing from Pland Adanna’s base.

On Election Day, Icarus surged out to an early lead, and hovered above 50% of the votes for almost the entire voting period. With 64 total votes cast, the election was the most competitive since June 2022, when Writinglegend defeated Monkey 58 votes to 14. The final results were 35 votes (54.7%) for the Icarus/Istillian ticket, 15 votes (23.4%) for the Olde Delaware/Lime ticket, and 14 votes (21.9%) for the Pland Adanna/Kuramia ticket.

The President announced her Cabinet nominations the next day, and were as follows:

Minister of Interior - Prov
Minister of Culture - Turbiatop
Minister of Communications - PhDre
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Writinglegend
Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Pland Adanna
Grand Admiral - Kuramia
Attorney General - Lloenflys

All nominations were soon confirmed by the Senate, except for the nomination of Prov for Minister of Interior. After multiple Senators raised concerns about the quality and lack of detail in the answers received from Prov, the President withdrew their nomination on the 17th citing concern about the slow response from Prov when reached out to concerning their answers. President Icarus then nominated Vor to serve as Minister of Interior who was later confirmed by the Senate on the 19th of November. Also, notably this was the first time in several years not to see a nomination for Minister of Radio, with Minister of Communications PhDre tasked with leading both Communications and Radio under one Ministry. This was a campaign policy of the Icarus/Istillian ticket to combine the Communications and Radio Ministries into a single joint Ministry arguing it would lead to increased efficiency.

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Congratulations to President Icarus!


Written by PhDre
Edited by Maowi
Written and Published by the EBC; Edited by Pland Adanna to reflect changes since original publication

Arnhelm, Europeia - Senator Lloenflys defeated Olde Delaware in the first Presidential election of 2023, with 38 of 63 votes (60.3%). Lloenflys’ ascent to the Presidency marks his first time in the Office, and Olde Delaware’s second loss in a row.

The election period started quietly, as former President Icarus indicated she would not run for re-election. After Olde Delaware stood with running mate Sopo, Lloenflys waited two days before running with Kuramia as his Vice President. “I went from planning to run just so that there was a choice at the ballot box to running because I want to run,” Lloenflys confirmed.

Candidates participated in a Discord text debate, which did little to change the toss-up nature of the election. On Election Day, Lloenflys jumped out to an early lead, and the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation conducted a live-blog with prominent Europeians.

In his first Presidential address, Lloenflys urged Europeian citizens with a “call to action if you have the time to serve – there has perhaps never been a better time to step up, seize the initiative, and get your name into consideration as a future leader.”

The Senate confirmed each of the President Lloenflys’s Cabinet nominees, listed below:

Attorney General - Boisenburg
Grand Admiral - Cove
Minister of Communications - PhDre
Minister of Culture - Hezekon
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Writinglegend
Minister of Interior - Vor
Minister of RMB Affairs - Olde Delaware
Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Maowi

The president introduced a new position called the “Ministry of RMB” headed by Presidential opponent Olde Delaware (OD). One citizen, former President Pichtonia, mused that “OD clearly put a lot of research and enthusiasm into the RMB section of his campaign during the election… I’d definitely give him the benefit of the doubt.” The Ministry of RMB would be responsible for considering potential reforms to Europeia’s regional message board, and engaging with the gameside community.

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Congratulations to President Lloenflys, yourself as Vice President, and the government’s Cabinet!

Pland/Forilian Sails To The Goldenblock
Pland/Forillian edges out Rand/Maowi in the fiercely fought election

Written by ICH

Pland Adanna/Forilian secured a stunning victory over the outgoing President Rand and Maowi by a 53.3%-46.7% margin, in a major shock to political observers across Europeia. President Rand was the favorite to secure another term in office, with opinion polls suggesting a comfortable victory for him. But, a well-received platform centered on fresh reforms along with a strong get-out-the-vote campaign propelled Pland Adanna and Forilian to the Goldenblock

Rand entered his re-election campaign riding high on a successful term in which Europeia transitioned into a frontier region. Initial polling conducted by the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation gave Rand the upper hand, with a 96.4% approval rating and 57.1% of the respondents backing his ticket with Maowi, the outgoing Minister of Outreach who replaced Writinglegend on the bottom half of the ticket, compared to just 17.9% for the Pland/Forilian ticket. But Pland/Forillian clawed back the early advantage of the Rand/Maowi ticket, running on an energetic platform of implementing a system of Advisors, splitting the radio and communication ministries, and rejuvenating the ambassador program among many other proposed reforms.

Additionally, a foreign affairs incident evolved as former TNP Minister of Foreign Affairs Madjack was declared persona non grata by the Europeian Government. Even though a substantial majority of the respondents in an EBC exit poll approved of the decision to PNG Madjack, a small but still significant proportion of the respondents (18.5%) disagreed with the decision, raising the possibility that a small swing precipitated by this incident affected the outcome, as suggested by notable political observers such as Kazaman.

Pland positioned himself as the candidate of “change” and “fresh leadership” with Rand promising to bring “the same flame and in-the-trenches leadership I have employed — as Speaker and President — to this coming term.” In the final days of the campaign, Pland drew clear contrast with the previous term, pointing out that the Rand Administration “did come up short on several key initiatives.”

On the eve of voting day, Pland’s campaign was further boosted by key endorsements from UPC and Istillian. This, coupled with Pland’s late campaign comments against the outgoing Rand Administration which political observers like Lloenflys noted “were extremely well done tactically”, gave the Pland/Forilian ticket much-needed momentum going into the voting day.

As the voting opened, Pland/Forilian opened up a significant lead early on, much to the contrary of what the opinion polls suggested. Even though the gap narrowed throughout the voting period, it didn’t prove to be enough for the Rand/Maowi ticket. 75 citizens voted in the election, an increase of more than 10% compared to the previous presidential election.

As the Pland/Forilian ticket consolidated its lead, the outgoing President Rand conceded the election to Pland and Forilian saying, “As I stand on the front porch of Goldenblock with my bags packed, I am happy for my friend, President-elect Pland Adanna, who I am sure will do a great job as President.”

The new Pland Adanna Administration has already hit the ground running, with nominations to all Cabinet Offices and judicial positions announced which are now being processed in the Senate at the time of writing. The nominee for Foreign Advisor, Kazaman, was quickly confirmed by the Senate in order to handle the ongoing foreign affairs incident.

Rounding out the foreign ministries is Minister of Foreign Affairs nominee Sanjurika, Grand Admiral nominee Maowi, and returning World Assembly Affairs nominee PaleLand. The domestic ministries will be headed by Domestic Advisor Istillian, and those nominated include Communications Minister nominee HEM, Gameside Minister nominee Pichtonia, Culture nominee Spagtop, Radio Minister nominee JayDee, and Outreach Minister Seva. Lloenflys has been nominated as the Attorney General while Darcness has been nominated to fill a vacancy in the High Court.

Thank you for the update, Kura. Congratulations to President Pland Adana and their new Cabinet. I look forward to working with them this term.

Fundamental Freedoms:
Exploring the Evolution of Europeian Rights

Written by Istillian, Edited by Lloenflys and Forilian

On September 24, 2007, the first Bill of Rights was presented to the Senate by then-Senator Lethen. In it, the bill laid out a comprehensive set of fundamental rights for our citizens, protecting them from mistreatment, giving the ability to seek clarification on legislative matters, and enabling citizens the ability to request and obtain explanations regarding governmental activities. Interestingly, it wrote that the right to vote is protected as private property, and that citizens are free to exercise their voting preferences. Moreover, that citizens have the right to participate in elections freely and publicly. Notably, this initial Bill ensured that citizens were not unfairly denied access to the forum based on their political affiliations, protecting the rights of individuals even if they belonged to controversial political parties - it truly established the fundamental liberties of our citizens. Earlier that year, on July 25, 2007, Lethen had also put to vote in the Senate the Free Speech Act, legislation that protected our Freedom of Speech in guaranteeing any and all persons could express their opinions publicly.

The Bill of Rights, alongside the Free Speech Act, were the first pieces of legislation of their kind in Europeia that sought to protect our voice. While several basic amendments were made in the years after this, it wasn’t until May 12, 2009 that former Senator Numero proposed the Gender Equality Act, which recognised the region’s commitment to non-discrimination based on gender, and aimed to establish a legal framework that promoted gender equality. While by today’s standards this may seem a basic piece of legislation in many NationStates regions, there is no denying that there was some controversy around this fundamental right back in 2009. This provision highlighted the importance of inclusivity for all citizens, irrespective of their gender or pronouns, and helped to foster a culture of gender equality and empowerment in Europeia.

The Europeian Broadcasting Corporation reached out to Lethen to reflect on the first Bill of Rights. He said, “I don’t remember much of the context, but I feel like we must’ve had an economy going or else I wouldn’t mention money or taxes and also a bill of rights feels like a “thing” to have, even if some of these rights may not really apply in an online game.”

In December of 2009, the Senate oversaw a major constitutional amendment in the form of the Charter of Rights. In it, this Charter encompassed all that the initial Bill of Rights and the Gender Equality Act had sought to do, while adding the protection of fundamental freedoms protecting an individual’s conscience, religion, thought, belief, expression, and association.

Outside of NationStates, the United Nations General Assembly, on December 10, 1948, created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a declaration that was created as a result of representatives of various nations that sought to establish a global standard for fundamental human rights, aspiring to protect many basic freedoms. However, many of its fundamental principles are still not followed in every country, community, or group. In contrast, Europeia’s first Charter of Rights without question enshrined equality rights in our law, guaranteeing equal treatment and non-discrimination based on various grounds such as race, national or ethnic origin, skin colour, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or mental or physical disability.

On September 5, 2015, a major review of the Charter of Rights was conducted, and an amendment was made. Regarding our fundamental freedoms, then-Senator Malashaan said, “I’m a little concerned about limiting expression to speech, writing, and pictures. It’s unlikely to arise, but this potentially invites arguments that particular expression is not protected (e.g., music). Furthermore, I don’t see any reason not to be broad here, e.g., “freely express opinions in any manner or medium.” Also, this omits freedom of association. It may be worth discussing what that means in Europeia, but it has historically been considered to place restrictions on how political parties can be regulated at a minimum.”

By September 22, 2015, the Senate had amended the fundamental freedoms in our Charter of Rights to:

On August 13, 2018, Chair Assembly member Kari proposed The Gender Neutralisation Amendment, an amendment to correct gendered language across the laws of Europeia, which was passed by the Senate and signed by President Sopo later that year. On June 4, 2019, former First Minister Lloenflys signed the Second Gender Neutralisation Amendement (2019), an amendment to the Judicature Act (2012), the Senate Protocol Act (2015), and the World Assembly Act (2017) to ensure that gender-neutral language was adopted fully into all of our laws. Attorney General Darcness said, “The amendment makes no substantive changes to law, but instead removes mention of gender via the use of various language constructs including the singular they.”

On September 4, 2020, our Charter of Rights was again reviewed. Once more, Malashaan brought the review to the Senate, commenting that: “I want to look at including an explicit due process right in the Charter of Rights. Generally, Due Process is the concept that the state must accord all people their legal rights when dealing with them. It is essentially a guarantee that individual’s are treated fairly and in accordance with the law in legal proceedings.”

The Attorney General at that time, Pichtonia, conducted a legislative review of the Charter of Rights, specifically stating that:

"In FF03, formerly Section 4 in CoR 2015, wording for “forums” was changed to “areas” to include and protect all of the region, not just the forums, so now the on-site page and discord are covered, for example.

In FF03, formerly Section 4, was reworded, with “defined herein as” being added so that the what follows – “used for social or informal activities by the entire community; areas necessary for the exercise of rights guaranteed by this Charter or elsewhere; and areas necessary for basic access to the Government and Administration.” – would be read like a, b, and c, more clearly. Whereas the former wording of “including” was not definite and could potentially be ambiguous."

The Charter of Rights of 2015 was repealed, and the 2020 document became law on October 2, 2020, when signed by former President Sopo, and our Charter of Rights now remains enshrined in law as the following:

Looking now at Pride Month, the Senate of Europeia made a milestone resolution of recognising Europeian Pride in 2023, in the form of Senate Resolution 012. This resolution goes a step beyond protecting our freedoms and rights, and instead, it celebrates them, the people that we are, and the community that we thrive in.

Senator McEntire spoke powerfully, representing our community well when he said: “I have always been proud of the diversity of our membership, our many queer citizens, and our regional values of openness and respect for the dignity of all people. It is a scary time to be a queer person, and I think this year’s Euro Pride, more than ever, we need to actively stand up and tell the world that we stand with our LGBTQIA+ community.”

From the initial Bill of Rights to subsequent amendments and reviews, Europeia has consistently demonstrated its commitment to protecting the rights and dignity of our citizens. The Fundamental Freedoms of the Charter of Rights in Europeia is a pillar of significance in safeguarding the freedom of thought and expression in Europeia, and its intent has sought to foster a vibrant and inclusive community that stands up for the the rights and dignity of all of our citizens, and our strong history in celebrating Europeian Pride shows that we will continue to do so.


Half a score and six years ago, the abdication of HEM as Emperor brought forth a new republican government of Europeia, conceived under the fundamental principles of equal rights, personal freedoms, and a robust democratic government that preserves and respects the will of the governed. Since the founding of this new Republic, we have become one of the largest UCRs in NationStates while withstanding the trials of significant change both here and abroad. We have a special community here, a community of individuals from all walks of life with a diverse set of viewpoints, skills, and talents. It is because of this diversity of talents and perspectives that Europeia has been able to survive and flourish for so long.

As we celebrate this important milestone in our region’s history, it would be remiss not to recognize and thank your region for being such a great embassy partner. Whether through military operations, cultural events, or regular interactions, our two governments and communities will continue to strengthen our enduring bonds, mutual interests, and mutual principles. We thank you for your continued friendship and commit ourselves to our longstanding endeavor to brace and nourish our ties to your community.

Sanjurika, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ambassador Kuramia

Congratulations to Delegate Griffindor on your successful election into office! Anticipating all the best in your endeavors, we hope your plans and promises for the future of The South Pacific will bear fruit. Europeia sends warm rehards to our allies in The South Pacific and especially to Delegate Griffindor.

Warm regards,

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Thank you for this kind message, Kura.

This election was a fierce and competitive one, with four candidates who ran with an eventual dropout, leaving the polls with three candidates in the end. With polls having closed 7 hours ago, the winner of the election came out to be the ticket of JayDee and Pichtonia. We’ll be going over the election results and the President’s opening speech in this article.

The results of the election were a fairly decent race between President JayDee and Kazaman, with both respectively ending the polls with the President ahead and coming out to 52.9% and Kazaman coming to 38.2%! The third candidate, McEntire came in last at 8.8%. It was a great race and an honor for us to report and proceed to the live blog over the debate. If you’re interested in seeing what the campaigns for everyone was, feel free to look at the links that will be offered below! Now, to move on to the President’s opening address!

The President’s speech starts out with him addressing the “ideals of collaboration and working hard together” something which was very important in his campaign. Following his speech, President JayDee published his nominations for Cabinet and hosted a live reaction show on air for everyone. The Cabinet has received initially positive reviews, with many citing it as a particularly fresh Cabinet. The President agreed with the assessment, claiming in the Radio show revealing his Cabinet that it was, “one of the freshest but also one of the most experienced Cabinets.”

Chief of Staff - Rand
Director of the Government Accountability Office - UPC
Attorney General - Forilian
Minister of Gameside - Gem
Minister of Outreach - ICH
Minister of Communications - Phoenix
Minister of Radio - Elio
Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Lime
Minister of Culture - Martyn Kiryu
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Sanjurika
Grand Admiral - Vor

Written by Phoenix

Congratulations to the President and his Cabinet! And bravo to the region as a whole on such a fierce election

President Terminates Treaty of Caerdeas
Caer Sidi Commendation Bait and Switch Provokes Treaty Nullification
Written by Phoenix

(Europeia - August 26, 2023) Europeian President JayDee recently announced that he would ask the region’s Senate to ratify his proposed withdrawal from the Treaty of Caerdeas with Caer Sidi as a result of their recent alliance with the Brotherhood of Malice (BoM); a region hostile to Europeia and the ideology of Independence. The announcement was made following after the World Assembly finalized its commendation vote for Caer Sidi.

“Caer Sidi is a region with whom we share many fond memories, but their recent treaty with the Brotherhood of Malice has made our relationship unsustainable.” JayDee states, opening his address.

Caer Sidi insisted that this treaty serves only a strictly roleplay purpose, however the JayDee administration was alarmed by the fact that the treaty in question was concealed to Europeia as a strategic play to ensure the passage of their Commendation. Such a decision raised doubts within the administration as to the extent BoM’s influence had already permeated the region.

“Almost every region that has developed ties with BoM has become antagonistic to Europeia and their interests.” The President goes on, citing previous regions which had formed open relations with the Brotherhood of Malice (BoM) becoming hostile to Europeia. “For these reasons, we have seen the repeal of our treaties with The Communist Bloc, Kantrias, and the United Kingdom for the development of closer ties with BoM.”

Discussions with Caer Sidi left the administration unsatisfied, stating “unfortunately it became clear that there was no middle ground that could satisfy both parties. We made our policy on BoM clear and Caer Sidi made it clear they would prioritize their new alliance with BoM over our existing treaty of friendship.”

This left the administration with no choice but to close official ties Caer Sidi. The decision follows a standing policy in the Europeian administration to terminate relations with regions that openly associate with BoM. Caer Sidi entered into talks aware that their treaty with BoM could result in the termination of relations with Europeia, electing to “prioritize their new alliance with BoM over our existing treaty of friendship.”

President JayDee ends his statement with a hopeful message for future relations with Caer Sidi, but that “the Caer Sidi of today has drifted too far from the one we knew.”

The President will present his resolution to repeal the Treaty of Caerdeas to the Senate shortly.

Statement from the President

Caer Sidi is a region with whom we share many fond memories, but their recent treaty with the Brotherhood of Malice has made our relationship unsustainable. It has been our policy for over a year now not to maintain relations with regions which establish official ties with BoM, they are not only antagonistic to Europeian interests, but have demonstrated a clear disregard for regional sovereignty. Almost every region that has developed ties with BoM has become antagonistic to Europeia and their interests. For these reasons, we have seen the repeal of our treaties with The Communist Bloc, Kantrias, and the United Kingdom for the development of closer ties with BoM.

These trends give us substantial cause for concern for the future of Caer Sidi and what it means for us. Caer Sidi insists that their relationship with BoM is strictly for roleplay purposes and they would have no participation in GP conduct. However, we were alarmed by the realization that upon BoM coaching, they concealed this emerging alliance from us to help with passage of their recent commendation. It seems BoM gameplay machinations may have already permeated their region.

Despite this, my administration made efforts to maintain ties with Caer Sidi and demonstrate our commitment to our relationship. Caer Sidi made similar efforts, but unfortunately it became clear that there was no middle ground that could satisfy both parties. We made our policy on BoM clear and Caer Sidi made it clear they would prioritize their new alliance with BoM over our existing treaty of friendship. For these reasons, I am left with effectively no choice but to submit my proposal to the Senate to repeal the Treaty of Caerdeas and close official ties with Caer Sidi.

I sincerely hope this is not the end of our story with Caer Sidi. Caer Sidi has a strong cultural framework and we still share many former citizens with a love for both regions. However, the Caer Sidi of today has drifted too far from the one we knew. We both have changed, and that change has unfortunately brought us further apart. One day we may find ourselves on similar grounds as we have with other regions before, but we must maintain our principles as we always have.

Thank you for the update, although your linked images do not work.