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President Proscribes Reckless Marauders
The Communist Bloc and the Brotherhood of Malice Face Repercussions
Written by Kuramia

(Europeia - August 31, 2023) The North Pacific, at major update on August 27, 2023, was delegate-bumped from the combined forces of The Communist Bloc and Brotherhood of Malice, which placed Acting Vice Delegate Pallaith as the region’s World Assembly delegate. Through the efforts of its allies, including militia and active sailors in the Europeian Republican Navy, The North Pacific’s delegate, Chipoli, was restored to his rightful delegacy. The attack did not go without repercussions, especially as it’s not the first time The North Pacific has been specifically targeted by the Brotherhood of Malice. Europeian President JayDee announced, in a show of solidarity with Europeia’s decade-long ally, that The Communist Bloc and the Brotherhood of Malice were both declared proscribed regions.

Posting a scathing dispatch detailing the assault, The North Pacific disparaged The Communist Bloc and the Brotherhood of Malice, stating that the regions “cannot and should not be mistaken for members of our international community, because every action they take and every word they speak on that stage betrays how unworthy and unprepared they are to be a part of it.” Describing the actions as an act of war and a violation of their sovereignty, The North Pacific promised more than just the existing sanctions outlined by the Modern Gameplay Compact would be forthcoming.

Issuing his own statement supporting The North Pacific, President JayDee of Europeia stated that, “It has become evidently clear that these existing policies have not been enough, and that those who choose to associate with the Brotherhood of Malice continue to erode the trust of this community and violate the sovereignty of our partners. […]Their course is destruction and their cause is chaos.” He swore Europeia’s continued backing for The North Pacific’s next steps.

The North Pacific and Europeia share a Treaty of Friendship that was ratified on Aug 19, 2013.

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Featured Authors - As a part of our efforts to feature awesome authors from both the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation and our private media, two articles weekly will be shared with our embassies to provide greater coverage of Europeia’s media!! This is the second edition and will feature articles from last week.

Westinor comes in again with part two of his narrative, Anatomy of an Operation: South Pacific where he concludes his exciting perspective on the liberation of South Pacific!

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Europeian Media Spotlight: Sept 10th through Sept 16th

The Featured Author, or Broadcaster, for this week is a radio show. As in the previous two weeks, this is a part of our efforts to showcase awesome authors from both the Europeian Broadcast Corporation (EBC) and Private Media outlets. Well, media certainly does include radio shows and their broadcasters, and we are shining a special spotlight on a historic landmark between two regions: Europeia and The North Pacific.

As a part of our ten-year celebration of the Treaty of Friendship Between The North Pacific and Europeia, ratified on August 2013, we hope you enjoy this featured radio show, hosted by the Northern Broadcasting Service. It marks an important time in our and TNP’s history and is a testament to a outstanding alliance.

TNP Minister of Communications Robespierre presents this awesome radio show, 10 More years!! - A TNP/Euro Broadcast. Be sure to check it out!

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