"End of the Old Order I/III" [VN] [Solo]

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NOTICE: This is a solo-RP, closed for participation of other players.

End of the Old Order I/III” entails events in Viliakmon between the 5th and the 13th, it will be a storyline about two characters - how it even occurred, their interactions, the negotiations, how it effected other characters (namely Iakov’s family on Merimang Island).

It will be roleplayed from an omniscient third person perspective, since it serves to give the reader information.

It will be roleplayed in replies, much like non-solo roleplays, the method being chosen both because it’s practical and it gives a more natural flow.
The end will also contain the mentioned “Decree 7” in its’ entirety.

Importantly, the wiki information related to Viliakmon will not be updated until Decree 7 is presented here nor will TCP Broadcast cover Decree 7 until then.

The story contains these following segments:

  1. Beginning (how Zihexh found Iakov).
  2. Motivation (why Zihexh was with Iakov while a major city is occupied, explaining Iakov’s behavior namely why is he not on Merimang Island with his family).
  3. Desire & Confrontation (what Iakov thinks Zihexh desires, what Zihexh thinks Iakov desires and their conflict over this).
  4. Negotiations (why they’ve entered into negotiations).
  5. Resolution (was an agreement signed and what does it entail; Decree 7).
  6. Elaboration (Iakov’s actual motivation, desires and actions after the 13th).

Another notice, “End of the Old Order” is a short-story solo-RP trilogy related to Viliakmon. Expect each part to contain its’ own thread/topic.

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Closing Thread.

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Power Without Authority

The Chief of Command and the Commander of the V.A.F. Navy, Kader Zihexh, aged 38, climbed out of poverty through the ranks of GCDP and V.A.F., from the small town of Beddum, to the unelected official in the Government Square of Ochridae, now with unquestionable absolute authority. “You’ve done well for yourself”, the family remarked.
Assuming office just after the Ministry of Allied Service affair had ended, just in time when the waters seemed to be going steady from now on.
One affair regarding the Minister of Allied Forces - what is one affair? No reason to stop now. In fact, Zihexh shall be the one to imprison them.
Merimang Group? It’s not like they have ever done anything truly substantial, no threat.
T.C.P.? What an hysterical reaction. It was the FIBR itself which insisted that the V.A.F. deploy tranquilizers on its own citizens.
The Black Flag mutineers are nothing but cowards who refused to fight. Barely armed, all that’s needed is to increase security along the mountains. Skandergrofs lunacy does not reach the levels needed for him to attempt a maritime route back into the country.
There is no reason to panic. Everything is under control. […]

November 5, 2022 2:00 AMNovember 5, 2022 10:45 PM

A mutual motion of no confidence? As if Xhuglini would ever pass that. […]

“Why? I don’t understand - Why? I’ve left him and his family alone. Why would he pass that?” Perhaps visiting the Founder would provide the information sought after by the Commander. It is to be done during the late hours. Just awaken people are more agreeable; Tired people are are less careful. The Special Forces though… Is it not procedural for the Chief of Command to visit the absent Head of State? Either way, precautionary measures should be implemented. […]

Task Force ‘IIIEEESTD161333’, composed of 50 Senior Sergeants in the V.A.F. Army, would surround the yard on which the family house of Iakov Xhuglini was built by 0400H, ensuring of no possible escape path existing.
Upon being ready to move in at 0405H, Zihexh was suddenly interrupted by a megaphone;

“Kader, you’re surrounded by 528 Special Forces Operatives. Come alone, I am alone. How did you find me?”

Was that a bluff? Where were they? How come no one has seen them? Am I being betrayed by my ow-

Kader, I will have you and your Task Force killed in the next 10 seconds unless you approach me alone to explain how you found me.”

19 of the 50 Senior Sergeants left their positions upon hearing that message, essentially deserting. Zihexh was sure that this was a bluff.
Mere five seconds after the warning has been announced, an oddly precise bullet skimmed in front of Zihexhs face.
With the now skinned nose, Zihexh replies by yelling out;
“Alright”, before heading towards the old man alone and ordering the remainder of his units to hold their positions.

“How did you find me?”, Iakov kept asking as Zihexh slowly made his way to the Founder without replying. Apathy could be detected on Iakov’s face while gazing at Zihexh struggling to traverse the yard terrain, eventually exclaiming;
“Your Task Force is to be abolished and you are to leave the post you were assigned to. This decision is effective immediately. Calling upon the legitimacy of holding the Founder title.”
Kader was too confused and exhausted to notice that comment. The command appeared to be an effective deterrence.

“That walk took you some time. Now, how did you find me?”

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No Guidance.

Iakov’s personal home was constructed just a few kilometers south-east of Ochridae, finishing some time around 2013. The residence was not public knowledge. All that was discovered by yellow paper journalists was an up-kept, wooden fence in the middle of high grassland and flat-grass steppes. The enclosed area was projected to be around 20 square kilometers.
A correct projection, most of the investment went into buying this huge “backyard”. The Founder himself decided on this for defensive and security reasons, coming in agreement with his spouse as she wanted a personal forest.
Considering that the residence employed around 100 people, among them gardeners, geologists, security forces, mechanists and other but with a noticeable lack of a house staff, it was an oddity that the area had no pathways within it. Instead, unusual trees and flowers were planted throughout the land as references for orientation.
Zihexh had been disarmed, sitting in a room of the house which seemed to be used as an office, some half hour of silence between the two occurred from being brought there. Iakov was compiling papers, it appeared as if he was trying to write a sort of documentation.
Although an interruption was attempted by the clearly annoyed and impatient captive, he was just left ignored. This gave enough time for Zihexh to consider the structure of this room.
At first, it seemed to be an office but it was unlike Iakov’s official chambers in Ochridae. It was more refined, detailed with ornaments made of expensive gems. Before trying to deduce who did work on the interior decoration, the stream of thoughts was interrupted;

Iakov asked, almost casually, “What did you bring me, Kader?” Zihexhs expression was that of surprised confusion, pausing before attempting to answer made Iakov elaborate, “When you are visiting someone’s home for the first time, it’s customary to bring a gift.” Adjusting posture from writing down a document of some sort to that of addressing someone created a short pause “I am assuming that you came to visit me for private matters?”
Noticeably annoyed by the act of naivete displayed, Zihexh responded, “There is no such thing as a purely private matter to me. I am visiting on behalf of the state interest of Viliakmon. To first disband the Office of Head of State and then authorize a dissolution of the legislature, all after being absent for months on end, is an act of treason.” It was delivered convincingly, he spoke with actual conviction in what was said.
Expecting an outburst, Xhuglini just replied to the accusations with a focused stare. A sense of disturbance could’ve been felt, arising and slowly filling the room, slowly turning into a state of panic. Zihexh began to try and string attach further explanation as he stood up, pacing around and signalling confused gestures, yet still – nothing.

Is then failure to complete one’s duty to the state not also an act of betrayal?!” Iakov finally responded with an elevated tone, something rarely seen by anyone. “You failed to put me under arrest, just as you failed as lead command in the Rycco-Cordilian war. This incompetence recently caused Aelbasan to be captured by rogue divisions which you are supposed to be responsible for.”
Enraged by having his loyalty questioned, Zihexh responded “My own competence cannot be mistaken for deliberate betrayal. You have, affair by affair-“ Interrupted once more, “Lead to state dissolution? Yes, that’s why I authorized the Parliament disbanding itself. If an apparatus is kept on life support by one man, that is nothing short of an artificial structure, a dictatorship forced upon the population.” This rationale did calm Zihexh, who returned back to a seating position and staring into empty space. It appeared that this is what the CoC actually believed himself but refused to admit it.

So, just let it die and allow the population to be victims of foreign scavangers?”, Zihexh asked with a defeated tone in his voice but received a firm, immediate answer, “No. I am fully confident in the Viliakmoni ability to resolve issues themselves. The population will create a better arrangement.”
It seemed as if the entire meeting was coming to a closure when doubt was casted, “By a better arrangement you mean, your wife, behind the Merimang.”
Iakov was dismissive of Merimag Group, “No, the Merimang Group is not an arrangement which I believe is an adequate successor.” However, this was followed by a deep sigh and a saddened expression appearing on Xhuglini’s until now dead serious demeanor.
The sudden change in demeanor and mentioning personal affairs first made Zihexh conclude that Iakov truthfully was suffering from a division, a conflict of personal and public self-interest. Interrupting the sulking by clearing his throat first,
Then, I would suppose our only duty left is to craft a direction to be taken upon our mutual stripping of authority.” Iakov pointed to the paper he was writing when Zihexh came into the room, then said “I suppose it would be fair that if we dismiss one another, we also complete such a direction together.


Taking a glance on the desk in front of them, it was a disorganized mess of a paperwork landfill.

Zihexh: “Is this all you’ve been doing for the past few weeks?”
Iakov: “Evidently, not only the subject itself but source of other issues as well.”
-“I imagine that there has been some progress towards the solution, then.”
-“Sparsely, the vast majority of this task in itself has been the exclusion of needless documentation or ineffective legislation, previously noted as such.”
-“There must be a type of structure laid out that you wish the final document to take at this point.”
-“Yes, Draft 11 is in the database.”
-“…Database? I haven’t noticed any movement across state documents. I’ve examined the databas-“
-“Your database, you mean? (…) As you should be aware, there are different security compatibility layers to the national database.”
-“As far as I know: Ccompatibility layer V, which high state officials among them the Chief of Command have access to, is the most effective and up-to-date decryption of national information.”
-“No. That was a lie. Upon its inception, events which have transpired in the past two or so years, were carefully considered as manifesting at some point in time. Although originally it did have only five layers of decryption keys, each given by merit, from the Identifiable Residence Code to the National Confidential Compiler; The system was revised, as the NCC contents could not be entrusted with positions subject to dynamic change.”
-“…So, how many layers of ‘decryption keys’ are there? Considering that the NCC my office provides already provides gene expression of each resident.”
-“Seven. The draft is available on CL-VI, which has the ability of chromatin remodeling, called Multiple Genesis Protocol, access to it must be authorized by me.”
-“…If level 6 has the ability of genetically modifying any specific human, I shudder to think what level 7 consists of…”
-“A simple AI combining all the previous layers into ‘Sorted Compact Engineering”, I may only observe it, it was created to not withstand any interferences.”

[Some time has passed, but not many]

Zihexh: “I don’t believe you.”
Iakov: “I suppose that is a moral statement rather than one questioning the reliability of provided information.”
Zihexh: “No, I don’t believe the truthfulness of this situation.”
Iakov: “Could you further elaborate on that?”
Zihexh: “I refuse that these series of events are real. A relatively new public official, who you do not trust – on the contrary, you have every personal reason to oppose said official, managed to locate your private residence. They appear with armed forces and are allowed to cross into your own private property until they encounter you. As a response, not only do you allow the soldiers who came with the public official to leave with all this knowledge, you also invite the conspiring official to become a co-author of a replacement constitutional act with you. During this period, revealing details regarding state security apparatus and it’s intended malicious purpose.”
-“Your beliefs or rather lack thereof, are a sign of delusion.”
-“No, I am disillusioned. What could possibly go through a head of state’s mind to do all of this at such a crucial moment?”
-“Why do you assume that I exist in perfection, execute my actions without flaws?”
-“You’ve never shown these tactical failures earlier. In fact, ‘A Masterful Tactician’ was a core part in the process of you acquiring the position you are at now. I guess, where you were.”

Iakov: “This guideline, ruleset you’ve used for dismissing your suspense of disbelief. They are that of reality, that is the issue. You assume the behavior of people based around the notion of how they should or would behave as if they were.”
Zihexh: “Such is standard protocol.”
-“Fiction needn’t be limited by these standards. Opposite is the protocol, as you call it, fiction has the demand within itself to reject not only reality’s axioms but the existence of such a realm itself.”
-“You are currently contradicting yourself by acknowledging that a plane of existence exists, one that is unknown to us.”
-“Yes I am but why should I personally be bound to avoid contradictions or even recognize them as such?”
-“…So, what conclusion is drawn from this?”
-“Well, ask yourself why I would allow these series of events to take place.”
-“We are both on a death timer. Besides, we are close to finishing this Decree, it is our task.”
-“What then? Is this all there is?”

-“Of course not. Continue the work.”

You, IRL:


The two officials spent their finals days exchanging personal information-where they will go, how will they address their family, why they were doing this. The document was finished. This seems like a very sudden death ending for someone who does not like dropping characters this easily. You are correct.

A Decree on establishing temporary directives for ensuring the legal continuity of Viliakmon as a sovereign entity during times of dispute over the legitimacy of governance.
The Decree temporarily suspends the Constitution of Viliakmon as the supreme source of law. This suspension is effective upon public Proclamation of this Decree, ceasing its usage upon the adoption of a revised Constitution of Viliakmon, which is to be subject to common consensus.

1. Viliakmon is a sovereign state entity, whose sovereignty is to be held in common consensus of its citizens, legality of which is to be unbound to questions of legitimacy nor government.

2. Each of the 26 districts is to hold local elections by which a “District Representative” is selected in open ballot IRO voting.

3. District Representatives are to form the “Council of Districts”, whose obligationn is to act as a limited legislative and executive body on a state level, electing among them the “Regent-Representative” in open ballot IRO voting.

4. The “Regent-Representative” is to act as a limited Head of State from which they are to update and ensure Viliakmons diplomatic representation via delegations, which are to consist of Diplomats chosen in sortition.

5. The Regency is limited in: the command of armed forces which are to be used only as defensive measures; passing whichever legislation that precedes the supremacy of local policy; the use and manipulation of TCP.

6. Bodies described in 3, 4 and 5 are to to be effective and legally binding until the 15th of December this year.

7. Any governance seeking to inherit the right to legal continuation as Viliakmon upon the dissolution of the Regency must fulfill standards set in the preamble of this Decree

  • A | Adopt a codified index of Constitutional laws, whose structure follows standard procedure.
  • B | Receive common consensus among the population, by which it must receive active support equal to or over 50% of all citizens in Viliakmon.
    • B-1 | Common consensus voting must be held in accordance to standard procedure including the national coverage of all territories sovereign to the state of Viliakmon.

8. Any governance, including the Regency, which fails to meet the enscribed requirements may not declare itself the legal continuous heir to the state of Viliakmon.

9. No foreign sovereign is to openly declare favoritism of any governance which fails to meet the enscribed requirements.

10. No foreign sovereign is to recognize the legality of any governance which fails to meet the enscribed requirements.

11. The citizens of Viliakmon enjoy all the rights, freedoms and duties from the 1998. Constitution.

12. The citizens of Viliakmon are called upon to openly resist any attempt of their territorial or legal sovereignty being put into question by any organized group, which is to say, the citizens are called upon to ensure the territorial integrity of the state of Viliakmon as well as to ensure the rights and freedoms they enjoy by customary law.

13. All legal code is to be enforced by local courts primarily when possible, in the event that local courts cannot dutifully exercise this privilege the enforcement of legal code is delegated to the citizens of Viliakmon themselves.

14. FOREIGN POLICY of Viliakmon during the Regency shall be divided among different grouped approaches to the following sovereigns:

  • A | The World Forum (whose Regency shall ask for Viliakmon be demoted into an observer-state status), the Tarnian League & its members and the Republic of Sedunn.
    • A1 | The Regency shall see to it that Viliakmon be represented by a delegacy concerned primarily with legality, externally of Viliakmon and internally.
  • B | the League of Cordilia & its members, the United Kingdom of Emerald and Denver and the Federal Republic of Kliegme.
    • B1 | The Regency shall see to it that Viliakmon be represented by a delegacy concerned exclusively with furthering relationships on the basis of cultural values.
  • C | Tekarai, the Federal Republic of GI-Land, the United States of Izaakia, the government of Pelinai and the stabilized government of mainland Ryccia.
    • C1 | The Regency shall see to it that Viliakmon be represented by a delegacy, tasked with maintaining little influence of this category while upkeeping or establishing cordial relations through the use of diplomacy as an artform.

15. Upon 15.12.2022., FOREIGN SOVEREIGNS involved in internal affairs of Viliakmon must be clearly INFORMED OF FACTIONS and likewise make their CHOICE OF SUPPORT clear and continuous; They are tasked to enforce, if necessary, Rule 7 against the will of the faction they have supported, if the faction does not comply with Rule 7 itself. Any non-compliance of any regime and/or their FOREIGN SOVEREIGN supporters with Rule 7 is to be seen as an occupation.

-Darian Zihexh, Chief of Command of V.A.F. (TITLE SUSPENDED UPON PROCLAMATION).