Discourse Wizards and Integration

I know we’ve had some recent discussion over in #executive-planning on Discord about how our forum wizards should fit into our integration flow more broadly. It seemed like a discussion worth bringing over to the forums, for a bit more structure and posterity :stuck_out_tongue:

For a bit of context, here’s my understanding of how our current forum integration flow looks like:

  1. A new user creates an account
  2. They’re brought to the intro wizard, which introduces different aspects of our community and helps the user make their first post.
  3. After their first post, they receive an automated message from our coco bot that invites them to fill out the get involved wizard, which fills out legislator applications, SPSF applications, etc. as appropriate.

It’s been a while since I’ve done the wizards, but that sounds about right (although I don’t remember being linked to the get involved wizard). I will say, the intro wizard was kind of boring and I only did it for the badge/certificate… :grin:

I mentioned this in the campaign, but I think our two wizard setup is probably ideal, in terms of intro being the first post and get involved being where the applications are, but we need to fill out the RP parts of the applications wizard, at a minimum. I think @Maverick had some ideas for this part.

I think the intro wizard should have most of its informative aspects cut out, since that’s another thing to have to maintain, and we’d ideally be linking possible newcomers to the Welcome to TSP dispatch. The questions we’d be asking should include what they want to do, so that we can help guide them towards the part(s) of the community that do that.

I think we need to think about the balance between giving no information in the Get Involved Wizard and giving people too much, but that’s just me.

It sounds like from your most recent post, @ProfessorHenn, that you would ideally like to put a simple drop down for more information in the Get Involved Wizard, but not a full application. How would that work, in your mind?

Apologies on the delay. I’ll get you a fuller answer soon, but for now, I wanted to add that we should definitely add “Cake or pie” to the intro wizard. Actually just make that the only question and statement available.

We don’t want people trying to kill each other as soon as they join the forums though

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Ah yes, I like it! That way, I can get the full powers of the security apparatus onto a new member from the moment of account creation! They will never even know it happened!

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One hell of a delay.

In the context of Pronoun’s Pathways to Engagement post, I doubt we even need an intro wizard anymore. Maybe I misunderstood it, but if we just have a single wizard, the Get Involved Wizard, with the relevant questions for what people want to do that necessitate applications (and keeps the broader details in relevant topics that we link to), then things would be easier to maintain and flow a little smoother.