Discord Onboarding

Greetings. I’m making this thread to have a place on the forum to discuss even more Discord server adjustments! This time, it’s the Community Onboarding side of things I want to discuss, with a proposal to chew on as well! I’ve included RP’s section based on the proposal here, but if/when that side gets finalized we can work on restructuring this part to match.

Default Channels

#getting-help (@/everyone read/write perms)

#lampshadebar (hyphen excluded to avoid linking to Lampshade Bar and Grill, @/everyone read/write perms)
#international-airport (@/everyone read/write perms)
#coconut-grove (@/everyone read/write perms)

#rp-lounge (@/everyone read/write perms)

Customization Questions

Question 1: What do you want pings for?

  1. OWL Updates: World Assembly legislation voting on proposals (grants WA Update Ping)
  2. TSP Dispatches: Whenever our region puts out a dispatch we’d like upvoted! (grants Upvote Squad)
  3. Games and Events: Discord-based games, events, movie nights, etc. (grants Games and Events) :sweat:
  4. News and Info: Whenever an institution of TSP has some news to share (grants News and Information)
  5. Voice Chats: VCs happen, and you’d like to join one! (grants Voice Chat)
    f. Roleplayer: Get informed of relevant RP news (grants Roleplayer) - This one is funky, since I did envision the RP roles as being pingable, but I’m not sure if it’s better to reflect that here or put a note in the next question that you will get pinged by the role. Superseded by 2d/Q3.

Question 2: What are you interested in?

  1. Government: Join the discussions of what the Cabinet is working on! (grants access to #executive-planning and #government-discussion) :file_cabinet:
  2. Current Events: A civil place to talk about real life events, such as political happenings. (grants access to #current-events)
  3. Media/Memes sharing: Share your memes, videos, pictures, songs, etc.! (grants access to #drama-llama-palooza)
  4. Roleplay: We have 3 canons to choose from, check out the next question to get access! (gives Roleplay role and access to non-canon RP channels)

Question 3: What Roleplay Canons would you like to join, if any? (answering with anything gives access to the rest of the RP category)

  1. Pacifica: A Modern Tech universe set on our map of the South Pacific (grants Roleplay role and access to Pacifica channels)
  2. A1-0: Our Future Tech sci-fi canon that takes place in the Lampshade Galaxy (grants Roleplay role and access to A1-0 channels)
  3. Aurora: The world of magic and medieval kingdoms awaits you! (grants Roleplay role and access to Aurora channels)

SPSF and Assembly channels will still remain behind the check performed on the forum, but we might be able to work with the Server Guide if we have the access to it. It’s in Beta, so maybe?

:sweat: - Admittedly I’ve been using this for NS.net side things too, but that’s what the role is listed as in #welcome.
:file_cabinet: - I do like the idea of replacing #government-discussion with #executive-planning, renamed to #executive, and archiving the former. Open to thoughts, as always.

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The description of the A1-0 Roleplay is a bit misleading. A1-0 takes place in a specific, limited part of the Lampshade Galaxy called Sector A1-0. It is significantly smaller than the entire lampshade galaxy, as The “Show map” button shows you in the map topic.

Apologies, it has been corrected.

I think onboarding requires at least 7 channels and at least 5 where everyone can read and send messages.

Very true, I’ve adjusted to match. I still expect us to have some rigorous way of enjoying citizen/dignitary masking is applied as appropriate, but perhaps we could yet find a way to link Discord accounts with forum accounts and nations.

I’ll await @Roavin’s input on what changes, if any, he’d need to make to Coco for this. We’re also exploring options for syncing Discord and the forums.

I think your suggestions are a very good starting point. My thoughts so far:

  • We’ve traditionally locked away everything except the bar simply to enforce people getting masked as citizen/dignitary/whatever. That’ll have to change - not a problem, just stating the consequence.
  • The pings question is one that should probably come later.
  • First question might be “Are you TSP or visiting?” to differentiate Citizen/Dignitary. That has the disadvantage of being able to trace people to their nation for now, but that can get solved in a later step that would sync discord/forum roles and allow things like “verified citizen”.
  • What I generally find mildly annoying about the onboarding feature is that it means there are parallel processes for channel visibility, one being through roles and one being through the newer client-side mechanism, which can in turn be nixed by users just having “Show All Channels” set (or not). It’s … frankly, really annoying, from the standpoint of a Discord admin trying to craft a good UX, but c’est la vie.
  • It’d be nice if the answer to a question could unlock an additional question, but here, too, c’est la vie.

The nice part is that once it’s set up, it’s relatively easy to change things. The not-so-nice part is that for every case where we fuck up (non-role-based) channel visibility, we can’t affect it again and it’ll be fucked up for that user until they change it themselves (and they’d have to know to change it).

TL;DR: Probably a good idea, even though the new channel visibility stuff from Discord is stupid and makes it harder to get it right.

For this specifically, none!

I think it should be possible to just mark a pre-join question as required, and assign a role accordingly? Such as with this…

The channels might technically be viewable by everyone, but if nobody can skip the citizen/dignitary masking question, then there isn’t really much difference? (Technically there’s no verification, but I don’t think we currently verify citizen roles after we give them out anyway, so…)

Hm, I think the way I thought about it was that roles control access, and from there individual users can prune away the channels that they’re allowed to access, but don’t personally care for. I agree that doesn’t always hold up with onboarding, but it seems like you can set up your onboarding questions to just assign roles and choose not to use them to control channel access, if you prefer to just manage access with roles? And from there, well, if someone knows how to hide a channel on the client side, I think they can figure out the UX of adding that channel back :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything substantive has to be role-based anyway; the visibility mechanic is only really interesting for something like the palooza that’s always accessible anyway.

We don’t right now; it’s been on my “i should finally automate this smh” list for about 4 years now :stuck_out_tongue: