Croaktia Permits for Traveling

Hey there! Croaktia citizens care a lot about traveling, so I was thinking that people should reply to this thread with the requisites that Croaktians should follow to travel to your nation! It could be either a permit, visa, none, etc… Or if they are not allowed to enter your nation. Just let me know.


The FiHami Minister of Foreign Affairs sets down a closed scroll on the desk. She has a big smile on her face and a basket in her other hand, almost mischievous in demeanor.

“FiHami’s policies for visitors are as follows.”

With a single flick of her scroll hand, the very long scroll unravels, hitting the floor, bouncing all over the room until it comes at a complete stop back at the original desk. There are only three bullet points at the bottom.

1. Don’t burn anything down
2. Don’t listen to our minority extremists
3. Arrive with a big smile, you’re in FiHami!

“Those are the requirements! No background checks, no passports, no visas, nothing. Will this bite us later on? Probably. But for now, enjoy all that FiHami has to offer at your will!”

With her other hand, the FiHami Minister of Foreign Affairs leaves the basket on the desk next to the scroll, filled with all sorts of FiHami tea blends and honey. There is a neatly-written note in the Finixi language on how to correctly brew a pot of each blend. Before anyone can ask to translate, the FiHami Minister of Foreign Affairs leaves the room.


The Besernian Minister of Foreign Affairs has delivered a handwritten note for the corresponding department of the Government of Croaktia to publish on travelling to Besern. The note was sent via fax.

1. Don’t be nasty. If something or anyone’s nasty, speak out, and if you can, help solve it.
2. Visa-free access for 90-days is granted to Croaktian residents and nationals who are not permanent residents or Besernian nationals.
3. Employment opportunities are available by work-visa only, to be applied at a Besernian embassy or foreign mission, or at the municipality hall.
4. Besern should be relatively trustworthy, though make sure you have what you need to get here and out alive and well (i.e. insurance) just in case, and whenever in doubt, you can call the police, the municipality hall or tourism board, for help for anything.

Cheers, and welcome to Besern!

Ms. Aberlil Berlyne
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Federal Republic of Besern


Perfect, if anything is wrong with any of my citizens, report it.


Nice. Let me know if anything is wrong!

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Automated information generated by the Joint Service

FULL NAME(S): [surnames], [names], [repeat until for all passangers]
Non-permanent terms are subject to higher scrutiny. Contact the Consulary Office of Nasphilitae in [CROAKTIA] 7 days ahead. Fill the following form there, five copies will exist upon completion. Archived by the two Consulates; Original which passangers will receive upon return to incoming country [CROAKTIA]; One which passangers will present to the authorities upon arrival to [NASPHILITAE]; One which is strongly advised passangers carry with them at all times instead of their passports or other forms of ID’s.

All boxes must be checked for automatic approval.

I consent to:

  • Luggage and contraband checking [ ]
  • BIometric and biomechatronic data gathering [ ]
  • Being subject to the same rules and laws as citizens of Nasphilitae [ ]
  • Seizure of illegal contraband and or monetary outsourcing by authorities [ ]

I understand that:

  1. Knowledge and usage of Austral is mandatory [ ]
  2. Public expression of specific religious adherence is prohibited, as is lacking to any religious adherence [ ]
  3. Alcohol is prohibited outside of medicinal use [ ]
  4. My countrys' Consulate in Suhavenster serves as my guide [ ]
  5. Once on Nasphiliti soil and upon border passage; I enjoy the full freedoms and rights as all citizens do [ ]
  6. I am subjected to supervision by authorities during my stay and may request to be informed on data gathered at any time before my departure [ ]
  7. Upon arrival and prior to accessing the soil, all monetary funds will be converted to Nasphilitaes' domestic currency, as will happen upon my departure as well; I am strictly prohibited from outsorcing domestic funds [ ]
  8. As a non-permanent resident, the total amount of days I may legally remain in Nasphilitae is 185.
  9. I may at any point in time seek permanent residence on my own volition, which is administered by the local Public Offices of the Home Secretary [ ]

—> Architecture. Plays. Open theaters. Cinema. Carnival festivals. Circuses.
–>Exceptions [Medium]: Outskirts of Western Suhavenster, the City of Agorport.

—> Automated Response From The Joint Service <—

→ For Further Information, Contact the Mutual Consulates ←


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Alcoalitania

A letter has been sent to Croaktia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Warm greetings from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Alcoalitania!

We greatly appreciate the interest of Croaktian citizens in exploring our beautiful nation, known for its diverse tourist attractions.

In accordance with our commitment to fostering friendly relations and facilitating tourism, Alcoalitania adopts the following travel guidelines:

  1. Visa Requirements: Croaktian citizens are eligible for visa-free entry into Alcoalitania for stays of up to 90 days.
  2. Passport Validity: Valid passports are required for entry. Passports must have at least six months validity beyond the intended departure date from Alcoalitania.
  3. Customs Regulations: We encourage travelers to familiarize themselves with Coalitanian customs regulations to ensure a smooth entry process. Common items subject to restrictions include firearms, narcotics, and endangered species.
  4. Health Requirements: While no specific vaccinations are mandatory for entry, it is advisable for travelers to be up-to-date on routine vaccinations.
  5. Security Measures: Visitors are kindly requested to comply with security protocols at ports of entry and respect local laws and customs during their stay.

Rules for when you’re in Alcoalitania

  1. Crime: Please familiarize yourself with Coalitanian law! If you get arrested in Alcoalitania, it’s your responsibility.
  2. Safety: If a problem/incident occurs, please call your region’s respective police department. You may also call EMSA (Emergency Services of Alcoalitania), with the number 505.
  3. Public Property: Destroying or altering public property comes with a hefty fine and/or jail time depending on the severity of the situation.

Should Croaktian citizens have any further inquiries or require assistance regarding their travel plans to Alcoalitania, our consular services are readily available to provide guidance and support.

We look forward to welcoming Croaktian travelers to Alcoalitania and trust that their visit will be both enjoyable and memorable.

Travel Recommendations

  • Safety: Extremely Safe

Please do not 1) Destroy, demolish, or alter any religious/place of worship 2) Commit any blasphemous act in front of a religious/place of worship.

Warm regards,

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Alcoalitania

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