Cabinet and Executive Orders


Summary | The Cabinet appoints @Webs as Minister of Defense, @Jag as OWL Director, and @HumanSanity and @Pronoun as Cabinet Advisors

The Cabinet makes the following appointments:

  • Webs (The Web of Life and Destiny) is hereby appointed Minister of Defense. Due to no candidate running for the October 2022 Minister of Defense election, there was a vacancy that the Cabinet is empowered to fill under the Elections Act, Article 6, Section 1. Despite not being part of the SPSF, Webs has been active within TSP recently and brings knowledge and skills from previous positions outside of the region. We are confident that they will be an enthusiastic civilian leader.

  • Jag (Nouvel Empire) is hereby appointed OWL Director as per Article VI, Section 4 of the Charter, which instructs the Prime Minister to do so at the the beginning of each term. Jag has been an active member of OWL and was recommended by the outgoing Director, Anjo.

  • HumanSanity and Pronoun (Esfalsa) are hereby appointed Cabinet Advisors. As the previous term’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense, respectively, they have valuable knowledge of gameplay-related affairs.

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