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The Besernian Amalgamated Press (Besernian: Bersches Verschmeltz-Presse np.K.A.) is a trusted organisation that runs the national newswire service and a news service of the same name, commonly used for reference by major Besernian news publishers and independent journalists and students alike, including but not limited to the national public broadcaster, the Besernian Broadcasting Service.

Founded in 1861 during the University Uprising, it operates traditionally as a co-operative, unincorporated association registered with Companies House under the Companies Act of 1824. The members of the BVP consist of newspapers, broadcasters and journals nationwide, enabling the BVP to have a large network of correspondents all over Pacifica.

The BVP newswire is known to be a reliable, factual and established source of information, recieving the yearly Vonnegut Award 31 times with 23 under journalism since the award was established by Treisag University to recognize excellence in journalism, literature and musical composition nationwide since 1835.

The BVP forum opinion category in the BVP news service is known to be constructive and balanced, or at least posts from journalists, however it is also open to the public, and therefore may be controversial at times, however it is known to be an excellent outlet of opinions on various issues in Besern and around the world.

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Digital Edition

Voigt 5-nm semiconductor production line opens
* This new process is expected to bring exponential power to new devices and machinery.
* The new extension to the Treisag factory is expected to meet rising demand for more powerful semiconductors worldwide.

* A photograph from the Treisag factory at work from a blog post by Kurt Stauss-Mann.

This morning, a blog post from the Voigt [Voigt Elektronikschaft G.B.] corporate website had announced the opening of a new 5-nanometer process semiconductor manufacturing facility in its Battermann Drive complex in Treisag, which had recently opened as a 7-nanometer process manufacturing facility last month. With current escalating demand for more powerful processors and semiconductors in Pacifica, the company hopes that the new facility will help it fufill this demand as the supply output from existing facilities continue to become further insufficient to meet this demand.

The facility, conveniently located in a strategic trade link of Besern and of northern Cordilia, is expected to output 7-nm and 5-nm semiconductors mostly for foreign clients, where they can easily be exported via a major port in Obraviastadt, Tholisia-Obravia, with 55.2% recent foreign orders being directed for manufacture to this facility. A spokesperson for Voigt G.B., Mr. Otto Kunze, stated in a recent interview with a journalist for Zweitstadt Rundfunk, the public broadcaster in the state of Treisag, that “these new lines are an investment that our company makes in the shared expectations that itwill bring benefit to our company, our industry and worldwide technology immensely and with our quality name on our quality product, make our Besernian technology more attractive and competitive in the international market.”

Manni Weiner, Treisag
Sep 13, 2022, 12:55PM

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* Transsunerian court declares allies’ nukes on Transsunerian soil legal