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The Besernian Amalgamated Press (Besernian: Bersches Verschmeltz-Presse np.K.A.) is a trusted organisation that runs the national newswire service and a news service of the same name, commonly used for reference by major Besernian news publishers and independent journalists and students alike, including but not limited to the national public broadcaster, the Besernian Broadcasting Service.

Founded in 1861 during the University Uprising, it operates traditionally as a co-operative, unincorporated association registered with Companies House under the Companies Act of 1824. The members of the BVP consist of newspapers, broadcasters and journals nationwide, enabling the BVP to have a large network of correspondents all over Pacifica.

The BVP newswire is known to be a reliable, factual and established source of information, recieving the yearly Vonnegut Award 31 times with 23 under journalism since the award was established by Treisag University to recognize excellence in journalism, literature and musical composition nationwide since 1835.

The BVP forum opinion category in the BVP news service is known to be constructive and balanced, or at least posts from journalists, however it is also open to the public, and therefore may be controversial at times, however it is known to be an excellent outlet of opinions on various issues in Besern and around the world.

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Digital Edition

Voigt 5-nm semiconductor production line opens
* This new process is expected to bring exponential power to new devices and machinery.
* The new extension to the Treisag factory is expected to meet rising demand for more powerful semiconductors worldwide.

* A photograph from the Treisag factory at work from a blog post by Kurt Stauss-Mann.

This morning, a blog post from the Voigt [Voigt Elektronikschaft G.B.] corporate website had announced the opening of a new 5-nanometer process semiconductor manufacturing facility in its Battermann Drive complex in Treisag, which had recently opened as a 7-nanometer process manufacturing facility last month. With current escalating demand for more powerful processors and semiconductors in Pacifica, the company hopes that the new facility will help it fufill this demand as the supply output from existing facilities continue to become further insufficient to meet this demand.

The facility, conveniently located in a strategic trade link of Besern and of northern Cordilia, is expected to output 7-nm and 5-nm semiconductors mostly for foreign clients, where they can easily be exported via a major port in Obraviastadt, Tholisia-Obravia, with 55.2% recent foreign orders being directed for manufacture to this facility. A spokesperson for Voigt G.B., Mr. Otto Kunze, stated in a recent interview with a journalist for Zweitstadt Rundfunk, the public broadcaster in the state of Treisag, that “these new lines are an investment that our company makes in the shared expectations that itwill bring benefit to our company, our industry and worldwide technology immensely and with our quality name on our quality product, make our Besernian technology more attractive and competitive in the international market.”

Manni Weiner, Treisag
Sep 13, 2022, 12:55PM

* Snovian army reports alleged incident with Izaakian forces
* Recent violence in Jufutu: what we currently know
* Transsunerian court declares allies’ nukes on Transsunerian soil legal


besern-bap-logoshort Besernian Amalgamated Press
Digital Edition

Voigt announces new 2-nm chip
* This new chip is expected to go into full production by 2025.
* This new GAAFET chip is expected to continue to keep Besern competitive in the semiconductor industry.

* A photo of a Voigt semiconductor researcher at work. Photo by Kurt Strauss-Mann.

This morning, Voigt Elektronikschaft G.B. (or Voigt) has just announced that they have developed a new 2-nm node chip. This makes it one of the smallest-type semiconductors in Pacifica. However, the company has no intention of rushing this technology out to production, despite the benefits it will have on the Besernian semiconductor industry. Yet, they are committed to enter full-scale production by 2025.

In a press conference, director of research David Feinesmann stated “despite this technology being revolutionary in itself, to maintain our commitment to quality and the integrity of our national industry, we cannot rush these chips out. The point we want to make is that this chip will take a lot of research and development, as well as integration. There is just so many things to do, that we cannot expect to produce this fully by this year and the next few months. However, we are determined in our work enough, that we can expect to have full production capacity by 2025. It may be a long wait, but realistically that is a necessary sacrifice for a quality Besernian chip trusted by millions worldwide.”

The defense firm Bersches-Teknologie has already expressed interest in the 2-nm chip for their cyber security operations.

Daniel Graf, Treisag
Dec 16, 2022, 10:12AM

* The Chancellor has resigned
* Unidentified submarine detected in Thalapadian waters
* OPINION: Has Besern overreacted on Humania?


besern-bap-logoshort Besernian Amalgamated Press
Digital Edition

OPINION: Is Humania really a threat?
* BVP correspondent Wilhelmine Vogt speaks on the Humania fiasco.

* A photograph of the new MCU-Horse Tank from official Humania government sources.

What comes to mind when you hear Humania in the news? At least the word “sanctions” and “foreign government threats” come to mind. Besern has shut off all trade and has started operations against Humanian assets, Ikaranara has declared Humania a ‘rogue state’ and Thalapadis threatened “(intervention) further in any way we see necessary”. On the other hand, Humania has built the wall of Samia in light of “a series of foreign government threats” and have decided to secure MCU-Venom Tank assets. Despite the spine-shivering power of Humania’s new MCU-Venom tank and possibly military remarked as “a war crime on wheels”, have the international community overreacted? I believe, perhaps not.

The new MCU-Venom tank is a chemical-warfare based tank that is “designed with a special nozzle, the tank spews a dangerous hydrochloric acid mixture that can spray up to 50 feet.” The tank is covered “in acid proof metals in order to avoid getting burned itself” and “maintains a very agile and mobile characteristic.”, according to official Humanian government sources. Already, the entire concept of this tank is an international law violation, as large-scale chemical warfare and the production of chemical weapons is banned by the World Forum by the Grovne Conventions. Never mind international law, this is an unconventional, inhumane form of warfare by moral precedence. This is not helped by the fact that most nations do not possess chemical weapons. It would make sense that this MCU-Venom tank would be very unacceptable internationally and especially in the Cordilia region, a country producing this on their front door is a threat in itself, even if it is only used defensively. Especially not helped since Humania is a dictatorship desiring military superiority with their military as one of their major industries, which could give them a severe military and diplomatic leverage over countries in the region in the same leverage that a nation with a nuclear weapons arsenal would have. The exception however, is that this would be ten times worse since this leverage is accessible only to a country with chemical weapons, which does not consist of that much countries.

Immediately, Thalapadis, bordering Humania, believed this is a threat to their nationhood and threatened to intervene should Humania not destroy the new MCU-Venom tanks. Furthermore, Besern enacted Operation ‘School Laboratory’ against all Humanian assets in Besern and a total and complete sanction on Humanian trade. However, Humania is unfazed and states that the tanks will only be used for “defensive purposes in case of an offense only” and that “we will not tolerate being bullied into submission, and our research and development of the tank will continue as scheduled.”

Out comes the new MCU-Horse Tank and Bullfrog. Even though the MCU-Horse Tank is realistically a deadweight since it uses incendiary weapons as its main weapon and outside illegal usages like in an urban environment, would be unnecessary to perform conventional tasks of a handheld military flamethrower, and that the Bullfrog can only realistically intefere with a fighter’s navigation and communications from the ground and has a 69% accurate long-range AA gun, these inventions are all the more horrifying. Never mind that the MCU-Venom tank is a gas guzzler and expensive to make and maintain. These endeavours of attempting to establish military superiority, at least presumably in the region, should be a warning sign that Humania is getting ready to hold Cordilia hostage, regardless of legality of their means. From this, it is only fair for foreign governments to percieve this as a possible growing threat against their peoples and sovereignty and take immediate action. This is less of a threat to those outside Cordilia because of geographical distance, but that makes it more a threat to countries like Besern and Thalapadis in the Cordilian region since it wouldn’t be the priority of Pacifica, only those in the Cordilian region if at all to mitigate this threat before they get possibly worst-case scenario, steamrolled.

This growing action by Humania is not helped by the recent instability in the central Cordilia region, especially the Rycco-Cordilian War deposing a Ryccian junta that attempted to invade Doge Land in an act of aggression. Surely, after this war especially, that Cordilia should not tolerate a nation like this on their doorstep trying to establish military superiority in their region.

However, it may also be argued that Humania is a rather unlikely nation to hold Cordilia hostage. They have not participated in any war so far, but also, they are rationing food, indicating a possible food shortage in Humania. Furthermore, their attempt to increase personal freedoms and happiness by getting rid of seatbelts without taking into account of the unprecendented benefits of seatbelts takes into account how much the Humanian government cares about its people. On these two factors, we can say Humania has a poor to below-average economy with poor freedoms and rights to their citizens. A country without a food shortage does not ration food unless if it wants to cause a revolution and/or erode the trust of their investors. The only reasonable way to ration food is if there is a major food shortage, usually caused by a poor agricultural output. The threat of their military would look like a paper tiger instead as their soldiers would end up defecting possibly to a much more democratic, prosperous and free nation like Erinor and Sereva or Thalapadis and their industry would cripple in itself eventually like a tactical suicide boss. However, I would argue that this does not justify ignoring the consequences or even potential consequences that Humania would have over the region. The fact alone that Humania wishes to even use chemical weapons and other war-crime-causing weapons in normal, let alone defensive, warfare is unfathomable and cannot be overshadowed by the weaknesses of Humania in a possible battleground and in peacetime. Even if it shows that Humania is Cordilia’s incoming tactial suicide boss, we cannot say for sure that with these types of equipment that they will fall, for they will use any method, even illegal ones to improve their leverage.

Overall, I believe that we must take action first before it is too late, as neighbours on the Cordilian continent. We must completely isolate Humania and cut off all relations to the Humanian dictatorship. We must destroy their wrecked economy further to give them even less money to spend on these terroristic machines. We must take advantage of their food shortage to get them to spend money away from these terroristic machines. All of this, until Humania agrees to abide by international law, try to be good neighbours at all, and help out their peoples more holistically rather than impulsively or the bare minimum. We need to stop this looming illegal threat before it is too late, for even if they are dysfunctional, there is a saying that “a bruised gun may shoot twice”.

Yet again, this is just my opinion. This will not be completely feasible. I do not expect an action from the international community to completely tear down Humania before they tear their neighbours down. I may also be very wrong, or even too interventionist for my own good. I might even change my mind if things go out of my expectations. However, at this point of time, with the information I have, I am inclined to share my current opinion that yes, Humania is a threat. Over to you, reader, let us all, the community, debate about it. Maybe then, we can find something concrete and objective, rather than subjective and possibly short-sighted like this opinion article.

Wilhelmine Vogt, Ostselvatia
Dec, 18, 2022, 3:21PM

Notice: This is an opinion article written by a BVP journalist. This does not reflect the views of the BVP in any shape or form. Check your sources before making a decision.


* Anton Brauer fails to get Fedinschtag majority approval
* CCI releases software patch on speculated CPU security loophole
* UPRAN warns nations who threatened aggression towards Humania


besern-bap-logoshort Besernian Amalgamated Press
Digital Edition

New Housing Standards mandated by 2030
* To further incentivise a fall in house prices and the commodification of housing, an act by the Fedinschtag is effective immediate after today at midnight.
* Through this, the Besernian Minister for National Development hopes that this will help create new solutions to key issues in the nation and abroad, as well as encourage new innovation.

* A neighbourhood in Mundhagen, a city in Phallehaven.

The Besernian government has decided to further incentivise a fall in house prices and the commodification of housing by officially mandating every house by 2030 to conform with the New Housing Standards.

These standards include a minimum house size of 80m^2, a minimum population density of around 50-100 people/km^2 in central and developed districts in metropolitan counties and cities, and a ban on overcrowding, with the amount of bedrooms and accommodation of its beds corresponding with the maximum amount of allowed permanent occupants of a dwelling.

A complete wipe-out of NIMBY culture in Besern is also mandated through initiatives like street voting that can be initiated by the municipality, should residents find the design of a new residential development unpalatable, and an education campaign nationwide on the commodification and the need for housing. Furthermore, construction companies are also encouraged to build houses conforming to government and popular interest, with a tax break on every house built, sold to and rented to a new tenant.

Lastly, existing projects not meeting these standards must be renovated or demolished, and if the latter, its contents recycled, where feasible, with a system of offsets managed by the Ministry of National Development, where new developments can be reserved for affected residents to facilitate this endeavour. Projects meeting the standards, which must also conform to safety guidelines, may not be demolished without the consent of the Ministry of National Development.

The Chancellor has stated in a press conference that he hopes “by helping solve the housing crisis, which our Federal Diet has deliberated on as the most extreme national priority, we do hope sincerely that our nation can be even more prosperous, that our economy is lifted from its burden and as a result, we can focus on what our humanity is built for.”

A member of the public has expressed outrage at this endeavour this morning, stating “…but I want to sell my house, then what now? I won’t get my money!” However, another showed her happiness at it, speaking that “now, I can finally get a house with this that can allow me to live my life! Perhaps, with that, I can finally get a boyfriend and have kids!”

Werna Innsbrucken, Brient
October, 6, 2023, 11:15PM

* 10 people arrested for attempting to overthrow the Nordfhrient state government
* Trouble in Romordia again; what you need to know
* Date of court hearing for Nordfhrient mayor announced


besern-bap-logoshort Besernian Amalgamated Press
Digital Edition

Government set to wipe-out almost all taxes by 2030
* The Fedinschtag has unanimously agreed on a new fiscal policy that would replace existing taxes with land value and pollution taxes, based on the Geoist philosophy.
* The Government has assured that “this will not cut away current social programmes that keep our people productive and happy”.

* The Treisag Exchange (TEX), a popular stock market among Besernian companies like Voigt, celebrating the new fiscal policy laws. Photo by Kurt Strauss-Mann.

After a long deliberation that crossed into the early hours of the morning, the Fedinschtag has unanimously passed the Fiscal Reform Act, which will completely overhaul Besernian inland revenue policy by 2030.

All taxes will be abolished by 2030, except for taxes on pollution and the extraction of natural resources. The taxes that are to be abolished on Abolition Day, on January 1st, 2024, are the income tax, property tax, value-added tax, environment tax, sugar tax, tobacco tax, corporation tax, payroll tax, National Insurance tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, payroll tax and the stamp duty.

At the same time, three new taxes will be introduced, with the Geoist philosophy becoming legally-binding; The land value tax, on the unimproved value of land, which will be set at 100% of the land’s value and is re-calculated every fiscal quarter and whenever a new property is built on it, the carbon pricing tax for facilities directly emitting at least 25,000 tCO2e of greenhouse gases annually, starting at BES33.70/tCO from 2024 and set to increase to BES108.00/tCO by 2030, and the pollution tax, an economic rent on pollution other than those of the atmosphere, implemented gradually for all relevant industries by 2025, starting with the mining and fossil fuels industry.

A new Citizens’ Dividend is also being introduced for all citizens, expected to be around BES4,300.00 for each, for budget surpluses, calculated and distributed monthly by the Federal Government, to be given out in cheques that can be withdrawn for cash. Prisoners will recieve these Dividends, but not use them in institutions, rather as an accumulated lump sum upon their release. Cheques will be issued on the first day of every month, and will expire on the last day of thereof.

The new Citizen’s Dividend will be first avaliable on Abolition Day.

Calculations, accounts and formulae used are legally-mandated to be transparent and avaliable to all, and will be subject to intense scrutiny, with enforcement powers extended to the existing National Corruption Investigation Service.

The move has been widely acclaimed by Besernians from across the political and social spectrum, even causing a late-night LGBTQ+ rights march in Zersbach to interrupt their campaign to sing the Besernian anthem, and the CEO of Voigt writing on Stream that “The best time for this was 203 years ago. The second best time for this is now. Let all flourish regardless in concord.”

A landlord, interviewed recently by Zweitstadt Rundfunk, has stated “well, I see lower profits, and more work to do. I understand, though. Nobody will buy property if they are drowning, anyway. I don’t want to cause an uprising. Also, less taxes; fun!” However, another stated that “I was firmly against this bill, but I can’t do anything against it now. Times have finally changed. At least the dividends will protect me. I know, deep down, this is best for the people, for all of us.”

A 25-year old university student, when interviewed by the BVP, exclaimed “this is literally [sic] free money generator for all of us, more money for the Government too, no exploits, perfectly balanced. I approve!”

Magda Furhedotte, Zweisaubach
Dec 3, 2023, 03:07AM

* “The Federal Republic exists”, Obermaluhe mayor reiterates
* Izaakian Medical University opens new institute in Blancopolis
* Immigration skyrockets with recent new policy, and its effects