Assembly Resolution on Local Council Reform Efforts

Assembly Resolution on Local Council Reform Efforts

A resolution to set deadlines and consequences for Local Council reform efforts

The Assembly of the Coalition of the South Pacific,

Recognizing the Charter mandate of the Local Council to “encourage activity on the gameside, and administrate itself on issues unique to the in-game community”,

Concerned that the Local Council has historically fallen short of meeting this goal,

Noting as evidence for this the generally thoughtless and “spam” nature of most activity on the regional message board, the lack of initiative by Local Councillors in hosting regional events or media on gameside, the lack of broader legislative or executive activity on the gameside, and the lack of motivation or political energy stemming from the regional message board to rectify these flaws,

Hoping that the Local Council can address these issues itself, thus maintaining the general principles of gameside self-determination, while resolving issues which affect the prosperity of the entire regional community,


  1. Requests that the Local Council enact meaningful reform, within the March-July 2022 term, that generates a suitable gameside governance structure and substantially addresses the shortcomings identified in this resolution.
  2. Declares intent to consider an amendment to the Charter to abolish the Local Council, should meaningful reform not be successfully enacted within the requested date.