Amendment to the Community Guidelines: Harassment

Pursuant to Charter XII.3, the Administration Team will be adding the following provision to the Community Guidelines and is providing notice to the Assembly for a one-week review and comment period:

Harassment: Persistently contacting another player when this is unwanted or otherwise undesired on their part. Just because we share a region that doesn’t mean we all are going to be friends, and if someone doesn’t want to talk to you and makes it clear that they want you to leave them alone you need to do so.


I do have a question, how will this be resolved on a strictly gameside basis. We can block people or report them to NS mods already, is this supplement to those incidents?

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This doesn’t change anything about the moderation process, we’re only adding one offence that had been unintentionally omitted. I’m on my phone so I can’t check easily, but I imagine there’s a standard process that’s followed to handle gameside moderation on our side?

After going over the guidelines, you’re correct that we don’t cover harassment as an individual incident, but we do cover bullying for some reason. I’ve already let the other rmb mods know about this so we’ll be ready for a change.

A sensible addition. I have no issues, especially given its recent applicability.

I agree with this one percent!!

The required 1-week period for comments having passed, this amendment has been incorporated to the Community Guidelines.