A1-0 Low Hanging Fruit

Stuff that doesn’t fit into the domain of the map or is a meme and you have nowhere to post it

To post freely instead of being yelled at to quit talking in the Map of Sector A1-0



your “consentual union” is little more than a power play to dominate the sector, and will lead to your demise


Discord channel moment

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why, power will be shared equally amongst all rulers, of which half will be colestian. This is a power grab, yes, but for both of us

What you fail to realize is that you ending your sovereignty will ultimately result in an unequal power dynamic between the two powers, of which you are the lesser

This is not a win win for you, this is a win loss, and the integration you seek will see you lose your culture, military and economic independence

Colestia never had military independence

Again, the COE isn’t two powers under a unified cause, it’s one united power

If you gotta talk, at least know what you’re saying

If I’m correct and this is how it works

In theory

I go to chat with Colestia, 21 ABT (COE forms)

You can pop in and tell me to fuck off from former colestian territory at any time

Or do the former governments retain their sovereignty and are allowed to do things on their own

Because I read this as a Supernation Union whereby the nations inside still have some authority over themselves (I.e The ability to Secede after a period of time)

Please correct me if im wrong

Is this ic dislike of COE or irl dislike of COE?

Oh, no lol

The COE isn’t a union of nations, it’s a Single MetaEmpire ruled over by five S5 Archailects

While there are tens of thousands of individual subpolities inside the COE, and therefore tens of thousands of local and regional governments with plenty of autonomy, the COE is ruled over directly by the Archailects

Like, Colestia and Galactya don’t exist as single nations anymore, but simply as administrative volumes of space

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Hope this clears up any confusion

Also, the five Archai will be:

2 of Galactyan Origin

2 of Colestian Origin

1 whose origin we still have to decide

So really, there is no IC or OOC power imbalance


Field trip time?


I mean, if you have some ideas, I’d be happy to hear them

I know it’s probably not what you meant with this, but I wouldn’t be opposite to Hexadecimal either becoming one of the S4 Princes of the COE, or being expanded and being one of the Pentavirate’s members

Of course, this would mean that you too would be part of the collaborative project lol

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I mean, 20 ABT is about the time of the Colonian civil war (since I decided to move it forward)

Moving Hexadecimal would be a practical decision, and they already like Galactya. Plus, as the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

It’s a little jank, and a little too wonky to make sense on COE’s end, but if you can’t think of anything better the idea’s out there

Not really, actually

By that I mean that it would make sense

The COE works in such a way that anyone can become part of it, as long as they fit the right requirements or/and are willing to fit into them

This includes single entities

The Pentavirate would be more than happy to make Hexadecimal part of the family, and I’d be more than happy to make you part of the project :]

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It’d be interesting, although obviously I wouldn’t be nearly as involved as you or Mila. Obviously, Hexadecimal wouldn’t be some sort of sleeper agent or anything, and I imagine Hexadecimal stays in COE after the war finishes.

Hexadecimal has always been out of place personality-wise in Colonus anyway

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Damn, I used obviously twice within the span of two sentences

Yeah, that would be the idea

Also, it would take centuries, but we could relocate Hexadecimal’s star