A Statement on Concord


Citizens, allies, and other concerned parties:

During the major update of 24 March 2024, the forces of several raiding militaries attacked our allies in The League and Concord. Without justification, the forces representing Astoria, The Black Hawks, the Brotherhood of Malice, Lair of the Dragon, Osiris, Sparkalia, and Warzone Trinidad invaded Concord and unlawfully removed the recognized native delegate of the region.

Concord is a Recognized Protected Region under Annex III of the Aegis Accords, a treaty of which the South Pacific is a party and founding member. Additionally, The League is a treatied ally of the Coalition under the Fellowship of Llamas and Eagles and the Coalition of the South Pacific recognizes Concord as a lawful territory of The Republic of the League. The Coalition of the South Pacific unequivocally condemns this breach of an allied region’s sovereignty and is in active communication with The League and Concord about how to best support them following this attack.

Beyond giving our support for our ally, there are lessons learned from this invasion concerning our security. By targeting an ally of the Coalition, the aggressor regions have confirmed something that the Coalition has long suspected, which is that they are a threat to the Coalition and have no reservations about undermining our security and community. If we do not consider this as a warning shot, we would be making ourselves willfully ignorant to the reality of the ongoing conflict between raiderdom, led by the Brotherhood of Malice, and our allies and the place we risk finding ourselves within it.

As such, all members of the following regions are issued a full proscription under the provisions of the Proscription Act, in addition to any currently standing proscriptions issued previously:

  • Astoria
  • The Black Hawks
  • The Brotherhood of Malice
  • Lair of the Dragon
  • Osiris
  • Sparkalia
  • Warzone Trinidad

This proscription will take effect one week from the issuance of this statement. All members of these regions who are also members of the South Pacific may choose to either divest themselves of membership in the proscribed regions, or will otherwise be subject to the proscription and all associated consequences therein.

This proscription may seem broad but all of these regions have chosen to make their political, military, and cultural infrastructure into pliable pawns in the Brotherhood of Malice’s unmitigated and unprovoked assault on our allies and friends. Moreover, it has long been clear that the divisions between many of these regions are closer to fiction than reality, and this invasion further demonstrates this. We in the South Pacific deeply value the commitments we have made in the Aegis Accords, wholeheartedly support this multiregional Defender alliance, and will always provide support for our allies.

Consistent with the 2019 Resolution on Adopting Defending Military Principles and Article 4 of the Aegis Accords, the Coalition respects and cherishes the sovereignty of all innocent regions within NationStates and commits to the protection of these regions, which especially includes those closest to us.

Faithfully yours,
The Prime Minister and Council on Regional Security


Quick question, due to the transient nature of Warzone government, how does the proscription of Warzone Trinidad work? Or, any Warzone? If the government of Warzone Trinidad changes are they proscribed? For instance, a raid or voluntary withdrawal? Does this mean that anyone who takes over Warzone Trinidad in the future is proscribed even if they pose no threat to and have taken no action against The South Pacific or its allies?

Edit: Also does the proscription of Osiris include those who are residents because they refounded in Osiris? For instance, does this mean if I refound my nation and don’t move it out of Osiris I can be removed from TSP?