[2414.AP] Looking at Assembly policy with debate threads

Hello all, I thought I would make this thread as a place to continue with the light discussion taking place within the #government-discussion channel on the Discord server. I would like to hear the views of legislators on potentially prohibiting/restricting the ability of non-legislator citizens to voice their opinions and speak within debate threads outwith the restricted Private Halls category within the Assembly sub-forum.

Please let me know your thoughts on this potential change.

Legislators should be able to petition the Chair to make a topic open only to legislators to post, and the Chair should have discretion in how, if ever, they would do that.

The Assembly should abide by longstanding tradition and continue to allow all members of the Coalition to post within the public areas of the Assembly.

If we wish to make a thread legislator only, it should be contained within the private halls.


What Griffindor said.


I struggled to understand the topic title, but in any case I’m not sure I see a reason why non-legislators should be denied access.

Thanks to all who have shared their views thus far, I was simply wanting to hear from other legislators with regards to their opinions on this. I personally do not have any preference. The link to the original question on the server can be found here.


I’m with Griffindor on this one.


I’ll also add my support for Griffindor’s comment.