[2348.DE] Correction in the Charter

I just noticed a small error:

Is this something the Chair could fix pursuant to their discretionary authority to “correct typographical errors, grammatical errors, naming or formatting inconsistencies at any time, as long as these corrections do not alter the original intent of the law”?


It’s a good question, I’m sure it is.
@Cryo, can you make this change?

Chair of the Assembly

Correct, that is something I can fix. Note that for discretionary edits, the debate (“comment”) period is 3 days long, instead of the 5 usual for a constitutional amendment.

I totally forgot about this, so since it’s been more days than necessary, I move this to a vote!

Chair of the Assembly

I knew I was forgetting something. Would you rather move it to vote or have me edit it?

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We have a mechanism for discretionary edits on formatting… we might as well use it. :wink:

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You can edit, it’s better and faster :stuck_out_tongue:

Chair of the Assembly | Correction in the Charter Done

This has been corrected.