[2335.AB] Amendment to Art. VIII of the Charter

Greetings to the Assembly,

I am bringing forward the following amendment to the Charter as a means of rectifying an ambiguous legal scenario we may find ourselves in, in light of the recent State of the Assembly.

I’ve removed the requirement for maintaining a nation in the South Pacific since that comes automatic with legislator status. Honestly, we should have a discussion on security reform anyways, but better off having that in the Private Halls.


I am a bit hung up on the “continuously maintaining” language. I gather it is meant to require that the members of the CRS maintain legislator status throughout their time serving on the CRS, not simply have served six consecutive months as a legislator at some point? As I read it, the draft language does make that requirement more clear, but I wonder if we could make it even more straightforward? What about something like this:

I’ll admit that’s a bit of a belt and suspenders approach, but I was aiming to remove any ambiguity whatsoever.

Generally, I favor brevity in our laws (especially given how clunky the rest of the CRS’s article reads), but that language definitely works for me.

Maybe I’m just being a bit dumb but I’m not seeing what ambiguity you’re addressing with that. Can you elaborate?

Do CSS members lose their position when they lose legislator status?

Yes, before and after, though Welly’s draft makes it truly unambiguous that they must, imho.

Just a note that I have included these amendments, in somewhat modified form, in the most recent voter registration proposal in 2333.AB. Further explanation is included in that thread.

I think it is a sensible amendment. Though, I think I would still like to see a formal recall take place.

Recalls are always possible for any official as per Charter Article X, so it doesn’t need to be specifically enumerated elsewhere.

I move that Welly’s amendment to Article VIII of the Charter be brought to a vote.

I believe Welly said the changes were included in the voter reform omnibus if you wanted to motion that instead!

Beat me to it! Was just about to propose the same. The changes are included in that proposal and are modified to account for the decoupling of legislator status from citizenship.

I’ll rescind this motion, then.