[2327.CN] Cabinet Shuffle

Greetings to the Assembly.

Due to RL concerns and a restructuring of the government’s priorities for the region, I am announcing the following changes:

Ministers @maluhia, @Griffindor, and @Pronoun will be stepping down from their current posts. I’d like to thank them for their service and their dedication to the Cabinet and the Coalition over the past few months, and wish them all the best in their future roles, whatever they may be.

I am nominating @HumanSanity to serve as Minister of Regional Affairs, reviving the title and merging the former ministries of Culture and Engagement back into one. They will be continuing the mentorship program as started by Minister Griffindor, as well as spearheading a more regular schedule of culture events both on the forums and on the RMB. To the latter point, we intend to form a task force to handle the gap left by the dissolution of the Local Council, so stand by for further details.

I am also nominating @Amerion as Minister of Foreign Affairs. While not as prominent in the Coalition these days, their dedication to our government is steadfast, and I hope to have their skills and advice in any other FA situations that might emerge during the term that I might not be experienced enough to deal with.

My agenda for the rest of the term can be easily summarized by a simple phrase: looking inward. Our integration needs heavy work, our activity needs a shock to the heart, we will be looking into possible recruitment avenues in light of the loss of half of our spawns with the Frontiers update, and we continue to need to grapple with the state of our community, and have a frank and thorough discussion about what our culture and values currently are, what we want them to be, and how we get there.

Until then, we’ll continue to keep working. We are standing by for any questions. Pending no objections, I intend to move both of these nominations to vote together.


Hi. Thanks to the PM for their trust in me as Minister and I look forward to answering questions from the Assembly. I also look forward to doing the job.

Here are the items on my agenda for this term:

  • RMB task force. After the Great Council, responsibility for the RMB has been transferred to the executive government. I will create an open “RMB task force” which will be responsible for planning polls and primarily RMB-oriented events. It won’t have a rigid structure or membership. We’ll continue the SwanVision event the LC has already started and I’ll personally oversee to make sure we have a poll rotation ongoing and that we promote it both on and off-site.
  • Forum events. That doesn’t just mean “do an idea we’d do on Discord (like a Theme Thursday) but just on the forum instead”. Long-form writing, debates/discussions, book clubs, art sharing, spam games, etc. are genuinely suited to a forum format. I’ll personally do at least 1 forum event, maybe 2 if there’s time/energy.
  • Continuing mentorship. Griffindor will be retained as the Mentorship Coordinator. There’s an ongoing internal discussion in MoE about how to improve the existing program, I’ll allow that discussion to play out and work with Griffindor to incorporate those changes.
  • Engagement infrastructure. Ideally, we’ll revamp our Dispatches a bit and I’d like us to have API telegrams going out to new nations as they hit certain landmarks (e.g. a second day of logins, joining the WA, posting on the RMB, etc.) to encourage them to get involved with more parts of the region. Ideally, I also think we should recruit from new nations just as UCRs always have, given we’re now little more than a Frontier - but that will require infrastructure development and would require MoFA buy-in. Development of these ideas is beyond my skillset, but I’ll try to prod those projects along where possible.
  • Discord events. If extra time, it won’t be a priority, and we’ll be keeping it casual.
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I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I received while serving in your Cabinet. I would also like to express my gratitude for the chance I was given to serve the Coalition, and I know that both HumanSanity and Amerion will be talented and dedicated ministers.

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I move the nominations of HumanSanity and Amerion to vote.

I second the motion to vote

Already noted this in leglounge, but just for posterity:

I do find both appointments to be fitting. This includes HS’ appointment - though the issue here is of course that much of what happened recently wrt TNP very much involved HS, and they resigned over it. I expect (based on my experience) that had Cabinet reached out to TNP beforehand, not to seek permission but to inform them and keep them in the loop and give appropriate assurances, this wouldn’t have been much of an issue. However, this appears to not have happened, and TNP is (based on what can be seen on the NSGP forum) rather miffed about it, which is quite unfortunate.

I also suspect those South Pacificans that want the Aurora Alliance to end are a vocal minority, and our Prime Minister affirmed that this is not his intent either.

That all being said, yes I should have said something a few days ago.

I’d also like to put into the record that I do support the appointment of these two fine individuals.

However, I would have liked to see separate confirmation votes for them. When I drafted the omnibus changes, the plan when I was drafting was for separate confirmation votes on each candidate.

The rationale was that the appointment shouldn’t be a rubber stamp to allow less qualified ministers to squeeze through with other more qualified ministers. Similarly, since each PM would appoint different “ministers of X” with varying responsibilities, the confirmation of each minister individually allows the assembly to further comment (and provide oversight) on the direction of the appointment.

Also, just from a historical perspective, we never have had a joint nomination (that I can remember) that only had one vote for all candidates.

I’d like the Assembly’s comments on this, and, if needed, a new thread should discussion result in tweaks to the law being created.

As a matter of process, I agree with Griffindor going forward. This case is a decent example since it seems there’s a reason which (now at least) has been explained to vote against my nomination but none for Amerion’s.

I use they/them.

I don’t personally mind if the confirmation vote is unified or separate, and I was inclined to have both in a single vote as a matter of keeping the total vote count we need to keep track of to a minimum, but I did state my intention to do this in the OP, and would like to see that move forward no matter which way the vote is handled.

My apologies.

Is Cabinet talking to TNP about this?

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Yes, we are. Not a lot of momentum given yesterday was Mother’s Day in the US, but I’ll have something to update the Assembly soon on.

This cabinet appointment was passed by the Assembly, and the debate thread is being closed per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 9.

Topic reopened. Per legislator request.

Hi, I know I’m being annoying. Any news?

Nothing so far. Time zones continue to be a pain for any hope of a quick resolution.

Alright. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, I know a thing or 500 about FA.

We’ve issued a statement here and will continue to execute our plan for rectifying the situation. Amerion and I are here to answer questions, on the understanding that it might take a bit of time to get an answer due to time zones.

I appreciate the statement. Is TNP satisfied with it?

From a government-to-government standpoint, I believe both parties are in agreement with its satisfactory nature.

I couldn’t care less if they found it satisfactory or not.