[2326.AB] Delegate Election Rescheduling Amendment

I never said I was perfect, and I accidentally left out a couple of changes in the Omnibus Bill that need to be fixed! Please don’t sue me!

Basically; I forgot to sync Delegate elections to every other PM election, and I missed one reference to a “Minister of Defense,” Oops! The amendment also slightly restructures the delegate election timing to match the PM date and duration of the election.


Amendment 1:

Amendment 2:

I’d also like to see Chair elections brought back, for a May and November election cycle.

EDIT: Proposed change below. We could probably do with a total rewrite of the Elections Act, if an enterprising soul would like to, as an aside.

(1) Eight days before the first of every May and November end of a Chair’s term, the Assembly will convene to elect the Chair of the Assembly.

Added, also clarified the vacancy in office provision for the Chair. Included an optional election mechanism.

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I think for a vacancy in the Chair, we can just use the same system we do for the PM. If more than half remains, it’s another normal election to serve out the term, if less than half remains, it replaces the next regular election.

I mean, honestly, I don’t see an issue with the current system for Chair of the Assembly elections. Is there a reason why these changes have to be the same amendment? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not necessarily :slight_smile:

Would there be interest in a competing vote?

I personally would be interested in a seperate bill.

The two amendments can be moved to a vote separately. It wouldn’t be a competing vote as the language does not overlap.

I have separated the amendment into two separate future amendment votes.

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I motion the amendments to two separate votes.

Second both motions.

We are now at a vote!

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These two amendments were both passed by the Assembly, and the debate thread is being closed per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 9.