2024 Keanu and Hurley Rugby Union World Cup (IC)

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Stadia announced for the 2024 Rugby World Cup.


Play-off Round for the Final World Cup Spot

Semi Finals

Weisserstein 40 vs. 27 Jazeera

In a highly anticipated Rugby World Cup Play Off semifinal, Weisserstein clashed with Jazeera in a thrilling encounter. Right from the kickoff, both teams displayed their determination to secure a spot in the final. Weisserstein took an early lead with some well-executed plays, putting Jazeera on the back foot. Despite Jazeera’s valiant efforts to claw their way back into the game, Weisserstein’s cohesive teamwork and strategic gameplay proved too much to handle. The match unfolded with intense back-and-forth action, but Weisserstein maintained their lead throughout the game, eventually emerging victorious with a final score of 40-27. Weisserstein’s impressive performance secured their place in the Rugby World Cup playoff final, much to the delight of their fans.

Fatiniyya 13 vs. 50 Khadar

In the other Rugby World Cup Play Off semifinal, Fatiniyya squared off against Khadar in a battle for a spot in the final. From the outset, Khadar asserted their dominance with a relentless display of skill and precision. Fatiniyya struggled to contain Khadar’s powerful attacks, finding themselves overwhelmed by their opponent’s offensive prowess. Despite Fatiniyya’s efforts to mount a comeback, Khadar maintained control of the match, maintaining a commanding lead throughout the game. In the end, Khadar emerged victorious with a resounding 50-13 win, booking their ticket to the Rugby World Cup playoff final. Khadar’s dominant performance showcased their status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of rugby, setting the stage for an exciting final showdown.

Rugby World Cup Playoff Final: Khadar 31 vs. 46 Weisserstein

In the highly anticipated Rugby World Cup Playoff Final, Khadar clashed with Weisserstein in a thrilling showdown to determine the ultimate champion. Both teams had displayed exceptional skill and determination throughout the tournament, and the final promised to be an electrifying contest.

From the opening whistle, the intensity was palpable as Khadar and Weisserstein left everything on the field. Khadar, known for their powerful offense, took an early lead with some impressive tries, putting pressure on Weisserstein’s defense. However, Weisserstein quickly countered with their own attacks, showcasing their speed and agility to close the gap.

As the match progressed, both teams exchanged blows, with momentum swinging back and forth. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric as fans from both sides cheered on their respective teams with fervor. Khadar continued to push forward with relentless determination, but Weisserstein’s defense held firm, thwarting their attempts to extend their lead.

In the second half, Weisserstein shifted into high gear, unleashing a flurry of scoring opportunities that left Khadar scrambling to keep up. Weisserstein’s precision passing and strategic plays proved to be too much for Khadar to handle, as they piled on the points to seize control of the match.

Despite Khadar’s valiant efforts to mount a comeback, Weisserstein maintained their composure and refused to relinquish their lead. In the end, Weisserstein emerged victorious with a final score of 46-31, clinching a place at the Rugby World Cup in a spectacular display of skill and determination.

The players and fans alike erupted into jubilation as Weisserstein celebrated their hard-earned victory, capping off an unforgettable tournament with a well-deserved triumph. The Rugby World Cup Playoff Final had delivered on its promise of excitement and drama, leaving a lasting impression on rugby fans across the nation.


Training camp locations for national teams at the 2024 K&H World Cup.

Ahead of the World Cup, officials from the Valkyria United Sports Coalition (Valkyria Forente Idrettskoalisjonh or Valfor) informed the team that cannabis and other legal drugs in Valkyria will have to be left behind before travelling to Montacia. The Valkyrian delegation and government officials have refrained from calling the Valkyrian national team's training camp "Just Say No" Stadium, opting to call it the training stadium instead.

Once more before stepping onto the team plane, which is operated by Valkluft, the team’s members were asked again to confirm that they did not have any drugs on them that could result in their arrest on Montacia. Two players and one coach relinquished a bag of edibles, a Grønn vaporiser, and a pack of diced psilocybin mushrooms to the National Police. Another player affirmed that they did not have any drugs on them and stepped on the plane, but they were in possession of a box of coca tea bags, unknowing that they too were illegal where they were heading.

The Valkluft plane that the national team is taking was designed for use by Valfor and the national team, regardless of sport. An all-black plane with blue and white stripes, it is one of the largest planes that Valkluft operates, a plane designed for champions. The plane can fit an entire Olympic team, but this flight needed only the rugby union national team with space for Valkyrian sports journalists and some government officials.

Culture Minister Jón Antonsson was headed to Montacia with the national team, representing the Valkyrian government while on the trip. If the national team makes it to the final, we will see the jarlskona and prime minister travel to Montacia to personally attend the final. Until then, it will just be the culture minister, but this was an opportunity to see Valkyrian soft power at play for the first time this decade.


Groups for the 2024 K&H World Cup Announced


The International Rugby Union Federation (IRUF) has released a statement that it has received formal complaints about doping, and will be launching a probe. With every player in the RUWC being tested for prohibited substances before the opening games.


Keanu and Hurley Release the Home Kit Design


Scandal hits the Valkyrian Rugby Union Team as three players test positive for prohibited substances. The International Rugby Union Confederation have been quick to act and suspend the three players ahead of the opening game tonight.


The Rugby World Cup Trophy has been delivered to Keanu and Hurley by the Izaakian Rugby Association. The trophy will remain in a secure glass case in the Royal Keanuan Stadium for the duration of the tournament.


The 2024 Rugby World Cup opening ceremony begins at the Royal Keanuan Stadium, with the stadium going dark, and over the tannoy system King Keanu says “Kia Ora! and welcome to the 2024 Rugby World Cup!”.

The stadium then lights up with a spectacular light and drone show, the show is narrated by King Keanu and is the creation story of Keanu and Hurley, from the giant sea turtle on who’s back the islands sit on, though to the first humans emerging from the sea. The show includes mass choreography on field, all acting in unison.

The story carries on through conflict and strife, until one day, rugby is introduced to Keanu and Hurley, and provides a competitive and peaceful outlet for the many tribes of Keanu and Hurley.

Then the lights focus on the tunnel, where to quick drum beats King Keanu leads out the Keanu and Hurley national rugby team. Before suddenly, the music stops, except a single slow beating drum. Lights focus on the tunnel and out comes a lone figure, the Izaakian team captain Jok Pike, the captain who led the Izaakians to their World Cup victory in 2021. He is carrying the World Cup Trophy, and as soon as he steps onto the grass the drones light up as a trophy, being circled by two Izaakian sharks.

Jok Pike then hands the trophy to King Keanu who places the trophy onto a plinth. Jok Pike then stands there, a solitary figure as King Keanu leads the Kenauan Rugby Team, Hundreds of Keanuans who took part in the choreography, and thousands of Kenauans in the stands through the traditional Haka war dance. Historically this was done as ritual before any battle, and the aim is to intimidate the opponent into giving ground, this ritual has been adopted by the Kenauan rugby team, and is often seen as a potent psychological weapon.

As they perform the mass Haka, the biggest ever performed in history, they approach Jok Pike, edging closer until some of the Rugby team, and King Keanu are within inches of Jok Pike, but he does not give a millimetre. Once the Haka ends, there is a stand off, between who will be the first to step back from the Haka challenge that lasts for 3 minutes with ever increasing intensity of drum beats in the background, before King Keanu reaches out his arm and gives Jok Pike a firm handshake.

King Keanu then over the tannoy pronounces “Let the games begin!”, and the opening ceremony is over.


Group A - Sunday 8th

Keanu and Hurley 40 53 Hazelia
Hystaiga 17 37 Besern

Keanu and Hurley will be disappointed at losing the opening game of their home World Cup to Hazelia, however, after falling behind to Hazelia in the first half, they’ll be happy to have made such a strong comeback.

In the other group A game Besern confidently beat Hystaiga to put them join top of the group.

Group B - Sunday 8th

Izaakia 34 25 Valora
Emerald 39 19 Valkyria

World champions Izaakia are strong out of the box again in their opening match against Valora, however will be concerned at having conceded so many tries to the Valorans, who are a much weaker team.

Emerald made an impressive start to the campaign against Valkyria who are missing first team 3 players due to a doping ban.

Group C - Sunday 8th

Anserisa 24 43 Stoinia
Krauanagaz 22 13 N&GB

The 2021 World Cup finalists Anserisa will be devastated to lose so comprehensively to Stoinia, who have a fielded a strong young team for this World Cup.

In the other game Krauanagaz won a close game against N&GB, who will be disappointed not have gotten more points out of the game.

Group D - Sunday 8th

Brodlancia 46 43 Transsuneria
Ryccia 47 47 Aberstopia

Brodlancia were just as open in offence as in defence against Transsuneria, a team of their caliber should not be conceding so many points to Transsuneria, and the Brodlancians are lucky to have got away with a poor defensive display.

Likewise a very open game in the Ryccia Abserstopia game, ending in a very high scoring 47-47 draw, with the Ryccians scoring a penalty with the last kick of the game.

Group E - Monday 9th

Techganet 30 30 Vrigny
Eflad 35 23 Kalinskia

Techganet and Vrigny were slow out of the blocks, in what looked like a very slow game of attrition, in the end neither team managed to grind out an advantage.

Eflad brought a fast pace to their opening game and were rewarded with a victory over Kalinskia.

Group F - Monday 9th

Sedunn 20 34 Ikoania
Yttria 32 51 Myria

The Sedunnic team look to have lost their nerve and fitness in their opening game against Ikoania, they were categorically outmatched by the Ikoanians, and if they don’t improve fast they will be going home empty handed.

Conversely Myria looked like a formidable team when they thrashed Yttria 51-32.

Group G - Monday 9th

Montacia 35 48 Sallodesia
Akarina 30 46 Fauderland

The Montacian All Blacks looked once again without coherence within the team, and the Sallodesians took advantage. The Sallodesians will be expecting to go top of the group now they’ve dispatched their biggest opponents.

Fauderland pulled ahead of Akarina in their game, and it’s fair to say the Akarinan team looked distracted by events off the pitch.

Group H - Monday 9th

Frost Empire 37 50 Tigon (Ryccia)
Mitallduk 32 50 Weisserstein

The Frost Empire brought their unique and typical fast paced rugby to the opening game, however the Tigon team were far too physical for the Frosties, and caused a lot of injuries on their way to victory.

Weisserstein continue their strong form from the qualifying rounds and beat a lacklustre Mitallduk.

Match Day 1 - Group Tables
Group A Points Group B Points
Hazelia 5 Izaakia 5
Besern 5 Emerald 4
Keanu and Hurley 1 Valora 1
Hystaiga 0 Valkyria 0
Group C Points Group D Points
Stoinia 5 Brodlancia 5
Krauanagaz 4 Ryccia 3
N&GB 1 Aberstopia 3
Anserisa 0 Transsuneria 2
Group E Points Group F Points
Eflad 5 Ikoania 5
Techganet 2 Myria 5
Vrigny 2 Yttria 0
Kalinskia 0 Sedunn 0
Group G Points Group H Points
Sallodesia 5 Tigon (Ryccia) 5
Fauderland 5 Weisserstein 5
Montacia 0 Frost Empire 1
Akarina 0 Mitallduk 0

Match Day 2

Group A

Keanu and Hurley 45 35 Hystaiga
Hazelia 51 36 Besern

Keanu and Hurley rack up their first home win against a weak Hystaiga, who after two games look like they’re going home in the group stage. The win put Keanu and Hurley on equal points with Besern who they will play in the final game, with the winner earning a spot in the knockout stage.

Hazelia continued their strong form against Besern, firmly dispatching the team and sealing their spot in the playoff rounds with a game to spare. They will face Hystaiga in the final game who they will be confident of beating.

Group B

Izaakia 16 23 Emerald
Valora 19 17 Valkyria

World champions Izaakia played a solid defensive game against Emerald, however the lack of creativity caused them to lose to Emerald who look like a team in much better form. Pundits are starting to wonder whether the team that has remained largely unchanged for 12 years and won 2 world cups is starting to get too old and slow.

Valora and Valkyria played out a very close game of attrition, with Valora holding onto the lead in the final minutes despite sustained pressure.

After 2 games in a group Izaakians were expected to win the group is wide open, with any of the top three teams able to qualify for the knockout stages.

Group C

Anserisa 17 30 Krauanagaz
Stoinia 29 32 N&GB

Krauanagaz put in a stunning display against the 2021 runners up Anserisa, their form in this World Cup has been spectacular and they deserve to be top of the group and qualify for the knockout stage. Conversely the Anserisa team have been a huge disappointment, they look out of shape and out of sync, and with 0 points after two games they now have no mathematical chance of progression.

N&GB managed to squeeze out their first win against an in form Stoinia in one of the most thrilling games of the group stages so far. Group C is wide open and any of the top 3 teams could reach the knockout stages.

Group D

Brodlancia 36 41 Ryccia
Transsuneria 30 32 Aberstopia

Ryccia knocked up their first win against the Brodlancian team in another close game. Group D looks by far the most difficult group, and the standard of rugby has been spectacular. After a close game between Transsuneria and Abseropia all 4 teams can progress into the knockout stages, and progression will be down to which two teams win in GW 3.

Group E

Techganet 34 36 Eflad
Vrigny 48 58 Kalinskia

Eflad edged out a close win against Techganet and have secured their place in the knockout stages with a game to spare. Techganet salvaged a point, will hope to progress after the final game.

Kalinskia and Vrigny had a high scoring open game, and in the end the Kalinskian offensive proved more effective.

In group E the bottom three teams will be fighting it out for second place, however playing an In-form Eflad in the final game Vrigny look least likely.

Group F

Sedunn 41 29 Yttria
Ikoania 25 33 Myria

Sedunn secured a routine win against Yttria in their game, taking their first win of the tournament. The Sedunnic team will be concerned that they are in jeopardy of being knocked out as they face in from Myria next.

Myria managed a respectable, if close win against Ikoania, and look certain to advance to the knockout stage.

Group G

Montacia 24 23 Akarina
Sallodesia 47 27 Fauderland

The Montacian All Blacks looked an absolute shambles in their win against Akarina, a team they should comprehensively thrash on a bad day. They were lucky to salvage a victory, and look a shadow of the team that won the World Cup 6 years ago. They’re now in the back seat in the race for a knockout space, and look like they’ll be knocked out in the group stages 2 world cups in a row.

Sallodesia put on a confident display, with the Kyboks making the Fauderland team look like amateurs. Now the less these two teams look most likely to progress, with Sallodesia already securing a space in the knockouts, and Fauderland facing an out of form Montacia.

Group H

Frost Empire 55 31 Mitallduk
Tigon (Ryccia) 30 32 Weisserstein

The pace of the Frost Empire team was too much for the Mitallduks, and despite their physical advantage, there was little they could do against the onslaught.

The tigon team were unlucky to lose to Weissertein who go top of their group after winning twice. With one game to go The Frost Empire, Tigon or Weisserstein could win this group.m

Match Day 2
Group A Points Group B Points
Hazelia 10 Emerald 8
Besern 6 Izaakia 6
Keanu and Hurley 6 Valora 5
Hystaiga 0 Valkyria 1
Group C Points Group D Points
Krauanagaz 8 Ryccia 8
Stoinia 6 Brodlancia 7
N&GB 5 Aberstopia 7
Anserisa 0 Transsuneria 4
Group E Points Group F Points
Eflad 9 Myria 10
Kalinskia 5 Ikoania 5
Techganet 4 Sedunn 5
Vrigny 3 Yttria 1
Group G Points Group H Points
Sallodesia 10 Weisserstein 9
Fauderland 6 Tigon (Ryccia) 6
Montacia 4 Frost Empire 6
Akarina 1 Mitallduk 1

Match Day 3

Group A

Keanu and Hurley 46 13 Besern
Hazelia 34 27 Hystaiga

Keanu and Hurley put a comprehensive offensive display against Besern who proved no match for the hosts, and managed to secure a place in the knockout stages.

In the other game Hazelia continued their strong form to edge out a win against Hystaiga, leading them to the top of group A.

Group B

Izaakia 45 13 Valkyria
Valora 43 37 Emerald

The Izaakian Sharks put in a dominant display against Valkyria, who haven’t looked an effective team since they lost 3 players on doping offences. The win is enough to put Izaakia top of the group.

Valora beat Emerald in the final game, and were unlucky not gain a position in the knockout stages. A missed conversion kick in the final minutes of the game by the Valoran team ultimately cost them a knockout place with Emerald going through on points difference.

Group C

Anserisa 53 43 N&GB
Krauanagaz 43 38 Stoinia

Anserisa finally showed up to the World Cup putting in a great display against N&GB, however they were too late to save their World Cup campaign, and will be going home bottom of their group in a great let down by the 2021 World Cup finalists. The effect of their win meant that N&GB also had no chance of promotion.

With the pressure off Krauanagaz and Stoinia fielded younger teams and put on quite a bash with the young Krauanagaz team edging through in the end.

Group D

Brodlancia 53 44 Aberstopia
Ryccia 42 37 Transsuneria

Brodlancians put in a strong offensive performance, however were let down defensively conceding a lot of points, they pulled through in the end to come second in the group.

In the other game Ryccia managed to grind to a victory against Transsuneria to go to the top of the group.

Group E

Techganet 37 39 Kalinskia
Eflad 37 25 Vrigny

In group E Kalinskia held on to their first half lead for a nail biting win against group favourites Techganet who will now go home empty handed.

Eflad put in a dazzling display against Vrigny and will go through the knockout stages with high expectations following a strong group stage.

Group F

Sedunn 27 36 Myria
Ikoania 10 50 Yttria

Sedunn lost to Myria and for the first time in history they haven’t advanced to the knockout stages, the head coach will no doubt not be around much longer.

In the other group game Yttria were dominant against Ikoania who went into the match expecting a win. The victory was enough for Yttria to proceed to the knockout stages.

Group G

Montacia 39 57 Fauderland
Akarina 43 38 Sallodesia

The Montacian all blacks lost to Fauderland looking beaten from the start. This is the second consecutive World Cup where the 2 time world champions have been knocked out in the group stages, expect heads to roll back in Montacia tomorrow.

Akarina put in a surprise win against Sallodesia who had already guaranteed promotion. The win proved too little for Akarina who have had a poor World Cup campaign.

Group H

Frost Empire 35 30 Weisserstein
Tigon (Ryccia) 60 23 Mitallduk

In the game to decide the group The Frosties pulled out a close win in a game of attrition against Weisserstein, and those points proved to be vital as the Frosties advanced on match points difference over Weisserstein.

In the other game Tigon knocked Mitallduk for six, leaving them looking dazed as they were truly outclassed. Tigon finished the group stages in first, and will advance ro the knockout stage.

Match Day 3
Group A Points Group B Points GD
Hazelia 15 Izaakia 11
Keanu and Hurley 11 Emerald 10 21
Besern 6 Valora 10 -1
Hystaiga 1 Valkyria 1
Group C Points Group D Points
Krauanagaz 13 Ryccia 13
Stoinia 8 Brodlancia 12
N&GB 6 Aberstopia 8
Anserisa 5 Transsuneria 6
Group E Points Group F Points
Eflad 13 Myria 14
Kalinskia 10 Yttria 6
Techganet 6 Ikoania 5
Vrigny 3 Sedunn 5
Group G Points Group H Points GD
Sallodesia 12 Tigon (Ryccia) 11
Fauderland 11 Frost Empire 10 16
Akarina 6 Weisserstein 10 15
Montacia 5 Mitallduk 1

Last 16 Fixtures

Hazelia Frost Empire
Izaakia Fauderland
Krauanagaz Yttria
Ryccia Kalinskia
Eflad Brodlancia
Myria Stoinia
Sallodesia Emerald
Tigon (Ryccia) Keanu and Hurley

Last 16
Hazelia 23 v 33 Frost Empire
Hazelia came into this game with strong form, and would have expected a better result than a 23-33 lost to the Frost Empire. They started strong, putting in two tries in the first half, using their physicality against a Frost Empire team that didn’t look quite connected up.

In the second half the Frost Empire came out of the blocks flying, and scored 4 tries in short succession, however only managed to convert two, showing a weak kicking game. In the end the Frost Empires speed and fitness levels proved too much for the Hazelia team who looked run ragged by the end of the 80 minutes.

Izaakia 39 v 43 Fauderland
World Champions Izaakia had a strong offensive game through-out the game scoring 3 tries and converting all three. Their kicking game would prove to be the strongest part of their game and they scored 4 drop kick points and 2 penalties.

However, their defensive game was what can only be described as shocking from the world champions, who are capable of much better. A Fauderland team which on paper is much weaker than Izaakia managed to take advantage of these weaknesses and scored 6 tries against a team that hasn’t conceded more than 3 tries in any competition for nearly a decade.

The Izaakians ultimately paid the price for their defensive mistakes and were knocked out of the World Cup for them. A lot of these players that have won two of the last three world cups won’t be seeing another tournament and will be disappointed to retire on such a low point.

Krauanagaz 41 v 46 Yttria
Yttria who rode their luck through the group stages, getting through on the last game with just one win in the group managed to pull off an upset against a formidable Krauanagaz who looked to be one of the hot picks for the tournament. The Krauanagaz game play was much stronger than that of Yttria and they managed to score 6 tries in the game, compared to 4 tries scored by Yttria.

In the end it was the Yttrian kicking game that got them through, they managed to create space to score 6 drop goals in the game and that is what pulled them through to the quarter finals.

Ryccia 41 v 34 Kalinskia
Ryccia is starting to look like a team that refuses to lose, they have a certain psychological advantage over their opponents in this tournament where they are just relentless. After falling behind to Kalinskia in the first half they managed to score 5 of their 6 tries in the last 15 minutes of the game, utilising a physical advantage against Kalinskia who will be disappointed that they didn’t manage to hold on to their lead.

Eflad 22 v 32 Brodlancia
Eflad looked like a team on stronger form coming into this game, however it now seems that they had an easy ride in the group stages. For the first time in this tournament they faced a world class team and they looked unable to respond to the Brodlancian offensive class.

From the start the Brodlancian team was comprehensively in control of the game, and the fact that Eflad managed to score a single try must be seen as a small ray of light for an Eflad team that is heading home.

Myria 13 v 31 Stoinia
In another one sided game the Stoinians managed to completely dismantle a Myrian team who barely showed up. By the end of the 80 minutes the Myrian team looked shell shocked, like they had been victim to a massacre.

Sallodesia 41 v 37 Emerald
Kyboks may be famous for kicking, but these Kyboks almost paid the price for an inability to complete a conversion. Of their 6 tries they only managed to convert 1 for the extra 2 points, and following that display one imagines their kicker won’t be playing the next game.

Despite a poor conversion rate, they Sallodesian display against the Emerald team was generally superior, however the gulf between the two sides was not as large as one would expect in what turned out to be a very open game. The Emerald team will feel hard done by after being knocked out, and the Kyboks will feel lucky to still be in it.

Tigon (Ryccia) 32 v 41 Keanu and Hurley
Keanu and Hurley have finally found some swagger against a Tigon team that looked a tad unsettled after the Haka performed against them by an entire stadium. In the first half the Keanuan team managed to score 4 tries, however only converted one.

Following the break the Tigon team seemed to have recovered their composure, clawing back two tries and scoring a respectable 6 drop kicks. However, this proved to be too little too late, and the Keanuan team looked to be enjoying themselves in an electric atmosphere scoring 2 more tries.


Quarter final fixtures

Frost Empire Fauderland
Yttria Ryccia
Brodlancia Stoinia
Sallodesia Keanu and Hurley