Z-Day Plans

Greetings. Let’s use this as the central topic to plan our Z-Day response. I’m going to list some of our past responses to the zombie apocalypse.

Z-Day 2021: Z-Day Discussions

Z-Day 2020: TSP Z-Day9 Recap and Awards

Years prior generally included a list of nations that contributed and awarded them with a commendation. We can do the same, perhaps with a medal if we can get a nice design done up in time.

Something I’ve thought about doing was a weekly dispatch showing the growing severity of the zombie threat until it hits in about 4 weeks’ time. A telegram would be too out there, I think, but that was the original idea I’m stealing from a much smaller region.

Seeking additional thoughts, before it gets a little too late in the month.


I think the idea of a growing severity has merit. Perhaps pinning dispatches would be best until the week before, then we start ramping up the hype for it with TGs.

Perhaps also making a symbolic cabinet order (by the incoming and outgoing cabinet, again highlighting severity) saying that we are appointing a zombie expert “who will have no use, because zombies could never take over and threaten the region”.

My initial two thoughts.

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Just a question: are we doing a Z-Day Recap and Awards write-up?

Considering we didn’t do anything to begin with, it would be bad form to just swoop in and claim “Hey great work you guys!!!”

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Do you think we should have done something? Maybe like change the WFE? Just wondering.

We could have, if someone came forward and took charge.

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