Your discussion (and guide!) to the US Midterms

Hey everyone! For those of who you don’t know, Election Day in the US is tomorrow. This election cycle, popularly known as the midterms, are the elections that come every two years after a President is elected. Although Presidential elections are seen as more important, the Midterms show elected officials (especially the ruling party) about how voters feel about the current state of the nation.

So…who’s running again?

Good question! Let’s break it down.

In Congress, there are two chambers, the Senate (upper), and the House (lower). Senators are elected every six years, and the US Senate is composed of 100 Senators, two from each state. The House of Representatives has 435 elected members (from states), with numbers varying depending on population on how many representatives actually represent a district in a state. Representatives are elected every two years. The Senate is a 50-50 split between Democrats (liberals, progressives) and Republicans (conservatives, even some extremists). The Democrats barely have a majority in the House. President Joe Biden is a Democrat.

This year, 34 Senators are up for re-election. All 435 US Representatives are additionally up for re-election.

However, there are still more races! In fact, there are plenty more! Including elections for statewide offices.

Every US state has a Governor. They are basically the President/Prime Minister of the state and serve in that capacity. This year, around 36 state Governors are up to be either re-elected or elected. They usually serve four-year terms, however, in Northern states New Hampshire and Vermont, they serve two-year terms.

Even more offices are having elections this year! They include prosecutors, officials dealing with elections, financial officers, mayors, councilors, state legislators, and more! They can even come down to your neighborhood.

So, let’s have a discussion! Who do you think is going to do well in the Midterms? What are some of your predictions? Feel free to post here, but let’s remember to keep it civil in all.

Whoever can correctly predict all Senate elections will get a special title on the forums and Discord acknowledging their genius.

And I have nothing better to do. So let’s get to it.


Alabama: Katie Britt
Alaska: Lisa Murkowski
Arizona: Mark Kelly
Arkansas: John Boozman
California: Alex Padilla
Colorado: Micheal Bennet
Connecticut: Richard Blumenthal
Florida: Marco Rubio
Georgia: will go into a runoff, Warnock to prevail
Hawai’i: Brian Schatz
Idaho: Mike Crapo
Illinois: Tammy Duckworth
Indiana: Todd Young
Iowa: Charles Grassley
Kansas: Jerry Moran
Kentucky: Rand Paul
Louisiana: John Neely Kennedy (jungle primary)
Maryland: Chris Van Hollen
Missouri: Eric Schmitt
Nevada: Adam Laxalt
New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan
New York: Chuck Schumer
North Carolina: Ted Budd
North Dakota: John Hoeven
Ohio: J.D. Vance
Oklahoma (regular): James Lankford
Oklahoma (special): Markwayne Mullin
Oregon: Ron Wyden
Pennsylvania: John Fetterman
South Carolina: Tim Scott
South Dakota: John Thune
Utah: Mike Lee
Vermont: Peter Welch
Washington (state): Patty Murray
Wisconsin: Ron Johnson

I think/hope Tom Malinowski is going to win the (senate?) race in New Jersey. Tom Kean Jr. doesn’t seem very well liked by many conservatives, so that may swing more favor over to the Democrats.

I think Malinowski is in the House, last time I checked. The district does look a little like a toss-up, maybe a lean Democratic. However, Malinowski in 2020 won versus Kean a slim 1.2%. That race for sure will be close (I’m not sure if the Census redistricting altered the boundaries).

I live in DC though. I’m excited to see our results pour in, however, we’re so liberal that the general elections are super competitive. However, one of the At-Large seats on our city council has a ton of well-known and respected Independents running and that will be interesting to watch.

it means that this published topic is to discuss the real elections of the United States :no_mouth: :dotted_line_face:

I’m scared of the US becoming a dictatorship, byt my hope is that the midterms shock everyone back into common sense in time for the 2024 presidential elections

I’m confused on what you wrote here.

Yes, hopefully we do not turn into a psychotic dictatorship, as our friend Max Barry likes to say on NationStates.

However, you, Legend, one of your nations on NS is New American Dictatorship…

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My second nation, and my main

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It sounds much better once you realise that my first nation, made mere hours before, is United Tribes of Moth

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Oh yes! I know that nation!

Oh? From the “daily glimmers of salvation” that were daily for two days and then stopped?

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As of now, I think all of my predictions are correct…

As far as I’m aware, Tom Kean Jr. won :sob:
Maybe next time we shouldn’t promote the crazies to high places. To many, party matters more than candidate.

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I saw about Kean Jr. Too bad they knocked out Malinowski. Redistricting has been a toll to both parties this year.

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Colorado’s 3rd and 8th have been :eyes: for me this entire day.

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Maybe Lauren Boebert’s time in the House could come to an end…

Wait. Let me rephrase that. Hopefully Lauren Boebert’s time in the House comes to an end.

And then for the 8th (newly drawn, correct?), I feel as if it could go any way.

Correct, this is the 8th’s first election. I was expecting this one to come down the wire and be super close, and thus far it has not disappointed. Boebert’s trailing Frisch was unexpected, however. (I’m represented by the 6th, so Jason Crow. He won handily.)

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Mid-terms are over now, it looks like we might have a tie for the house