You'll Fit Right In [3 ABT]

05/2743 A.D.

9281 BBT (?)

▆▆▆ Galaxy, ▆▆▆ Arm

Pacifica System, Xion

Xion in a stormy phase. The Pohjoinen Orbital Ring can be seen in the picture as well.


16th of May, 2743

The Mass Migration has finally come. Since the situation in the rest of the Solar System has been spiralling down for a while now, two decades ago the Empire has decided to leave the solar system in a titanic mass migration that will involve billions upon billions of souls.

Starting from the inner system and moving outwards all dominions of the Empire have been mostly depopulated, and every person who was willing to move (which was, quite luckily, most of the population) was transferred to orbital habitats, chandelier cities and aerostatic habitats here on Xion, which has been the Empire’s true heart ever since the mass migration from Old Kustannuksa on Pacifica in the 2200s.

Last week, the mass population transfers from the Xion habitats to the antimatter arkships that were built and are now docked at the Pohjoinen Orbital Ring. In a couple of hours, the transfer shuttles will start descending and gradually picking up the population here at Obhavni. Seeing how I’ve lived in this orbital city for my whole life, it will be hard to say goodbye to everything here, but I don’t regret my decision. Luckily for me, none of my family members or close friends have decided to stay in the system, so there was little hindrance and grief to my choice, especially compared to those who have seen their own parents and friends decide to stay.

So yeah, this is my goodbye to the Solar System, Xion and Obhavni. I’ve already packed all my stuff, and I’ll go meet my family at Princess Plaza in half an hour. The entire city is pretty much going to be on the same arkship (the Charathna, if I’m not mistaken), so my life probably won’t be changing THAT much, seeing how I’ll still be doing the same job and staying in touch with the same people. Still, it’s going to be hard for sure to adjust.


23th of May, 2743

The migration is going to start very soon! Everybody has been transferred to the arkships, who have just been detached from the Orbital Ring and moved into low-middle orbit. Tomorrow morning the entire fleet will be moving to high orbit, and starting the acceleration burn to exit the solar system. The burn will last for little less than 3 months, which will give us enough acceleration to reach a good fraction of the speed of light. Me and my family went to see the closest observatory with a couple of other friends to give a final good look to the solar system, and send the last few messages before departing.

My friend Kinolye sent a final goodbye message to her uncle who decided to stay in system on the Kavrasi habitat in orbit of Porea. She was crying while doing so, and her partner, Orlyon, was there to comfort her. I’m actually quite happy that they met when she was visiting his home orbital. They’re a crow provolve and she’s a tweak adapted for multi-gas respiration: in many places they would be quite an unusual match, but inter-species relationships have been common in the Empire and in many other polities for quite a while. Anyways, I’m very happy for both of them. They’re quite the match.

After that, we all went back to my parents’ new house to have dinner and watch some transmissions to pass the time. With the burn so close to happening, there’s a special countdown bar on every channel and transmission, even on public entertainment virches! We’ll all be here when the counter reaches zero, sitting down and holding hands (we were warned that the additional fractions of g given by the acceleration burn would prove to be a bit disorienting at first, so it was advised for everyone to sit down anywhere safe during the initial burn). Let’s hope that everything goes well.


26th of May, 2743

Well, everything sure went well! I gotta say, the last 30 minutes of the countdown were… intense, and the first minutes of the burn were a bit weird for my body to experience, but apart from that, everything went as smoothly as one could hope. We’ve been burning for more than two days now, and we’re already deep inside Hachiman’s Keep. Of course, I’m only talking orbit-wise, since being inside the belt with such an acceleration would be far too risky.

The view of the neon blue lines given off by the antimatter propulsion rockets is both majestic and haunting to look at, and from the few pictures we have received from those who remained on Xion, they definitely seemed to be a sight to behold even from below the atmosphere. Of course, while we can still technically communicate with Xion and the rest of the Solar System, the growing distance and relativistic time shenanigans will make it more and more difficult by the day. At least time won’t seem subjectively weird to us.

Earlier today I went into one of the public entertainment virches that the ships had, and looked at an interactive 3d model of the fleet, that showed the voyage’s trajectory and current ship data. Our interstellar trip to Lux Vicina, 4.2 light years from the solar system, will take approximately 18 years, which will however seem shorter to us as we travel at ever higher portions of the speed of light. Reason for which basically everyone, me included, is going to either go in complete nanostasis, or just put their physical bodies in nanostasis and upload themselves in the fleet’s computronium processing substrate. I think I’ll probably start with the upload option, but if I get bored I can just shut off for a while, or for the whole trip. Anyways, I think I’ll wait another week before doing that.


5th of June, 2743 AD

While consulting the arkship’s guide, I ended up finding a small baseline botanical garden in the guide’s map section. Since completely baseline plants weren’t exactly common on Xion, given the fact that most of them were gengineered to be more productive and resistant than they normally would have been, so I was curious enough to see the place for myself. I followed the guide’s directions through my DNI and after walking for no more than 20 minutes, I arrived at the place.

The botanical garden was “squished” between two large residential buildings, and could only be accessed through a relatively unassuming yet clearly illuminated entrance. I looked though the door’s glass pane and saw nobody inside, so I went in and wandered around the place for a bit. Compared to the gardens at Khonroi Plaza or near the Rinta Residential Block, this one was quite small, only being a few rooms big. However, I think that actually made it more so enjoyable, since it felt more cozy compared to the beautiful yet overcrowded major gardens. After looking some of the plants up close and taking some snapshots through my retinal scanner, I sat down on a comfortable cushioned bench and relaxed.

I stayed there for a whole hour, and I have to admit, it was quite the nice experience. Who knows, maybe I would have thrived living on a large prairie on Pacifica. Staying in a cozy little cottage, in the middle of flowering fields. Yes, that would have been nice.


26th of June, 2743 AD

Now that an entire month has passed since we first departed, I have to say that things have been going pretty great so far! Life on the Charathna has turned out to be just as good as my old life on Xion. Despite that, I’m still going to enter nanostasis in a couple of weeks, considering the fact that now more than 75 % of the arkship’s population has already done so, and things have been getting a little stale. I’ve already reserved a pod next to the ones my family has reserved or is already using. At first, I’m planning on coupling the nanostasis with an upload so I can spend time in the ship’s virches at my own rate of time. If I get bored of that (which I doubt, but whatever) I’ll just enter full nanostasis and “sleep” for the rest of the journey.

Apart from that, these past week has actually been pretty eventful for me! Me and my good friend Amand, an elephant provolve I’ve known for a couple of years, went together to a small dance festival in Phrabitia Plaza. We both coordinated our outfits (as much as possible, since our physiological differences kind of make that difficult) and wore pink sportswear, and just went out there and had fun! They were playing Holeph music, which I’m not really used to especially for dancing, but it was fun nonetheless. I even asked another person at the festival to take a picture of us, and I have got to say, it really did come out looking great. Maybe I should have worked on my dreads more, but hey, you do what you can.

A very old vec had even prepared a lot of dishes and traditional foods from late Information Age Pacifica, all the way back in the 2100s. While it was all very palatable, I admit that it felt weird to eat such ancient foods so casually. On the other hand though I ate a sandwich just yesterday, and that is an extra millennium old. I suppose it’s because they’re so common and simple? I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that.


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