[WIP] First Prime Ministerial Debate, July 2023 (Cadiz)

Julia Sanchez is the Chief Political Correspondent for CNN (Cadisian News Network), in a position she has held since 2021. Sanchez previously worked as a political reporter for CNN and as an independent analyst and freelance journalist. CNN hosted this executive debate, between Margarita Solaya of the New Democratic Party and conservative Mariano Casado of the Popular Party. Voters in Cadiz will head to the voting booth in two weeks to cast their vote for the future of Cadiz.

Margarita Solaya is a representative from Santiago in the General Court, who has served in the body since 2013. Solaya is a well-rounded political moderate who mounted an unsuccessful autonomous community presidential election in 2017 and an unsuccessful Prime Minister campaign in 2019. By trade, Solaya is a small business owner and high school English teacher.

Mariano Casado is a former business magnate and major conservative donor. This is Casado’s first attempt in elected office, however he served as a de facto advisor to former Prime Minister Carlos Rojo. Casado partially self-funded his campaign which lifted him over a field of over 15 major conservative candidates to garner the Popular Party nomination.

SANCHEZ: Thank you both for joining me tonight at the Ander Balboa Convention Hall here in Huelva. Tonight, the major candidates from both parties will engage in a civil but lively debate. Our team at CNN has compiled a fitting set of questions for each candidate to answer.

I would now like to open the floor to Mr. Casado first to deliver his opening statement, followed by Mrs. Solaya.


Mariano Rajoy, business executive and political donor (Popular Party)

Thank you Julia and for CNN for hosting this debate at the wonderful Ander Balboa Convention Hall. It has been truly an honor to represent conservatives across Cadiz in our attempt to bring civility, law, order, and peace back to everyday society in Cadiz. Over the past four years, Prime Minister Pedro Areces Garcia and the New Democrats have abused his power as our country’s leader and has embarrassed our great flag on the global stage of Pacifica. We cannot let continue to let that happen.

I ask you today to vote for a voice for liberty, law, and order. Now more than ever, we need a strong leader with a wealth of experience to lead this country to bring back the pillars of freedom and respecting the law. I hope you understand that leader is me and I ask you to vote for Mariano Casado in the coming two weeks. Thank you.

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Margarita Solaya, member of the General Court and environmental lawyer (New Democratic Party)

Thank you, Julia, for moderating this debate tonight. I am extremely grateful for your work, leadership, and commitment in the journalism industry to uncover the true facts.

Tonight marks ten days until Cadiz heads to the voting booth to choose our next leader in the most decisive election I have seen in my lifetime. As we find ourselves at crossroads, we need to make smart decisions for a better future: a future surrounded by being energy-efficient, creating jobs and expanding business, and protecting healthcare and reproductive rights. This election does not only decide the fate of our country, but also the fate of our personal rights. The Popular Party, if put into power, will strip away our civil liberties in revenge efforts. We cannot let that happen. I ask for your vote in ten days as we choose the correct direction, together.

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Julia Sanchez, Chief Political Correspondent at CNN

Thank you both. Now our first question: how will your administration deal with the current supply shortage as the new Port of Huelva is being built? Mr. Casado, you have thirty seconds on the clock followed by you, Mrs. Solaya.

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Mariano Rajoy, business executive and political donor (Popular Party)

Yes, good question. Under my administration, Cadiz will go back to being the industrial giant it was before Areces Garcia and the corrupt New Democrats entered the executive leadership office. That starts with maximizing the potential other coastal cities have in building ports there to level out the flow of incoming objects. We should establish a port in cities where trucking is a large industry as well. Examples of those cities include Raya.

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