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Ohai! Welcome to the new embassy of Wintreath to The South Pacific!

If you don’t know who we are, Wintreath is a region of around 400 nations and is home to a friendly and colorful community from many corners of the world. We usually hold weekly gaming events, and have an active gaming and roleplay group.

You’ll see here dispatches from our frozen realm like our weekly newspapers The Frosty Bugle orDelegate Digest, and updates such as government changes, events, and recognitions of members from our community.

If you’d like to know more about our corner of NS, feel free to ask.

That’s all, see ya!

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I always read The Frosty Beagle (as I frequently see it posted) and I’m super excited to hear more about Wintreath in this thread!

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The Frosty Beagle? :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the new forums!

Have a lampshade and glass of SPIT! Our rebuilt Lampshade Bar has a SPIT dispenser now!


Glad to see you’ve moved in and set up shop @Altrio! Thanks for sharing the Frosty Bugle


Hey folks! We now have new dispatches other than The Frosty Bugle!

Recently, our WA Delegate had released the first edition of Delegate Digest. You’ll see here news about Wintreath’s stand within the WA, along with other recent developments.

Also, our Thane of Foreign Dispatches has released our first Foreign Update, which contains updates from our Cabinet, the Landsraad, and from the Ministry of Culture. It also has a little puzzle so you won’t get bored.

The first editions of the new dispatches can be found below;
Delegacy Digest (Edition I)
Wintreath Foreign Update (September 18, 2022)

Happy Bisexual Awareness Week from our folks in Wintreath, you’ll always be accepted no matter what.
Happy nuking too (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Hey folks! Our delegate just released a new edition of Delegacy Digest, with news from the WA last week, and what’s next to come. It also shows the progression of our delegate’s endorsement level as it nears 100 endorsements.

You can find this week’s edition here.

Good luck to Wintreath as you endeavor to reach 100 endorsements!


Hey there again. A new edition of The Frosty Bugle’s up with news over the past 3 weeks, such as Wintreath’s alternative to N-Day, a forum makeover, and a new Paragon ascending.

You can find the new edition on the links below; | The Frosty Bugle #49: Make Clicks Not Nukes |The Frosty Bugle #49: Make Clicks Not Nukes

We would also like to congratulate Michi (Penguin Dictators) for being named as the 6th Paragon of Wintreath.

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Hey there folks! The Frosty Bugle’s back at it again with news and events from us!

This week, a lot of Halloween-themed events are up and running, yet another prominent steps down from the government, and our Monarch gives you advices to help current and future citizens find their place within the community.

You may find this weeks’ editions below; |The Frosty Bugle #50: How to Find Your Place in Wintreath | The Frosty Bugle #50: How to Find Your Place in Wintreath

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Heyo! Wintreath is now celebrating its 9th year anniversary!
We’d like to thank The South Pacific for their support to us over the years, and belated congratulations to the newly inaugurated cabinet!

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Happy anniversary, and thanks!

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Happy anniversary to Wintreath!

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Thanks to those who greeted us!

I apologize if they’re no new dispatches released before the end of the month, seems like everyone’s busy IRL.

In the meantime, we’ve been creating clubs in the region! If I recall correctly, they’re citizens that have something common in mind to help boost regional culture in their own unique way.

Recently, our monarch founded The Howling Bells, a group where furries have a safe place to talk about anything about their fandom. There have also been talks about a Writer’s group, with many prominent members already expressing their interest.

And that’s about it. This isn’t an official update, just me telling how things are going.

so the consulate feels eerily silent nowadays… which is not good since we were extremely active in the past months at the old forums… guess this what happens when things just… catch up. I can assure we’re still active, we just don’t have much going around right now. What am I supposed to put here now-

We’d also like to belately congratulate Kringalia on his commendation.

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Heyo! After almost a month of silence, we’re happy to announce a government update!
We’d like to congratulate Chanku (Thane of Gaming), The Greenlandic North (Thane of Regional Affairs), Sir Waggleton (Thane of Roleplay), and Dawsinian (Thane of WA Affairs) on their victory in the elections… that were won by default.

Unfortunately, many vacancies were left after the election’s conclusion due to lack of candidates, and those who did ran were previous thanes seeking for re-election. They will continue their term at the 7th of this month.

We’d also like to congratulate Wuufu for being elected as The Howling Bells’ President, and Sir Waggleton again for being chosen as Wintreath’s Finest for November 2022.

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Heyo! Our Monarch has released a statement regarding about concurrent festivities, and wishes everyone a Happy Holiday. The statement can be found below.

From everyone here at Wintreath, happy holidays to our Citizens, members, and friends! Whatever you believe or celebrate, I hope that you’re making this a time of relaxation, friends, gratitude, and love. =] I am making a concerted effort to relax, and for me it does take an actual effort not to use the time to take on some work or project, but we have some cool plans coming up after the holidays that I hope you’ll stay tuned for!

Our constitution day is coming up tomorrow, please expect an update regarding that.
Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays!

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Happy holidays to Wintreath!

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Hey there folks! We’re happy to announce the results of our End of Year Awards! This was held to give recognition to the best (or worst) of the region. Wintreans voted on things such as Wintreath’s Finest for this year, The Spirit of Wintreath awardee, Best Roleplayer, among others… like who’d most likely to drop their phone on the toilet for some reason.

The results can be found here.
That’s all we have for this year, hope to see you on the next!