Wiki Troubles

A number of roleplayers have been experiencing issues with the wiki lately. They’ve pinged on Discord for some assistance, but it’s still happening.


If it helps, I’m now getting a nginx 504 error page:

Bump. The issues are still persisting.

Not experiencing any problems or errors. The wiki loads fine. If it’s a repeatable error, please describe what you’re doing to trigger it.

Displays my screencap of the wiki entry for the Cordilian Sea.

Works fine for me.
Is something in particular broken?

What I’ve observed over the last month or so:

  • Sometimes the wiki never loads
  • Sometimes it’s very slow
  • These issues seem to occur randomly and do not seem to be related to the user

I’ve also been experiencing intermittent problems with loading TSPedia; sometimes I get the same error 504 that Pronoun posted above, and other times I get a generic “server stopped responding” message from my browser. The issues occur with no common cause that I’ve noticed and alternate between being present and absent at a relatively high frequency: my ballpark guess for this would be around every 15-45 minutes, with some shorter or longer outages. When it does work, the site also loads at a noticeably slowed rate as stated by Qwert.


Cache overload? Manual:$wgMainCacheType

I changed the caching method (Varnish & memcached) and upped server memory. Let’s see if that helps.

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