Who are our moderators?

I’d like to ask a couple of brief questions:

  • Where are members of the moderation team listed?
  • Will changes to the moderation team be announced to the community?

The about page of this forum appears to list forum administrators and moderators. Unfortunately, the ‘moderators’ section lists both global moderators and members of the Legislator Committee, who are masked as moderators so that they have the necessary access to conduct security checks.

The archived forums contain a thread listing moderators and administrators. Unfortunately, it was last updated on January 4, 2022. Since then, to my knowledge, Rebeltopia, Somyrion, and Seraph have left the moderation team (or, at least, are no longer masked as global moderators on Discord).

Well anybody who’s not on that page is obviously not a moderator anymore.

Indeed. So is there an updated list of moderators anywhere?

Cross-referencing the two lists, I think they are:
Amerion, Belschaft, Nakari, Penguin