When saints meet [1BBT] [RETCONED]

Princess Esgariel had just finished writing her letter. Because of her deep love for caligraphy she always wrote messages by hand first, and then had them transcribed and sent to their destination. This message was special though. From Galactya thet learned of the existence of a highly religious, militarist empire called Trianar. This was a massive opertunity to make new allies, and the emperor, who she is so close to that she calls him grandfather, together with her wanted to use it. She reads trough it one more time:


Ever since learning of your existence from the celestial empire of Galactya my people have been heavily interested about yours and yearned to establish first contact. As it is Calerostan tradition to hold important diplomacy in person I ask from you to, on a location of your chosing, establish first contact. Calerost won’t be offended by any location nor any amount of escort you decide to bring with you. May the gods smile upon the day of our meeting."

Happy with it, she hands it off to a servent and minutes later it is sent off. She was hoping for the best.


Penma herself receieved the letter. She could not lie- This was exciting. While all first contacts thus far had proven themselves to be peaceful, they didn’t hold the states themselves in high regard. Calerost was a game changer. She sent back a reply.

Princess Esgariel Elbereth,

The Imperium has taken an interest in your state as well. It is comforting to think that one like us exists in the chaotic and unruly stars. I would be happy to arrange a meeting in our territories. I would have my diplomats meet you on the planet of Kalasö in the Sûtra region. I am honored to be writing to you.

Imperö Penma Alkatrition

She had it sent.


Honorable imperö Penma Alkatrion,
I will gladly agree to the place you suggest. Expect my entourage of 3 warships (as i am not allowed to travel with less by the emperor,) arriving in a standard galactic week. I am waiting impatiently for the moment

1 week later…

INS queen of roses, near orbit around Kalasö, Sûtra region

Like all immediate members of the royal family Esgariel was trained militarily and was a skilled commander. The INS Queen of Roses was her flagship. A Wildfire-class battleship equiped with many different facilities fit for a royal. She never used it in combat, it was more like a mobile base of operations for her when she traveled. It was escorted by two starbrakers, one of which could dock the Queen of roses to itself to make it starbreak with it to make travel faster. They ware in foreign territory after all.

“The shuttle is ready your highness.”

“i will be there in a moment.”

She was doing finishing touches to her outfit, specifically crafted for this occasion. She had a long, so much that it dragged on the floor behind her, golden dress with very intricate patterns sown into it and a simple pure metal tiara. Quickly she made her way to the shuttle and entered it. Escorting her ware 8 royal guards equipped with the finest equipment Calerost had to offer. There also ware 4 servents and plenty of gifts.

“This is the imperial shuttle calling Kalasö, asking permission to make planetfall”


Penma sat in a large complex near the approved landing sight. She had with her Daitya Alla, her close friend and one of her religious advisors, and a human, known formerly as FC- Fleet Captain- Anderhold, but was now once again Alteran Anderhold, the Head Diplomat of the hastily established Diplomatic Corps of the TIF. The former FC felt strange when he had first got there, sitting in a room with Ikaranareans, one of whom was the Imperö. This was a historic moment in Trianarö history- Ikaranareans leaving Imperium Territory after the Hemmerhaldian War was rare, but the Imperö themself? Never heard of. It felt like a turning point, and the most striking thing was that he was able to hold a conversation with the Imperö herself and her advisor. They were kind, and Anderhold could almost envision another universe, perhaps where the gods did not have to wage their war against the demons, where they could have all been close friends.

But that was not this universe. And even though he was no longer an FC, he was Trianarö. He lived to serve, and he would today serve on the battlefield of diplomacy.

There was an entire defense fleet of 1600 ships stationed there- this was not some large military showing, though, as Kalasö was a planet which always had a fleet of some kind stationed at it, as another, uninhabitable planet in the system was responsible for some major military production. Most of the fleet hung back as a sign of respect, but 10 of the 125 1.5 km long Klixûar class battleships stood as a reminder of Trianarö power. They had shields down and weapons systems off, but even without those they looked sturdily built, like they could still take fire even without the Mosarkran shielding to obliterate the projectiles.

The planet of Kalasö in the modern day was overshadowed in nearly every way by Sûtra’s capital, Monistar. However, back in the age of the Ikaranarean Empire, before the glassing of Altara, It was known as one of the three greatest Kanareö cities- The other two being Altara itself and Nakanö of the Mannaö. Despite not being an ocean world, Kalasö had an extremely large Kanareö population, second only to Monistar’s, and after Ikaranarean annexation land implements, including a sprawling city filled with humans and Mekanakûl, who regularly interacted with the native Kanareö. It created a wonderful dynamic not quite like anything else in Trianar. Even before the Imperium, these three races had come to live together as one community, even when separated by land and sea.

Anderhold had an escort of Sycriûn soldiers. Many Kanareö citizens peaked up out of the water with suits on to allow them to continue breathing, as well as human and Mekanakûl citizens coming to see. This was arranged, allowing the Edhel to see all 5 of the major Trianarö species in one go- Ikaranareans included. It was no surprise people were excited- this was the first real diplomatic contact in Trianarö history, with a state that shared many of their principles. When Esgariel landed, Anderhold met her at the landing site, at a spaceport near the coast. He shook her hand firmly and greeted her. “Welcome, Princess Esgariel of Calerost, to the Holy Imperium of Trianar. It is a pleasure to meet you.”


As she exited the ship Esgariel felt the excitement of all the people around her. It was a very warm welcome. She kept a serene expression on her face the whole time.

“The pleasure goes both ways, mister Anderhold. It’s a great honor to stand on Trianarö territory. The Imperö has chosen quite a beautiful planet to hold this important meeting on. May i ask you to lead me to where the meeting will take place? I don’t want to waste the imperö’s time.”


Anderhold nodded. “I will lead you directly to her.” He led her down a row of Sycriûn guards into a large building, overlooking the water. Several Kanareö popped their heads out, most with suits, although some dared to look without one, having to dart back into the water quickly. “This is the planetary capital building of Kalasö- Almeras. It is one of the greatest buildings in the Imperium.” The building was built in that elegant Kanareö way, its motifs of blue and white conjuring up motifs from an older age- of the post-atomic era, a past’s dream of the future. Kalasö wasn’t where Kanareö originated- That planet had been glassed by the Hemmerhaldians long ago- but the architects of the capital certainly managed to capture that hope for the stars that every sapient species went through after their first space flights- the dreams of walking the starry heavens that they once thought were the end of the world.

They walked through the building, past a few servants who all bowed respectfully at Anderhold and Esgariel. Inside the room was Penma, sitting on a chair with her legs crossed. She wore a white robe as Ikaranareans usually did- Although across it ran a single, nearly invisible, line of a silver color. As the two walked into the room, she smiled at Esgariel as Anderhold kneeled. The few guards in the room knelt as well. They said, in near-perfect unison: “Hail. Hail the Imperö, Penma Alkatrition.” It was these words- this hailing and rare naming of the Imperö- that were said only during important events. A name was a powerful thing across all of the stars. Penma spoke softly to the group. “You may rise.” Her voice was perfectly trained- as if every sound were intentional, every concept weaved into those pitches was deliberately put there.

Beside Penma was another Ikaranarean . White, wispy tattoos adorned her face while another tattoo of black diamonds sat on her forehead. She did not speak, though she greeted the two entering the room with her bright, golden eyes.

Anderhold moved back as Penma got up and spoke, leaving Esgariel in the front of the room. “It is good to see you, Princess. Welcome to Kalasö, and to the Holy Imperium of Trianar. Is there anything you need before we converse?”


Esgariel was amazed by the world she was standing on. The architecture was fascinating and the people too. When she entered before the imperö she made a slight bow, as a sign of respect. She kept a calm face but let a hint of excitement show trough. She them answered to Penma:

"May the gods shine on the place of our meeting, empress, it is as good to see you too in person. The only thing i dare to request is a chair as i belive this will be a long meeting. We have many things to discuss. Never has Calerost found someone so similar to itself before in the sector, the opertunities are endless, but here and now we decide which ones to pick. Tell me of your people, empress, tell me of your history.’


Penma, though she kept a neutral facial expression, was stunned. The words the princess said could have easily come out of the mouth of a Trianarö. It seemed that all of their hopes about Calerost may have just been right. A light in a bastion of darkness, an ally in this war that transcended both mind, body and space itself… It was a hope that she did not expect when a Galactyan ship stumbled into their territory.

“I will tell you of our history, princess. Trianar, in its current form, has existed for little over 1000 years, though there are around 2000 more years of history where Ikaranareans are present, and around 6000 years total where FTL travel has been possible. But much of that history was destroyed- It was a volatile time for most of that history. We counted the forced extinction of dozens of primitive sapient species, totaling nearly 50- all but 2 in our region, we thought, although recently we discovered an advanced primitive species that we are currently letting be on their own until they achieve FTL travel.” Penma paused for a moment, recalling the horrors of Trianarö history- The Sycriûn-Kanareö resource war, the Origin War, the Hemmerhaldian Wars of Aggression, all the way up to the Xanstal War which changed everything.

“History was rough. Wars over resources that fueled the nations of our region. Yet after the Ikaranareans- my ancestors- arrived, things had been changing. Slowly, in defensive wars , we had been taking the nations around us, integrating their populations into our own and trying to stabilize the relations between the two native species of this area- the Kanareö and Sycriûn. Eventually, there were only 4 nations left- The Ikaranarean Star Empire, the Sûtran Empire, the Xanstal Empire, and the Hemmerhaldian Empire. However, the entire dichotomy, the balance of power was shattered when the Xanstals unleashed their plan on our nations as revenge for the Ikaranarean Star Empire taking a portion of their territory. They unleashed Krekeanai, demons. They were longer then many of the biggest ships at that time, with excessive firepower coming from them. These demons came forth from giant portals, and with screening ships from the Xanstals, wreaked havok on planets across the region, taking an extraordinary amount of territory. In the end, it took 15 years and 5 trillion casualties before we finally put the demons to rest, and ensured no more would attack us when the coalition bombarded Xandact. This war showed us something- something terrifying. That there were creatures out there which could cause untold mayhem and destruction. Were Krekeanai the strongest or the weakest of these creatures? We had no way of knowing. But a new doctrine formed out of the ashes of our region.”

Penma continued. “Trianar formed from that war- formed after a doctrine that had been built piece by piece, over 2000 years, unbeknownst then but obvious in hindsight- They called it the Doctrine of Oke Izaren- Of God War. It states that sapient life has been thrust into a war on three fronts between the Gods and Demons. In the physical world, the mind, and in where none can touch- in the realm of the gods. It postulates that there are three types of sapient species- The Higher Races, those in touch with the gods, the Middle Races, who are not inherently godly or demonic, and the Demon Races, destructive races who further the goals of demons. Demonic races serve destructive ends- They enslave other races, they seek out mass extinction, they force the very genes of those they oppress to conform with their desires. Demons are the antithesis of progress and prosperity- they are regression incarnate. This is why Trianar exists. To ensure that the war with the demons stays tipped in the Gods’ favor.” Penma paused for a moment again, this time to let Esgariel have
a moment to think after the mass of information explained to her. She continued. “This is why we are so hopeful to meet Calerost. Out of every nation we know of, we think Calerost shows the most promise- That your nation is the most in touch with the Gods.”


Esgariel was stunned. She felt great horror in the imperö recalling the tragedies, and great hope in those last few sentences. Truely they saw Calerost as something greater than just a star nation.

"Imperö Penma, I am extremely honored by those last few words of yours. I hope that we will not disappoint your expectations. "

She pauses for a moment, and then continues

"Because you so generously told me your history, i will anwser the same. To understand calerostan history you first need to know about 3 things. The first is our telepathy, telepathic empathy to be more precise but i think you already know about that. The second is the holy herbs. They are plants that when smoked effect us in different ways. The greatest of them is oloroft, which grants us the ability to speak with our dead ancestors trough meditation in it’s smoke. The third thing is that we have a strict code of honor and that many would rather die with their honor that live dishonored.

Civilization on Ilanor has existed for approximately 8000 years old, since the gods went silent and stopped actively interacting with us. For most of that, calerost was just a minor power in the north of the supercontinent. With the industrial revolution because we ware ritch in resources we became a leading power and eventually unified the planet. Soon enough realspace FTL was discovered, and one of the first systems we visited was Gil Miria. My dear imperö if i told you that visiting Gil Miria changed everything i would be under exaggerating it. It changed more than everything. At that time Calerost had mostly abandoned religion, but it was said by all the religions of our world that Gil Miria was a portal to the relms of the gods, and what did we find? A wormhole leading into mirial space, the relm of the gods. This caused a religious revolution, not to mention the scientific one that came with the mirion, a particle from mirial space. Basically all of our technology today uses them in some shape or form. Everything from communication to weapons. That’s how great the power of that one particle is.

We lived in eternal peace for long. The only kind of conflict was squabbles between the noble families of our relm. The word war became obscure outside of history books, but that would change. A second wormhole was discovered, but this one was different. Trough this one mirial entities could enter realspace. Some scientists studied them, and realized that their DNA is compatible with ours, if nothing else further proof of our devine origin. But they got obsessed with it. So ware created the Silefrim, those who have less than 10% mirial DNA and are blessed with full telepathy and eternal lives, but are basically hunted by the inquisition for crimes they didn’t commit. My closest advisor, councilor Eliril, is Silefine. And then there’s the Miraline, those with more than 10% mirial DNA, enough for the mirial entities’ genetic memory to kick in. I think that they can only be described by your term demons. Nothing has caused more suffering to our people than that wicked creation of sinners. They soon using a virus converted the whole world orbiting the wormhole to their own, numbering a couple of billions, and continued expanding their numbers, using the labs that first created them. Soon they started building warships, and all of this was kept secret by the scientists from us. They managed to jam the comms between the north and south of the empire. Soon enough we’d find out, but the hard way. The miraline with their new fleet attacked Celebar prime, taking the planet over, and the same day launched a attack on Ilanor. A third of the planets population died, including the then emperor, and it’s population never recovered from it. That day is remembered in books as the day of many tears, and marks the start of the miraline war, a century long war of anihilation that would claim the lives of trillions and would turn calerost into a warrior civilization. But in the end we exterminated the miraline and destroyed the wormhole, but nothing was ever the same afterwards. The then emperor trough the power of tech achieved eternal life, and still rules. As he isn’t too interested in everyday politics i act as regent for him. The inquisition during the war gained a lot more power even tho before it was too the supreme religious authority, but after the war it became oppressive, condemning more of our own that foreign sinners, even in the now 100 year old crusade in the Tiyanki territories against slavary. Something must be done about it, but no one dares touch them."

She paused for a moment, and then continued

“Calerost has allies, but it has never met a nation so similar to itself than Trianar. This is a great opportunity, and we both agree that we should use it wisely”


Penma was stunned right back. Never had she thought that another nation would have a history so similar to Trianar’s. Most were pessimistic about foreign civilizations since the few first contacts, but Calerost was like a light shining back at them. A reflection of their own nation.

“I am in agreement. We shouldn’t squander an opportunity for nations with such similar histories to create agreements. Did you have something specific in mind?”


"For a start, i think that we should do all the basics: economic treaties, trade agreements, cultural exchanges, and similar. But we have armies of diplomats to deal with the specifics of that. A thing that we’re both visibly interested in and would benefit us greatly is the possibility of a military alliance and technology sharing programs.

She stops for a moment and looks around. Then she says in a quiet, whispery voice:

“Is this conversation being recorded? Can we be left alone for a second? What I’m about to talk about is highly sensitive and classified.”


Penma replies, silently. “We are not recording this conversation. But I will inform the few guards within this room to leave, and to ensure we are not disturbed.” Penma speaks to one of the Sycriûn guards, who gives a silent nod, He, wordlessly, with only body language, commands his fellow soldiers to leave the room. “They will not be able to hear us outside of the room- this is the capital of an important planet, and so we ensure that no information can pass through these walls without our express consent.”


Esgariel waits for the guards to leave before continuing to talk.

“You have encountered Galactya. I am aware that it is on the border to be considered a demonic species by you, it is not too different with Calerost, the only thing that is saving them is that they’re not doing their experiments on extra dimensional species. Yet we are allied with them. Why? It’s basically a suicide pact at this point. Both Calerost and Galactya are aware that a war between them would end both nations. One would come out victorious, we believe that one would be calerost, but whichever did would be crippled and have a hard time recovering. That’s why Calerost and Galactya, besides trade opertunities, have always stayed allies. There’s many in calerost, including the inquisition, who want us to have nothing to do with Galactya but we hold firm, no one dares to do a move against the emperor. That is why, as a requirement for us to be allied, request that you make sure that your nation keeps at least a not openly hostile relationship with Galactya. Is that alright?”


“Galactya is a troubling state. Their customs put them on the edge, certainly… But, as our priests and other officials in the Intek Azzum have concluded, they are not a demon race. I can gaurentee that the Galactyans are not on our radar in terms of aggression. We will not antagonize them, although we certainly don’t care much to interact with them. From what I know, you are in an alliance, which certainly makes it less likely for them to attack, but in such a scenario, the entirety of Trianar’s military will come to bear in support of you. We will not tolerate an attack on a nation that shares so many of our ideals.”

Penma was genuine. She had been skeptical of the Galactyans for a long time, but this certainly cemented her opinions of them. Trianar would have as little as possible to do with them.


Esgariel relaxed, now that that was done it was smooth sailing and a guaranteed ally.

“That is excellent to hear. In that case Calerost is open to a full military alliance, covering both defensive and offensive needs, for the glory of both of our empires. If you can wait just a second…”

Esgariel says and walks to the door, asking something a servent. She comes back in carrying a sword, with a jeweled scabbard and handle, with gold and silver details.

“In Calerost gifting someone your sword is a sign of friendship and alliance, once you do so you’re honorbound to keep the promise. So I, princess Esgariel Elbereth Lilothea of house Haerelben, regent and heir to the Gil-atarnië, in the name of Calerost give you my sword and swear friendship and alliance with you and your nation in front of the eyes of the gods. Do you accept my gift? We can work out the details later”


“I accept your gift wholeheartedly. And, in actuality, I have a gift of a similar nature.” After receiving the sword, she got up and took something lying behind her chair. It was a spear, ornate with black and white ribbons with swirls of the opposite color on the ribbons. “This is a Spear of Ancients. It is not itself ancient- but what it represents is. The spear is the oldest weapon- a weapon that nearly every sapient species will have used at some point, from hunter-gatherers to bayonets fixed on a rifle. The spear is the symbol of war throughout history, but more importantly- it is the symbol of victory. May the gods ordain that our nations continue to have victories to come.”

She hands the spear to Esgariel.

“I accept your offer, and I swear upon my service to the gods that our nations will be great allies.”


“I wholeheartedly accept the spear, and will make it a heirloom of my house. May the gods bless our alliance and grant it prosperity!”


“Glory to both our nations, Princess. This will be a turning point in both our histories. There will be discussions to come, but know that Trianar will always be ready and willing to aid you.”