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The Democratic Republic of South Central Aericaneu is a fledgling, socially progressive nation, remarkable for its barren, inhospitable landscape, compulsory military service, and irreverence towards religion. The hard-working, democratic population of 6 million South Central Aericaneuans are effectively ruled by a group of massive corporations, who run for political office and provide their well-off citizens with world-class goods and services. Their poorer citizens, however, are mostly starving to death while being urged to go out and get real jobs. The populace has reasonably extensive civil rights, although these are mostly aimed at allowing them to buy whatever they like.

The relatively small government juggles the competing demands of Defense, Welfare, and Education. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 9.5%.

The very strong South Central Aericaneuan economy, worth 345 billion Aericauens a year, is broadly diversified and led by the Pizza Delivery industry, with major contributions from Uranium Mining, Automobile Manufacturing, and Door-to-door Insurance Sales. Average income is 57,507 Aericauens, with the richest citizens earning 9.3 times as much as the poorest.

Military spending recently hit a new high, the country’s famous rainforests are being bulldozed by the mining industry, the latest Harry Potter book is a bestseller, and captains must wait until all rats are safe before jumping ship. Crime, especially youth-related, is relatively low. South Central Aericaneu’s national animal is the white lion tiger, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation.

South Central Aericaneu is ranked 104,804th in the world and 3,899th in the South Pacific for Highest Workforce Participation Rate, with 72.09 Workforce Participation Rate.

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