Welcome Webs!

Man I’ve done a million of these in the last couple of days for college but it’s kinda weird doing it for NS again.

I am the player formerly known as Aramantha. I now go by the name Webs because it’s cool and also I am very weirdly obsessed with Amazing Spider-Man. Fixations, amirite? Aaaanyway, I’ve been around NS since 2019 in various regions all across the NSverse (and I really do mean aaaaaall across). I have a lot of experience in some things and I suck royally at other things.

In my private life I love Spider-Man comics (as well as a brief interlude in Avengers comics around civil war), chess, Billy Joel, theatre, movies, cleaning my room when it’s super dirty and I feel so accomplished when I’m done, and various shows (my current binge is B99 because it’s on Netflix now so I can watch it without ads). I live in New Brunswick, Canada (where I have resided for approximately three weeks). I’m pansexual and genderfluid, so I will go by whatever pronouns you want to call me as long as I can understand it’s a pronoun. If you need a “bro” alternative, I suggest “king Webs, conqueror of the world” or “friend”. If you need a “sir” alternative, I suggest “my liege” or “friend”. If you need a “Mr.” alternative, I suggest “Their eminence” or “friend”.

I’ve been retired for the last couple months and when I got back I discovered the number of existing regions to have severely dwindled from when I was around which is kind of a bummer since it was only like a couple months ago. I also remember TSP from my short stint here before my retirement and felt like coming here with my full energy instead of having my WA stuck elsewhere. My goal for the region is to someday join the CRS. Regional security is literally like the one thing I’ve never had a ton of experience in (lie, it’s actually just that I find it abhorrently fun and have never done it in a massive GCR). Other than that, I intend to “chill out” as it were since I am also doing many college things at the same time.


Webs!!! Haiii \o/

Omg Zuks haiiii!

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Welcome, my liege :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi! Former Delegate of TGW? Impressive.

Excuse you.

Yep I delegated there for… idk 5 or 6 months? Fun times. Really great folks.

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I too recently did this for college, you’re in good hands!

Omg it’s a wild Webs!

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Welcome, my liege! Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for over in our region :smiley:

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