Welcome tummyfart65!

Hello! I am Tummylandia and Susistan. I’m a Filipino democratic socialist from Mindanao, who started playing NationStates in August 21, 2022. I actually started in TSP, then moved to another region, then moved back to the TSP. I look forward to having fun, anyways bye!


I think I saw you joined our Discord, which is great!

I also suggest that you join a Ministry or the Assembly (if you have not already) through some forms which I believe you should have somewhere on your forum page. This can be a first step in getting involved in our regional government!

Additionally, if you are interested in roleplay you can check out our universes, Pacifica (modern-world), A1-0 (future-tech), and Aurora (fantasy). That can be done through the Roleplay Universes section on the main page.


Hello there