Welcome Tmezestos!

Been in NS for a while, wanted a region with a map for my new nation. Lo and behold, this.
I want to try and get involved on the forums and in NS as a whole, as well as make a solid base for my nation (with the map)
2011, but I’ve been on-and-off since then.

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Welcome to the new forums

Welcome on the new forum!
To get a spot on our map, you should roleplay, so I hope you’re planning to do so :smiley:
If so, we have three different canons (plus one more over on the NS main site) that have different levels of activity and “fleshed-out-ness”. In other words: Something for anyone ^^

Hope, you’ll have fun in our community!

Oh yeah, most definitely planning on involving myself in the roleplay. Many thanks, so glad to be here!