Welcome Teien!

Hello TSP!

I’m Teien, and I’ve been playing NS with various nations for…err…I don’t have enough fingers. NS says my first nation was founded a bit over 10 years ago, I guess I really wanted to rule a nation as a kid. I digress…

I’ve been on and off, and inexplicably never dove here, because this place is big and beautiful and rather intimidating too. So I’ve been playing in quite a few regions, committed all the mistakes a middle (and later high) schooler can commit, then was less active as I headed to university, where I still am. I always looked at this place with some admiration, so I’ll pretend I’m not a decade late and join now!

I enjoy legislation and the law, so I look forward to joining the LC! I’d also love to serve in a Ministry or two, and perhaps finally roleplay that concept of a pirate-founded city state I’ve been brewing in my mind for ages. But more than anything I look forward to meting amazing people, which I’m sure this place is full of. My Discord handle is Seafarer#5810, you can drop me a message there, or a TG, or anything else. I’d b pretty excited if you did :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, see you all!

  • Teien.
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Welcome to the party, boss.

What sort of stuff would you like to do, aside from Roleplay?

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Welcome! /me waves

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Welcome to TSP! Glad to have you here :smile:

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Many thanks to all of you! :tsp_heart:

Definitely looking forward to my time here!

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