Welcome SavvaTheEsperantian!

Hello, members of this wonderful community! I am Savva, the ruler of the young republic of Esperantida. I found out about this site and about your community recently, just wandering around the Internet in search of a good site for roleplay by country. Then, having developed my country a little, I read about you, and from the numerous telegrams with proposals, I chose yours. I really hope for your support and recognition. I would especially like to get at least a little help from you, because when I tried to create my first “country”, I had and still have little experience in conducting “political affairs”. Thanks!

Welcome to the South Pacific!

I think you made the right choice to be here! We certainly do have a vibrant and active roleplay area, and I would encourage you to jump in head first to get the best effect.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance while you get integrated into the community.

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