Welcome Ron!

nevr really done any of this shi lmao

i did play nationstates like 2 years ago but stopped cuz school and stuff, made a new acc but never really participated in the region stuff

ye im in for the roleplay and defense stuff but gonna have to get more into it


Welcome to the party!
If you want to get involved in liberating other regions you should Join the SPSF

yall got a DC? all this roleplay stuff is a shit ton to read

Welcome to the Forums! Glad to see you were interested in playing again. ^^

Welcome! There’s a roleplay discord as well, but most of the in-character stuff happens here

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Howdy! I am also new, I am RPing in the Pacifica world. It is a current day rp. There are two others tho, I know one is for futuristic rp, and am unsure what the other is for.
But welcome!

Welcome! Feel free to reach out to me with questions about the SPSF and Defense :slight_smile:

Welcome–great to have you!

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Welcome to the South Pacific forums! Please let me know if you need any assistance getting settled!

Welcome aboard!

Definitely been in your position before with a ton of inactivity and shit

If you want to get into the modern rp (Pacifica) you can probably just navigate around the forums and you’ll get the gist

But the other two (aurora; fantasy medieval/a1-0;scifi) are a bit more inactive and discord focused

It’ll be much easier if you join the discord and hang around a bit there if you want to get really involved

Nonetheless, welcome!

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