Welcome ROE!

I am relaxed, chilled and neutral.
(My nation is called the republic of ease)

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You’re gonna like it here, I promise. :3

Why, hello there!

Welcome to the South Pacific!

We are most certainly a chill kinda region.

Let me know if you need any help getting settled, or have any questions I can answer!

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I know this is a super nooby question, but its my first nation, so I’ll just ask.
How do you get your nation on the map?

If you mean the map on NationStates, no one knows! Its a new feature that many of us haven’t quite figured out yet.

If you mean the South Pacific’s map, then you just request it on that thread!

If you mean This map, just know that in order to remain on the map, you must roleplay in the Pacifica Canon, otherwise you are liable to be removed either during the next activity check or at the map mods’ discretion.

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Don’t forget to join the discord server for the rp if you do : TSP Roleplay

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