Welcome Poppy! You're Our Favorite Member!

I don’t remember what the prompt was for this anymore cause I skipped it but someone said I was supposed to make this anyway so like, hi this is Poppy, once upon a time I was active, but not much lately, okay cool, peace :p


Hey there Poppy, good to have you here :smiley:

Ever feeling the wish to come back to activity more again? Why not try roleplaying? :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise looking forward to continue seeing you in spam games ^^


Why poppy get custom title?

who are you?

I’m Mr Green Christmas

Ok, Mr. Sun, Mr. Heat Blister, Mr. One Hundred and One.

No no no, the other version

What custom title? Are you talking about my status? Cause everyone can set those

I mean it normal just says “Welcome Nation!” not “Welcome Nation! You’re are favorite member!”

like this!

Oh right, yeah I wrote that obviously :p

I mean, it’s true.

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This is wrong. It’s obviously me, PenguinPies.

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