Welcome PodracingFan!

Hello everyone,
My nation is PodracingFan.
I’ve come to TSP, I guess, just because this is where I started, however I can tell right away that there is a very strong and welcoming community here, so I am excited to interact with everyone more. After reading a little bit about the long standing government and its functions and operations, I’m pretty excited to see about getting involved with that as well. I tried NationStates once before a few years ago during covid, but I haven’t played since.
As my name suggests I am a Star Wars fan, and also an F1(and other motorsport) fan, so always interested in chatting about those topics, and love to learn about new and interesting topics as well.



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Welcome to the South Pacific!

Please enjoy your time here! Head over to the Lampshade Bar and Grill and redeem your complimentary lampshade and glass of SPIT (South Pacific Iced Tea)!

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance while you are getting settled into the community!

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Welcome! :transgender_flag: ~<3

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