Welcome PEANUT!

Why, thanks y’all.
I am the Peanut Man, a group of SCP-173’s that inhabit the South Pacific.
I learned about TSP when I founded this very here nation. I really hope to join the RP that is here.
I started playing in 2019, but not consistently.

Hey! Welcome to the South Pacific!

As Minister of Engagement, please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need any assistance getting settled into the region. You can PM me on the forums, discord, or simply by replying to this message.

Again, welcome to the South Pacific!

Welcome to TSP!

Hello, hope you have a nice time!

Why, I will!

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Welcome to the forum! Look forward to seeing you around

Welcome to the region!

In scp land, man, we found something worse than scp-3320

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