Welcome Osheiga!

Hi! I was founded in TSP originally early last year and was pretty active over the summer when I had a lot of free time, but stepped away from the game once school hit and I finished my personal card collections to focus on real-life matters.

I refounded ~6 months ago and have been lurking in the RMB, but never actually thought to register for the (new!) forums until now. I’m mostly really hyped for season 3 of cards and I just want to see what’s up with the card program I remember from my first stay here and maybe help out if possible!

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Welcome! If you’re interested in the card project, make sure to join our Discord if you have not already and additionally join in the Ministry of Engagement. That’s where all of the fun happens!

Also I find it very cool you use the animal crossing do-do bird as your profile :grin:


We shall celebrate there arrival by chanting in animal crossing language

Demonic Chanting Intensifies