Welcome Of_the_Ages!

I’ve been on NS for a few years, and in that time I’ve been in many medium regions, and been an RO in quite a few. I’ve been a WA delegate in a small handful too. My main interests on NS is roleplay, but I’ve had my fun raiding regions.


Where you part of a raider/military organization? If so, which one? Do you still hold “membership” in that organization?

No I raided small regions with some irl friends.

I just realized that due to my really really bad internet connection yesterday discourse glitched and gave me two welcome posts

RIP, welcome anyway!

Also another apparent glitch: it says I’ve reached my max number of reactions for today, but when I like something it still records that I’ve liked it even tho the message pops up telling me I’ve reached my max

You can report anything odd with the forum here.

Well I just re-entered this and it appears to have not actually recorded it, but idk