Welcome NavajoJoe!

Howdy, I am Navajo Joe, aka the Navajo Nation on NationStates.

I spawned into the South Pacific and have been residing here since.


Welcome to the South Pacific!

What sort of stuff are you looking to do here?

I am somewhat interested in the regional government and community, I may apply to be a legislator sometime.

Welcome to the Forums! ^^

Welcome! You’ll have to become a “citizen” first!

Theres citizens?

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It’s a new addition to the Charter

Could you tell me where I could apply?

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Sorry, I myself don’t actually know.

I can’t find it. I heard they started it.

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I checked the proccess for joining the Assembly, and it doesn’t seem to be updated. You might want to wait just a little bit until everything’s sorted out

I already sent a application, I’ll just apply for citizenship when and if it happens.

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Welcome welcome!

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Welcome–great to have you!

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